Rook takes Rook

              RAPSCALLIONSby Van ©2013

 Chapter 8



Naked, ball-gagged, wrists, elbows, and ankles bound, and standing in an increasingly uncomfortable strappado in the middle of J-Lou's attic bedroom, Clem watched the drama unfolding on her captor's HDTV.

About a minute earlier, Sally—aka "Mistress Salamandras," resplendent in her black leather dominatrix outfit—had smiled, blown Clem a kiss, and disappeared in a rapidly dissipating puff of pixels, leaving the screen free for multiple windows to display what was happening from the point of view of different security cameras.

Dressed all in black, J-Lou tiptoed down the second floor hallway.  Her target, Gwen, was in the common bathroom, enjoying a shower before retiring for the evening—or so she thought.  J-Lou eased open the bathroom door... and all the windows shifted to the view within.  Gwen's hair was up and tucked under a pink plastic shower cap and her soprano voice was raised in song as she soaped and scrubbed her naked body.
"Cats and rabbits;
Would reside in fancy little houses;
And be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers;
In a world of my own."
Clem rolled her eyes.  Gwen was warbling another of her Disney Classics.  The English/Drama double major had a good voice, but her choice of material was considered questionable by her fellow Rapscallions, especially Siri.
"All the flowers;
Would have very extra special powers;
They would sit and talk to me for hours;
When I'm lonely;
In a world of my own."
I know this one, Clem thought, I think.
"There'd be new birds;
Lots of nice and friendly how-do'ya do birds;
Everyone would have a dozen blue birds;
Within that world of my own."
Alice in Wonderland, Clem decided.  That's it.  Alice in Wonderland.
"I could listen to a babbling brook;
And hear a song that I could understand;
I keep wishing it could be that way;
Because my world would be a—Eeek!"
Gwen's song was interrupted by J-Lou reaching into the shower and turning the knob of the balancing valve from comfortably hot to full cold!

"What the hell?" Gwen demanded.  "You rat!  That was..."  She'd noticed how J-Lou was dressed.  "...mean."

"Dry yourself off," J-Lou chuckled as she tossed Gwen a towel.

Gwen dried her naked body, all the while gazing at J-Lou's black sneakers, cargo pants, and turtleneck.  "Very Kim Possible," she said as she hung the towel on a towel rack.

"The cartoon?" J-Lou asked with a grin.  "Thank you... I think."  She reached into a thigh pocket, produced a black velvet bag tied with a pink ribbon, and tossed it to Gwen.

Gwen opened the bag and pulled out a whiffle gag.  Its ventilated rubber sphere was pink and the single leather strap white.  "I take it tonight is the night?"

Clem smiled around her gag, freeing another dollop of drool.  As usual, Gwen was quick on the uptake.  Her infamous ditz routine really was an affectation.

Gwen opened her mouth and lifted the ball gag, then paused.  "I'm sorry," she said.  "Any questions while I can still answer?"

J-Lou smiled and shook her head, causing her ponytail to sway.

"Okay."  Gwen lifted the ball gag, again.  "Woe is me.  Who will save me?  Etc., etc."  She placed the ball in her mouth and buckled the strap at the nape of her neck.

"Such a good damsel," J-Lou chuckled, then spun her "victim" around and used a length of white cord to bind her crossed wrists behind her back.  She then led her from the bath.

Clem watched J-Lou and her captive enter Gwen's bedroom.  Several coils of her BFF's favorite pink nylon rope were draped over the bed's corner posts.  Over the next several minutes Clem watched as J-Lou lashed Gwen to her bed.  The final position was asymmetrical but impressively artistic.

Gwen was on her back with her shower cap covered and ball gagged head comfortably resting on her favorite pillow.  Her left arm was outstretched with her wrist tied to the upper left bedpost.  J-Lou had used what Clem recognized as a standard limb-loop, a non-compacting snarl of multiple doubled-strands.  The key knot was tied near the floor around the base of the bedpost.  Gwen's right ankle received similar treatment, leaving her body in a diagonal stretch across the mattress.  A chest harness framed and gently squeezed her breasts, pinning her right upper arm against her side and lashing her right wrist to the small of her back.  The free ends were tautly stretched to the right and tied to the bed frame.  Next, Gwen's left ankle was tied to her left upper thigh in the manner of a frog tie.  Mirroring her wrist bonds, the free ends of her ankle to thigh bonds were tied to the left side rail.  Taken as a whole, it was a mix of familiar Shibari techniques used in an unconventional manner.  Clem was impressed.

Gwen was also impressed, although her gag prevented her from saying so.  She was also completely helpless.

J-Lou sat on the right side of the bed, smiled, and pulled a curiously shaped object from a pocket of her cargo pants.  Clem recognized it as a "rabbit vibrator," and she assumed Gwen did as well.  This particular model was molded in white plastic.  The phallic business end was studded with streamlined bumps and blisters along its entire length. The curved clitoris stimulating element took the form of an actual rabbit, or rather, its long ears and smiling face suggested a cartoon rabbit.  There was a quarter-inch hole in the device, then it terminated in a rounded cylinder.

"Eighteen to twenty hours of battery life with continuous use on full power," J-Lou lectured, holding the vibrator for Gwen's wide-eyed inspection.  "And considerably longer on low."  She set the vibrator on the bed, released a coil of pink cord, and began tying a harness around Gwen's waist and through her crotch.  "Wi-Fi control, independent shaft and rabbit motors...  Sally really outdid herself with this one."  Smiling sweetly, she slid the vibrator into Gwen's already lubricated pussy, wiggling it for a perfect fit, then threaded the free end of the pink cord through the hole and tied it off under Gwen's navel, securing it with an elegant bow.

Gwen did not remain still during this process.  She shivered, squirmed, and tugged on her bonds.  Nor did she remain quiet.  "Mrrrpfh!"  It was a pathetic whimper, intended to melt her captor's heart.  It didn't work.

J-Lou rested her right hand on Gwen's right thigh and used her left hand to first cup... and then gently squeeze Gwen's right breast.  "Sally is going to play with you," she explained, her eyes locked with her prisoner.  She pulled the shower cap from Gwen's head, freeing her long, auburn tresses, then returned her hand to Gwen's breast.  "There will be orgasms, but mostly she's going to let you simmer.  Don't worry.  She will let you get some sleep... eventually."  J-Lou squeezed the breast, again, then stood.  "Of course," she said with a mocking smile as she strolled to the bedroom door, "you can always free yourself.  Then, you'd not only wipe out my point, but you'd be able to extract your new friend from your lady-bits.  Good night, Gwendoline."

J-Lou made her exit, the door closed and locked with an audible click, and Gwen was alone.  The bedroom lights slowly faded, but didn't go out entirely.  The pin spots directly over the bed continued to glow, bathing Gwen's helpless, slowly writhing form in a dim but adequate light.  Gwen continued testing her bonds, knowing it was hopeless, knowing that J-Lou had done a masterful job of binding her to her bed.  It was hopeless, but she had to try.

Suddenly, Gwen froze.  Her captive body was completely rigid... then began to shiver and squirm.  The vibrator had come to life.  The shaft and clit stimulating rabbit were pulsing and buzzing, and it was low powered but very effective stimulation.  The two motors were mismatched, and purposely so.  They individually pulsed between their lowest power settings, sending waves of harmonically tuned energy crawling across some of Gwen's favorite nerve endings, like a host of amorous ants doing an elaborate dance.

Back in the attic, Clem sighed through her gag.  The screen was now divided into two windows.  One showed her BFF's "ordeal," and the other J-Lou going to a hall closet to replenish her supplies.  Clem watched as the Brit "stalker" reached into a small duffel and slid another ribbon tied velvet bag and what was probably another vibrator into her cargo pants pockets.  J-Lou then eased the closet door closed and tiptoed towards the stairs to the first floor.

Back in her bedroom, Gwen was still shivering, writhing, and tugging on her bonds.  Clem suspected she was well on her way to a crashing orgasm.  The Prisoner of the Attic sighed through her gag, again, and tried to relax in her strappado bondage.  At least as far as the unfolding saga of J-Lou's Epic Revenge was concerned, Gwen was getting the better end of the deal... for now.

Chapter 8

Rory really liked Elementary.  It was about as challenging a crime show as one could find on network TV, in her humble opinion.  Okay, it was no Sherlock, but what was?  She'd suggested to Gwen that after they finished watching Major Crimes, they should roll into the latest adventure of Sherlock and Joan; but the redhead had yawned, climbed to her feet, and announced she was going to take a shower and turn in.  Her loss. 

After Major Crimes ended, Rory cued up the latest Elementary episode on the DVR menu.  She was about to hit the play button—when suddenly a black velvet bag tied with a green ribbon flew through the air and landed next to her on the couch.  "Hey!"

"A present," J-Lou explained.  Rory turned to find the RA striding into the common room.  She was dressed all in black and the usual smile dimpled her cheeks.  "Consider yourself captured," the brunette added.

"Captured?"  Rory opened the bag and pulled out a whiffle gag.  It had a single strap of butternut leather and its thick walled, hollow, ventilated rubber ball was a milky sea green in color.  The buckle was the same dark bronze as the hardware of the butternut leather coat Siri had made for her—as well as the never ending parade of leather restraints the crazy blond designed, had the SIAS robots fabricate, and tested, using Rory as her test dummy.  "Uh... thank you," Rory muttered, holding up the gag.

"You're welcome," J-Lou purred.  "Now, gag yourself and strip.  I'm on a schedule."

Rory pouted and nodded at the wall-sized screen.  "But I was about to watch Elementary," she objected.  "Can't we do this afterwards?"

Hands on hips, J-Lou cocked her smiling head to one side.  "Hmm.  Let me see.  No, but I will let you watch the show in your room, afterwards."

Rory sighed.  "Afterwards.  My room."

J-Lou nodded.

Rory sighed again, then climbed to her feet and headed for the hallway, whiffle gag in hand.

J-Lou was right behind her.  "Hey, I ordered you to gag yourself and strip."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Rory muttered.  "I need to get ready for bed."  She bounded up the stairs with J-Lou right behind her.

"For a captured damsel, you're awfully disobedient," J-Lou chuckled.

"I need to tinkle and brush my teeth," Rory countered, "and I might as well strip in my room where I can put my clothes away."  She pointed at her bedroom door as they passed.  "I'll meet you there.  Make yourself at home."

J-Lou smiled as she watched Rory stroll into the common bathroom, then shook her head and entered the ginger's bedroom.  She'd already laid out on the bed several coils of four millimeter braided nylon cord, in the same sea green color as the ball of Rory's new gag.

A little more than a minute later the bedroom door opened and Rory appeared.  She tossed the whiffle gag on the bed, then pulled her t-shirt over her head.  All the while her eyes were on the waiting cord.  "More gifts?"  J-Lou nodded.  "That's 550 paracord, isn't it?  Awfully thin stuff."

"It is thin," J-Lou agreed, "but it can be untied by human fingers.  Assuming one's fingers can reach the knots, of course."

"Of course," Rory nodded as she unzipped and removed her jeans.  "Well..."  She unclasped and removed her bra, then peeled down and stepped out of her panties.  "I admit I stretched the rules by using Siri's bandages and scarves when it was my turn to tie you."  She dropped her clothes in her laundry hamper.  "So I guess it's only fair to let you do the same."

"Such a good sport," J-Lou chuckled.  She released one of the largest coils of paracord, shook it out, found the center, formed a doubled loop, and set to the task of binding her naked, fair skinned, and ginger haired prisoner.  She worked with speed and efficiency, but it still took several minutes for her to complete Rory's bondage.

Eventually, Rory was reclined full-length on the bed with her legs together and her arms folded behind her back.  Her bondage was a typical Shibari box tie overlaid with a shoulders to toes Kikkou or diamond hitch harness.  None of the strands of doubled cords were punishingly tight, but they ever so slightly dimpled Rory's peach-pink flesh.  Also, her captor had included Rory's thumbs and toes in her bondage.  Worst of all (or possibly best of all), a simple crotch-rope harness encircled her waist, cleaved her butt cheeks, anchored a mint green, rabbit style vibrator in her pussy, bisected her ginger pubic bush, and was tied off just below her navel.  Finally, doubled paracord strands linked the cord at the nape of her neck to the upper bedposts and her big toes to the lower bedposts.  Rory had plenty of wiggle-room, but wasn't going to be able to leave the bed until she was untied—or she escaped.

Rory's heart was beating a little faster than normal and her green eyes were locked with J-Lou's.  The vibrator had been unexpected.  Rory had known for days that she was going to spend a night tied up on her bed at some point, but the vibrator was unexpected.

J-Lou was sitting on the bed, smiling down at her prisoner.  "I ordered you to gag yourself, remember?" she said quietly.

Rory smiled.  "I forgot."

"I forgot," J-Lou scoffed.  "Perhaps I should punish you.  Perhaps I should have Sally give you orgasm after orgasm until you pass out in exhaustion.  Perhaps I shouldn't let you watch your TV program."

"You promised," Rory pouted.

"Yes, I did," J-Lou agreed.  "So... Rory Macy likes Elementary.  Is it Sherlock, the brilliant but hygienically challenged genius that keeps you watching; or Joan, the beautiful doctor on a hero's journey?"

"Both," Rory answered, "but I really admire Joan.  Also, the clever writing."

J-Lou used her right index finger to trace the vertical strands of Rory's crotch rope.  "So... Rory is a Lucy Liu fan."

Rory shivered in her bonds and bit her lower lip.  "Who isn't?" she whispered.

"Who, indeed," J-Lou agreed.  "Sally," she said, addressing the bedroom in general.  Her eyes were still on her captive.

"Yes, Mistress Goodwin," Sally's voice responded.

"Queue up Rory's program for her, would you please?"

"Yes, Mistress Goodwin."  The HDTV mounted on the wall across the bedroom flashed to life and displayed the Rook House system's DVR menu with the newest episode of Elementary highlighted.

"Let's make this interesting," J-Lou continued, "like a drinking game.  Sally, whenever Joan is on the screen, and for as long as she's on the screen, turn on Rory's new friend, and make it good."  She tapped the cylindrical base of the vibrator, causing Rory to flinch, ever so slightly.  "And whenever Joan smiles, make it especially memorable."

"How am I supposed to be able to concentrate on the plot with that going on," Rory huffed, doing her best to suppress the smile threatening to curl her lips and dimple her cheeks.

"Good point," J-Lou conceded.  "Sally, please make sure the episode remains on the DVR, so Miss Macy can watch it again if she feels the need."

"Yes, Mistress Goodwin," Sally acknowledged.

"Mute during the commercials," J-Lou added, "but give her a nice, steady, low-power buzz for the duration, until the show resumes."

"Yes, Mistress Goodwin."

Rory heaved a long-suffering sigh.  "That's mean."

"Yes, it is, isn't it?" J-Lou agreed, then leaned close and kissed Rory's smiling, coral lips.  She then picked up the whiffle gag, placed the ball in Rory's open mouth, then turned her head and buckled the strap at the nape of her neck, under her long, straight, ginger hair.

Rory squirmed and writhed on the bed, testing her tight, inescapable bonds.  She watched as her kidnapper stood and strolled towards the bedroom door.

"Well, good night, Aurora," J-Lou wished her captive.  She opened the door and paused in the threshold.  "Pleasant struggling."

The door closed and Rory was alone, bound and gagged on her bed, naked and alone.

The bedroom lights dimmed until only the pin spots directly over the bed remained.  They bathed the bed and its weakly squirming occupant in a luminous glow.  At the same time, the opening scene of the Elementary episode began and Rory's "new friend" started buzzing.  The green rabbit's twin motors were on their lowest settings.  Rory gasped through her new gag and shivered in her bonds.

'Mistress Goodwin' really is the Queen of the Damsels, Rory mused.

Chapter 8

Siri glanced at her wristwatch.  It was getting late. 

Siri was all caught up in both her course reading and the various class project deadlines looming between now and the end of the quarter.  There was nothing to stop her from pulling an all-nighter to complete her current "hobby project," nothing other than a lack of certainty as to how she wanted to proceed, that is.  She already had more than enough separate restraints in her ever-expanding system to immobilize Rory's limbs and body in at least a hundred different permutations, and that included the traditional body sheath or sleep sack that she'd completed and tested two months ago.  The sleep sack could do the job all by itself.

What she needed—what Rory needed—was a hood.  Hoods, actually, Siri thought.  Plural.  An array of hoods.   The problem was, Siri wasn't sure where to begin.  A simple "Gwen hood," a full hood with an oval opening exposing the wearer's face from nose to forehead?  A full hood with only mouth, breathing, and eye holes?  An isolation hood with gag, earmuffs, and blindfold flaps?  All of those were good, but where should she start?  Which design should be first?  None of the ideas were original, and that was half of the problem.  And the other half... Siri wasn't sure she really wanted to hide Rory's beautiful face under a hood, no matter how cunning and aesthetically pleasing the design.

Of course, it wasn't like Siri was falling in love with the ginger pipsqueak.  That certainly wasn't the issue.  And she really enjoyed watching Rory struggle in inescapable bonds that she herself had designed... especially when the little ginger was naked.  No, Siri just had to let the ideas rattle around a while longer.  Something would shake out.  But she wasn't in love.  Siri was not in love with Rory Macy.  That was certain.

Siri stood and stretched, then left the basement, pausing only to close the folding partition that separated her studio from the rest of the space.  She climbed the steps to the kitchen, crossed to the empty common room, then continued towards the stairs to the second floor.  Ever the dutiful smart house avatar, Sally turned off the lights behind her as she walked.  Left foot on the first step and right hand on the handrail—Siri froze.  Standing at the head of the stairs, silhouetted against the light from the far end of the second floor hallway, stood a dark figure.

Then Siri realized it was J-Lou, dressed in black cargo pants and turtleneck.  "You startled me," she complained.

"Oh, I'm sorry," J-Lou purred, "but it's very difficult to stalk and capture people without startling them, nearly impossible."

Siri favored her supposed stalker with a dubious smile, then started up the stairs.  Seconds later, she was standing at the top, hands on her hips, mirroring her would be captor's stance and gazing down at the little Brit's smiling, upturned face.  "I ought to capture you," she huffed.

"You could try," J-Lou chuckled, "but I'm stronger than I look.  Also, I'm quite the wiggler."

"Quite the wiggler," Siri muttered, shaking her head and suppressing a smile.

"Assuredly," J-Lou said.  "Also, it's your turn."

"It's my turn," Siri drawled.

"Yes, it's your turn," J-Lou reiterated.  "Please stop repeating everything I say or we'll be at this 'til after midnight."  She took a step to the side and gestured down the hall.  "Complete your evening toilette and meet me in your bedroom."

Siri didn't move.  "I thought the plan was for you to tie up everybody at the same time?"

"It was and I have," J-Lou answered with a smile.  "You're the last.  There's no one to rescue you."

Siri sighed and shook her head, then started down the hall towards the common bath.  As soon as J-Lou was behind her, the smile finally succeeded in curling Siri's lips and dimpling her cheeks.  Also, a delicate thrill quivered between her legs.  No one to rescue me, she mused.

About three minutes later, her evening business complete, Siri entered her bedroom to find her would be captor waiting.  Several coils of the same white cotton clothesline she'd used to unsuccessfully bind J-Lou were waiting on her neatly made bed.

"Strip," J-Lou ordered.

"Nobody likes a bossy kidnapper," Siri complained as she pulled her t-shirt over her head.  Her bra followed, revealing her perky breasts.  Next, she removed her jeans and panties, draped the jeans over her desk chair, then dropped the bra, panties, and t-shirt in her laundry hamper.  She turned back to the bed to find that J-Lou had piled her pillows, including the throw pillow from her easy chair, against the headboard.

"Sitting position," J-Lou commanded, "back against the pillows and arms to either side."

Siri rolled her eyes, climbed on the bed, and assumed the ordered position.

"Comfy?" J-Lou inquired as she released a coil of clothesline.

"Yeah," Siri muttered.

J-Lou began wrapping rope around Siri's left wrist, tying a classic limb-loop.  "That would be 'Yes, Mistress,'" she purred.

Siri rolled her eyes.  "Yes, Mistress."

Over the course of the next several minutes, J-Lou crafted her fourth bondage set piece of the evening.  When she finally stepped back from the bed, Siri was reclined against the pillows with her arms and upper body lashed to the headboard at the wrists, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders.  In addition, a torso harness yoked her shoulders, passed above and below her breasts and around her waist, and was tied to the headboard on either side.  This not only further restricted her movement, but served to anchor the pillows in place, ensuring that even her most enthusiastic efforts to free herself wouldn't dislodge her back support.  Finally, Siri's legs were flat on the mattress, splayed a few degrees apart, with her ankles tied to the lower bedposts.

With the due diligence required of a proper Distressed Damsel, Siri executed a courtesy struggle, twisting her wrists, questing for knots with her fluttering fingers, and twisting her arms and upper body.  The ropes remained exactly where J-Lou had placed them and the headboard didn't even rock.  Either Salamandras International had contracted for institutional grade furniture, or the bed frame had been reinforced before delivery.  In any case, Siri wasn't going anywhere.

"Still comfy?" J-Lou inquired.

"Yes, Mistress," Siri huffed.  Then, her eyes widened as J-Lou climbed onto the bed, straddled her body, and settled a portion of her weight across her thighs.  "Do you have to do that?" Siri complained.

J-Lou answered Siri's question with one of her own.  "You don't really think you're fooling anyone, do you, Sigrid?"

Siri blinked in surprise.  "Huh?"  J-Lou smiled and seconds passed, but Siri's captor remained silent.  Siri tried again.  "Huh... Mistress?"

"That's better," J-Lou chuckled, then reached up and straightened Siri's long, blond hair.  "You do your best to be gruff and pettish, but you're not fooling anyone."

Siri smiled, despite herself.  "Well... you grow up with three older sisters who delight in making your life miserable and we'll see if you're Miss Congeniality."

Having finished arranging Siri's hair, J-Lou gently caressed the side of the blond's pouting face.  "They were cruel?"

Siri sighed before answering.  "No... Mistress."

"I thought not," J-Lou chuckled.  "I myself have two brothers and two sisters, two older and two younger.  We were considered the Ferocious Five by our governesses."


"We can swap tales of our misspent childhoods some other time," J-Lou said.

"Seriously, governesses?" Siri reiterated.  "How very... Victorian."

J-Lou smiled and placed her right index finger against Siri's lips.  "Hush."  She let her finger drop.  "How long are you going to toy with poor Rory?"

Siri gasped in outrage.  "Toy with poor Rory?"

"What did I tell you about repeating everything I say," J-Lou purred.

"I don't toy with Rory," Siri huffed.  "She helps me test my stuff."

J-Lou cupped Siri's breasts and began teasing the blond's nipples.  "Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Testing one's stuff?"

Siri shivered in her bonds.  Her nipples were now rigid and erect.  "I don't toy with Rory's feelings," she muttered, "if that's what you're getting at."  J-Lou continued massaging her tits.  "Besides, who died and made you Cupid?"

"I'm just being a friend," J-Lou smiled.  "Now..."  She reached into a thigh pocket and produced a black velvet bag tied with a baby blue ribbon.  "This is for you."  She released the ribbon's bow and pulled a whiffle gag from the bag.  The gag's ball was blue, more or less the color of Siri's eyes.  Its single strap had a tan suede finish and the buckle was stainless steel.

"How very sweet," Siri muttered.  "SIAS?"

"Yes," J-Lou confirmed.  "Sally and her friends made it for me."  She placed the ball in Siri's unresisting mouth, buckled the strap at the nape of her neck, then straightened the glowering captive's blond locks.  "Almost done," she purred, then scooted about a foot down the bed and pulled a powder blue rabbit vibrator from another pocket.

"Mrrrf?"  It was another complete surprise for Siri.  "Nrrf?"  J-Lou had inserted a finger between her labia!

"No lubrication required," J-Lou chuckled, "just as I suspected."  Her lips pursed in concentration, she slowly, carefully slid the rabbit into Siri's pussy.

Siri tugged on her bonds and shivered and squirmed as the vibrator found its new home.  J-Lou threaded a length of clothesline through a hole in the shaft and tied it to her waist bonds.  Siri's new friend wasn't going anywhere... just like her.

J-Lou, however, was climbing off the bed.  "That's four out of four," she announced.  "Sally, Sigrid is missing the show."

"Your wish is my command, O Mistress of Rook House," Sally's voice intoned.  Siri's HDTV powered up and displayed two windows. 

On the left, Gwen was tied to her bed, one arm and one leg at full stretch and tied to opposite bedposts, and her upper body, one folded arm, and one folded leg lashed to the side-rails.  A pink and white whiffle gag was in her mouth.  On the right, Rory was Shibari bound from shoulders to toes and loosely tethered to her bed.  Her whiffle gag was green with a butternut strap.  Both of Siri's fellow Rapscallions were squirming and writhing in their bonds, apparently being entertained by rabbit-vibrators of their own.

J-Lou strolled to the bedroom door and paused with her hand on the doorknob.  "They can see you, as well, Sigrid," she explained, "but not Clementine.  None of you will be allowed to watch what I do to poor Clementine."  She opened the door.  "After all, she's a Princess, and the rest of you are mere Ladies in Waiting."

"Nrrf!"  Siri let Her Majesty know exactly how she felt about the supposed class structure of Rook House.

J-Lou smiled and watched Siri pull on her bonds in frustration.  "Sally," she announced, "do me a favor and torture Sigrid until her attitude improves, would you please?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," Sally answered.

Siri's angry stare became one of wide-eyed astonishment as the vibrator sprang to life.  "Mrrm!"

With a final smile, J-Lou stepped across the threshold and pulled the door closed.  It locked with an audible click, and the Queen of the Damsels was gone.

Siri's new friend, however, was very much present!  Both the shaft and rabbit motors were going full bore!  "Mrrrpfh!"  Siri continued struggling to free herself, but knew her situation to be hopeless.  Then, abruptly, the vibrator stopped.  Siri panted through her gag.  Her breasts were heaving and a sheen of sweat glistened on her helpless body.  Damn, that thing is good, she thought, then shivered in her bonds as the thing in question resumed buzzing; only now, the rabbit and shaft motors were alternating on and off on their lowest settings.  The feeling was incredible... and unendurable... unless you happened to be bound, gagged, and had no choice, of course.

On the screen, Gwen was relaxed in her bonds.  Apparently, she was enjoying a respite from her new friend's intimate attentions.  Rory, however, was in full squirm, shivering and shining with sweat.  Her coral nipples were fully erect and several strands of her long, ginger hair were plastered to her gagged face.

Maybe I should say something to Rory, Siri considered.  But what?

The low level stimulation continued, as did the dual display on the TV screen.  Despite her situation and the situations of her fellow captives, Siri couldn't help but think about Clem.  What's J-Lou doing to her? she wondered.  It must be really bad.

Chapter 8


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