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Chapter 6

Dramatis Personæ


Amanda unconsciously tugged on her wrist cuffs and wiggled her dangling toes, watching as the mysterious, female stranger used more tape to bind Cassie's ankles together... followed by her knees.  The blonde, naked sadist was now bound hand and foot and completely helpless.  Apparently satisfied with her handiwork, the stranger turned and strolled in Amanda's direction.  She remained anonymous, her eyes hidden behind reflective goggles, similar to the kind favored by downhill skiers, and her features and entire head shrouded under a tight hood of the same desert-camouflage spandex as her formfitting catsuit.

Amanda tugged on the spanking-bench's wrist bonds, again.  Her heart was pounding.  What if this isn't a rescue? she thought.  The stranger was a few inches taller than Blythe, Amanda was sure.  Also, the masked woman's breasts weren't as generous as Blythe's.  The stranger was a stranger.  It could be a third, heretofore unknown handler/supervisor joining the "games," but somehow, Amanda didn't think so.  She stared straight ahead as the stranger stepped behind the bench and out of sight.  The cuffs restraining Amanda's ankles went slack... then the stranger stepped forward and released her wrist cuffs.

Amanda lifted her wrists and kicked her ankles free of the cuffs, then climbed off the bench and stood before the anonymous stranger.  Unconsciously, she placed her right arm across her breasts and her left hand over her crotch.  Her heart was still hammering.

"You may remove your gag if you wish, Dr. Harnois," the stranger chuckled.  "Or would you like me to do it for you?"

Amanda blushed.  She'd quite forgotten she was gagged.  She reached behind her head with both hands, dealt with the ball-gag's buckle, then eased the ball from her mouth and tossed the horrid device away.  She then adjusted her glasses, licked her lips and worked her jaw, and was finally able to speak.  "Who are you?"

Before the stranger could answer (assuming she was inclined to answer), the apartment door opened and three more camouflaged female strangers entered.  Then, Amanda realized a fourth person was also entering Cassie's domain, but not under her own power.  Blythe was being carried over the third catsuited stranger's right shoulder like a naked and bound sack of potatoes.  Her bonds were the same as Cassie's, ankles and knees taped together and arms folded behind her back and mummified with more tape encasing her forearms, hands, and elbows.

The three newly arrived strangers were dressed and armed in an identical manner as Amanda's mysterious rescuer; however, they were slightly less mysterious in that they were wearing neither goggles nor hoods.

The lead newcomer was a brunette and was followed by a blonde, who in turn was followed by another brunette, the one carrying Blythe.  All three women were undeniably attractive.

"Breaking mission protocol, are we?" Amanda's rescuer drawled.

"You may unmask, Agent Foxtrot," the lead brunette purred.

"Oh, thank you," Amanda's rescuer responded sarcastically.  She removed her goggles, revealing a very pretty pair of blue eyes, then pulled off her hood and shook out a head of medium-length brown hair.

Jennifer Beals as
Senior Agent "Jane"
(Real name classified)
Cobie Smulders as
Agent "Foxtrot"
(Frankie Dekker)
Katee Sackhoff as
Agent "Tango"
(Tori Ballantine)
Ali Landry as
Ali Landry
Agent "Lima"
(Lillian Steele)
Elite strike team dispatched by "The Sisterhood's" Action Directorate.

Amanda stared at her rescuer.  "Agent Foxtrot" the lead stranger had called her.  Attractive?  Yes.  In fact, she was stunning (in Amanda's humble opinion).

"Dr. Harnois," Agent Foxtrot said to Amanda, "allow me to introduce 'Senior Agent Jane,' 'Agent Tango,' and 'Agent Lima.'  Jane is in charge, if that isn't already abundantly clear."

Amanda blinked and stared at the newcomers.  Foxtrot's manner was simultaneously irreverent and respectful.  Obviously, the "Agents" were a close knit group, comrades of some sort—and Amanda could hear the quotation marks around their supposed names... or rather code names.

"What's happening?" Amanda demanded.  Her heart was still hammering.  She watched as Agent Lima eased Blythe's naked, bound, and apparently unconscious form off her shoulder and deposited her on the floor next to the identically naked, bound, and unconscious Cassie.

Jane's smile widened.  "What's happening is your rescue, Dr. Harnois."

Amanda stared at Jane, then inexplicably, her knees went weak and the room began swirling around her.  She realized she was fainting, but before it could happen Agent Foxtrot caught her and held her upright.  Amanda quickly regained control of her naked, trembling body.  "Rescue?" she finally managed to ask in a near-whisper.

"Rescue," Jane confirmed.

Agent Foxtrot led Amanda to the nearby sofa and helped her sit.  Jane joined her, settling into the soft cushions and placing a reassuring hand on Amanda's knee.

Meanwhile, Agent Tango had gone to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water.  "Here ya go, Doc," she said, handing the glass to Amanda.

"Agent Lima, please finish preparing the detainees for departure," Jane ordered.

"If I have to," Agent Lima chuckled, lifted Cassie's bound body and deposited her on the bed, then did the same with Blythe.

Amanda sipped water and watched as Agent Lima produced a ball of what appeared to be sponge or rubber foam, crammed it into Cassie's mouth, then used several tight, overlapping turns of the same dark-tan tape binding her arms, knees, and ankles to keep it there.  She then did the same to Blythe.

"Rescue?" Amanda asked Jane again as she handed the glass back to Agent Tango.

"Dinner?" Agent Tango asked as she returned to the kitchen and rinsed the glass.

"Yes to both questions," Jane chuckled.

"The others!" Jane blurted.

"Hold that thought," Jane said, giving Amanda's knee a gentle squeeze.  "Sally," she said, addressing the room in general.  "What's the status of the detainee's transportation?"

"On final approach," Sally's disembodied voice answered.  "They'll be on the ground in about five minutes, Senior Agent Jane."

"Thank you," Jane responded, then turned to Agent Tango.  "Agent Foxtrot can do the cooking.  Why don't you assist Agent Lima?"

"Yes, ma'am," Agent Tango smiled, then joined Agent Lima at the bed.

Amanda watched as the camouflaged blonde and brunette gazed down at the naked, bound, and gagged blonde and brunette handlers.

"You have a preference?" Agent Tango asked.

Agent Lima shrugged.  "Not really."  She lifted Cassie and draped her over her shoulder, head to the fore and feet to the rear, then headed for the apartment door.  Agent Tango lifted Blythe onto her shoulder in the same manner and followed.

"Why do I have to cook?" Agent Foxtrot huffed.

Jane smiled.  "Because you're the junior agent, and because I say so."

Amanda couldn't help but smile, herself.  The underlying affection between Jane and her subordinates was obvious, and the byplay was something of a game.  Also, Agent Foxtrot's petulant obedience was absolutely adorable.  Amanda realized she was in a form of shock, one might say euphoric shock.  She was almost dizzy with relief.  Her heart was still hammering, but she was happy.  She smiled at Agent Foxtrot.  Then blushed and turned away.

Foxtrot had noticed Amanda's smile and for some reason was also blushing.  She spun on her booted heel and headed for the kitchen.  "I have no idea what's on hand.  Don't blame me if dinner is fried bologna sandwiches."

"I have faith in your culinary skills," Jane chuckled.

Amanda turned back to Jane.  "The others," she reminded her senior rescuer.

Jane smiled and took Jane's hand.  "They're perfectly safe and will be joining us soon."

"Thank you," Amanda responded.  "I—umm."  Suddenly, she was unable to continue.  Her lips trembled and her eyes welled with tears.

Jane pulled her into a warm embrace.  "You're safe," she whispered.  "You're all safe."

Amanda sobbed on Jane's shoulder and returned the embrace.  Propriety be damned!  She couldn't help herself.

, Amanda finally believed.  We're safe.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 6

After about half a minute Amanda managed to compose herself.  "I'm sorry," she said as the embrace ended.

"Don't be silly," Jane chuckled as she handed the teary-eyed librarian a cotton handkerchief.  It was the same digital mix of browns, tans, and grays as her catsuit, but was soft and just the thing to dry Amanda's tears and clean her glasses.

          QuinjetSuddenly, the big-screen, high-definition TV mounted on the wall flickered to life and the image of a rather futuristic aircraft appeared.  It was sleek, uniformly gray, and if it bore any insignia or markings, Amanda couldn't make them out.  The streamlined marvel swooped towards the camera... hovered on swiveling exhaust ducts as tricycle landing gear deployed... then settled to a concrete landing pad.  An access ramp in the rear of the aircraft lowered, there was a brief pause, then Agents Lima and Tango appeared, still bearing their naked, bound, and gagged burdens.

"Say goodbye to Ms. Mason and Ms. Bennett," Jane purred.  "You probably won't be seeing them again."

"What's going to happen to them?" Amanda asked, then turned to face Jane.  "And who are you?"

"In answer to your first question," Jane said with a smile, "your kidnappers are being taken to a secure location for interrogation.  There's a very high probability they'll flip on their employer, Alexandra Votel, and in exchange for their cooperation will receive reduced but still quite extensive prison sentences.  There's a possibility you and your colleagues might be called as witnesses at their trials, but I consider it highly unlikely."

"Are you with the FBI?" Amanda asked.

"Your second question," Jane purred.  "No, Dr. Harnois, I am not FBI.  I represent an international organization that at the moment will remain unnamed.  We do have members in the Bureau, as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies across the globe; but I, myself, have no official national affiliation."

Jane opened her mouth to inquire further, but was stopped by Jane placing a finger against her own lips.

"I know you have many questions," Jane continued, "and all will be answered in time; but for now..."  She gestured at the screen.  "Consider this a small dose of closure,"

Agents Lima and Tango were met at the base of the aircraft's ramp by another female.  She was similarly dressed, but her catsuit was uniformly black, as was her long, straight hair.  The distance was great, but Amanda thought the black-clad newcomer might be Asian.  She watched as the three exchanged words... then climbed the ramp and entered the aircraft with Lima and Tango still carrying Cassie and Blythe.  Seconds passed... then Agents Lima and Tango reappeared, descended the ramp, and walked back towards the camera.  The "detainees" remained on the aircraft, presumably with the status of passengers... or cargo.

 "And that is that," Jane purred as the ramp raised, dust began blowing in all directions, and the aircraft lifted back into the air.

Amanda watched the streamlined, gray, technological wonder gain altitude... then dwindle into the distance and disappear into a cloud bank.  The screen went blank and she was surprised to find herself blinking away more tears.

"Sally," Jane said, "I assume you have made a recording of the detainees' departure?"

"Of course, Senior Agent Jane," Sally's voice answered primly.  "I record everything."

"Good," Jane said, smiling at Amanda.  "Your colleagues will be able to get their own closure."

Amanda's eyes popped wide.  "My colleagues!" she blurted.

"Agents Lima and Tango are fetching them as we speak," Jane chuckled.

"Sandwiches," Agent Foxtrot announced from the kitchen.  She was gazing into the open refrigerator.  "I have no idea what that blond, sadistic maniac was planning on cooking for supper, but I see all the makings of club sandwiches."  She lifted a package of meat from a shelf.  "Hello!  Black Forest Ham!  Yum!"

"Remember," Jane said, winking at Amanda, "you're sandwich-building for eight."

"I know, I know," Agent Foxtrot huffed, then returned to gazing into the open fridge.

Amanda smiled.  It was more teasing byplay... and Agent Foxtrot really was beautiful, even when she frowned in concentration.  Her eyes were... blue.

Something like two minutes passed... then, the door to the apartment flew open and Ginger, Phoebe, KK, and Agents Tango and Lima entered—the Librarians in a shrieking, laughing, naked mob of three and the two agents following in a smiling, much more sedate manner.  Amanda leaped to her feet and rushed into her colleagues' arms.

Jane and the others watched as the librarians jumped up and down, hugged, kissed, squealed, laughed, and shed happy tears.

Agent Foxtrot had left the kitchen and was now close enough to Jane to whisper in her ear.  "You're right.  All the hard training is worth it."

Agent Tango had overheard.  "Even the escapology training?" she inquired with a grin.

"Are you kidding?" Agent Lima chuckled.  "That's Frankie's favorite part of the curriculum."

"Shut up," Agent Foxtrot huffed, blushing furiously.

"If you two don't behave," Jane chuckled, "I'm sending you back to the Academy for a punitive refresher course."

Agents Tango and Lima exchanged knowing smiles.  "Yes, ma'am," they said in unison.

Meanwhile, the celebration went on, unabated.  The watching agents enjoyed the festivities (including the bouncing of various breasts as the hopping continued), and sacrificed their own desert-camouflaged bandanas to the cause of drying librarian eyes and cleaning librarian glasses.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 6

One year later...
Coyote Creek World Heritage Library

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, all of Amanda's questions were answered—most of them, anyway—and all her needs and concerns addressed as well.

Question #1:  KK's PLAN
It turned out all the IT systems at Lewis & Clark University are one big unified network with the various functions coordinated, integrated, and protected by active network defenses, and that was something KK had understood quite well.  She'd reasoned that someone at the school would have noticed that she was missing, so when her faculty password was used from an unknown IP address, the game would be afoot!  And even though Blythe Bennett might be a very good hacker, KK was convinced that no one on the planet was good enough to evade Sally and the L&C IT Department's firewall traps.  At least, that was KK's desperate hope—and her faith in Sally and the IT staff had been vindicated!  In short, her "plan" had worked, Sally had traced the cyber-intrusion back to the Votel Library, and KK and her fellow kidnap victims had been rescued.

Question #2: THE RESCUERS
Jane eventually revealed that Foxtrot, Tango, Lima, and herself were members of "The Sisterhood," a powerful organization devoted to justice and peace.  Once the situation at the Library was revealed, the Sisterhood's powers-that-be decided to handle it themselves by dispatching a strike team to rescue the captives and apprehend the kidnappers.  Official crime-fighting authorities weren't involved due to the urgency of the situation and the distinct possibility that Alexandra Votel might have subverted local law enforcement.  In any case, Votel's legal department had disguised the very existence of the library, making obtaining a search warrant from a judge at any level a decidedly iffy proposition.  Direct action was the only solution, but direct action that would allow for later prosecution.  Sally's ability to penetrate even a well-protected IT system with trivial ease and the hostage-rescue skills of the Sisterhood's cadre of elite agents were the perfect tools for the job.

Concern #1: JUSTICE
And speaking of Alexandra Votel, the kidnapping and enslavement of Amanda and her colleagues was the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Once subjected to Sally's scrutiny, "The Votel Group" and its affiliated international corporations were revealed as little more than a criminal cartel.  Unraveling and dismantling the many elements of the empire would take time and require the efforts of several national and international law enforcement agencies and financial regulators, but already—faster than Amanda would have thought possible—Votel was in Federal custody and facing a very long list of serious charges, with more charges pending in a dozen countries.  Also, the majority of her legal team were also in custody as her co-conspirators.  Cassie and Blythe had flipped on their boss, as Jane predicted, but were still facing charges of their own.

Concern #2:  THE LIBRARY
Alexandra and her legal staff had done such an excellent job of hiding the existence of the "Votel Library" that once Sally finished tinkering with selected records, Alexandra found she could no longer prove that the library and its collections were her property!  It helped that she had much more pressing concerns, like focusing on not ending her days as a convict in a high-security prison.  Anyway, the supposed library now bore the name of a nearby dry stream bed, and the "Coyote Creek World Heritage Library" was now a non-profit cultural organization chartered by both UNESCO and the United States government.

Amanda, KK, Phoebe, and Ginger were all confirmed by the CCWHL Board of Governors as permanent staff, and by acclamation Amanda retained the title of Head Librarian.  As such, and as the library's sole full-time resident, she'd moved into Alexandra Votel's palatial suite one level above Cassie and Blythe's former apartments.  She'd retained many of the suite's features (like its state-of-the-art gym, yoga studio, sauna, and exercise pool), but had converted half the space into a fully automated office.

Other spaces in the upper levels had been converted into lodging for visiting scholars.  Blythe's former apartment was now used by visiting staff members, which at the moment was KK on six-month sabbatical from Lewis & Clark's F.E. Campbell Library.  Cassie's former bedroom/whipping parlor was now the digs of the CCWHL's Resident Security Officer, the Sisterhood Agent assigned on a rotating basis to guard the library and keep an eye on visiting scholars.  At the moment that was Agent Frankie "Foxtrot" Dekker.

"Specialized furniture" (like Blythe's "Willie Stand" and Cassie's "Whipping Bench") were stored in the former Librarian Cells down below, along with other custom-built erotic torture machines and devices the librarians had not had the misfortune to experience prior to their rescue.  Also, the "Restricted Section," as the staff joking dubbed the level that included their former cells, was now completely locked down.  Sally had reprogrammed the elevators and all the physical signage and electronic directories had been changed.  Visiting scholars wouldn't even suspect the level existed.  Also, the nipple-and-tongue RFID tag-reading panels on all levels had been ripped out and replaced with retinal-scanners and hand-print readers.

So... all was well.

The Sisterhood had insisted that Amanda, KK, Phoebe, and Ginger receive counseling as part of their debriefings, and they'd found it to be very helpful.  All four had come to terms with their kidnapping experience.

Also, they had all decided to have their tongue piercings removed, but unfortunately, their nipple-stirrups were another matter.  Jane explained that the alloys used in the piercings made them exceeding difficult to remove without damaging the surrounding tissue.  It might be possible, but she didn't recommend it.  Amanda and the others were disappointed but accepted Jane's judgement.  After all, as long as they wore bras or similar tops, no one would even know the metal monstrosities were there, and a properly dressed librarian always wears a bra.

And speaking of clothing, the futuristic gray aircraft had returned the day after their rescue bearing food and complete wardrobes for the librarians, and that included lab coats for Amanda!  She was most grateful.  It just didn't feel right working in the conservation laboratory without a proper coat.

Yes, a year had passed.  It would be many more years before Alexandra Votel's legal problems were resolved and her final appeals denied, but that wasn't Amanda's concern.  It would also be many years before the full contents of the CCWHL were revealed to the academic world and the public at large, and that was very much Amanda's concern.  She was on the board of a select group of scholars, writers, and artists reviewing the situation and deciding how and when to start revealing bombshells like the existence of plays by William Shakespeare thought to be lost forever, or ancient Greek texts revealing that Newton and Leibniz hadn't discovered but rediscovered the calculus of change.  The board's work was only beginning, and it occupied a significant portion of Amanda's time.

Thank goodness for Sally, video conferencing, and expert groupware systems! Amanda often thought.

Meanwhile, the task of correlating and verifying the collection continued, and thanks to Sally's help, the others could split their time between the CCWHL and their academic positions.  Amanda, however, as previously mentioned, now had a new full time job.  The Harvard Library would just have to get along without her, but she wasn't worried about her career.  As the prestige of the CCWHL grew, Amanda's status as Head Librarian would more than compensate.

So, now that the inconvenient kerfuffle of her kidnapping was a thing of the past, Dr. Amanda Harnois was back to enjoying life.  She had dealt with the trauma of her experience as the plaything of Blythe and Cassie, thanks to Sisterhood counseling, and above all, the support of her colleagues (who had required her support to deal with their own experiences).

And among other things, Amanda had come to realize that it wasn't necessarily the experiences themselves that had proven to be so traumatic, but their context and the personalities involved.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 6

Amanda's day began with a three hour video-conference.  The dozen or so famous scholars and academics from prestigious universities, museums, and libraries across the globe addressed each other as "Sister" as often as "Doctor," "Professor," or "Academician;" and Amanda, herself, had been referred to as "Sister Harnois" more than once during the discussions.  She'd felt a little thrill whenever it happened.  Just think, a year ago she didn't even suspect the existence of The Sisterhood... and now she was a member!  A very junior member, admittedly, but a member.  Unfortunately for her sense of drama, no secret handshakes, recognition code-phrases, or the wearing of mysterious rings were involved, but she was a member!

She spent the rest of the workday plowing through various plans, proposals, and memorandums in her office (with Sally's invaluable assistance) followed by lunch with KK and Frankie in the newly refurbished Staff Dining Room, with its magnificent view of the desert below and the mountains beyond.  Afternoon meant hands-on conservation work in the laboratory.  Amanda enjoyed such work, and Sally had to remind her when it was time to quit for the day.

As was her new habit, Amanda made her way to her suite, changed into exercise togs, then put herself through a rigorous workout with the gym's Nautilus machine and treadmill-runner.  Next came a relaxing sauna.  Amanda basked in the dry heat, her body flushed and glistening with sweat.  Unless she'd misread the schedule it was her turn to cook the evening meal, but what was going to be a delicious Chianti-marinated beef stew was already simmering on low in a crockpot in the semi-automated communal kitchen.

Having reached the optimal state of overheated, rosy-pink, dripping-wet happy camper, Amanda left the sauna.  Patting her face with a towel, she made her way from the gym, through the yoga studio, into the master bedroom, turned towards the master bathroom for a quick shower—and froze in place!

KK was sitting in a straight chair, facing the bed.  Amanda expected to see her friend at dinner, of course, but her uninvited presence in the bedroom, now, was very much unexpected.  Even more unexpected was her current condition/predicament: naked, bound, and gagged!

Amanda dropped her towel and gasped!  She also fought the urge to break out laughing, because that would be both rude and impolite.

KK wasn't fooled.  Her blue eyes stared daggers at the naked Head Librarian and her cheeks were flushed pink with righteous anger—either that or because something substantial had been stuffed in her mouth and several tight layers of some sort of white medical tape were compressing her cheeks and keeping it there.  More of the tape mummified KK's fingers and hands behind her back and dark-tan rope lashed her wrists together and to the chair back.  Additional neat bands of rope lashed the indignant and very nude librarian to the chair at the ankles, above and below the knees, across the lap, around the waist, above and below her breasts, and yoked her shoulders.  KK was helpless... in the sense that the sun-baked, bone-dry stream bed that was the library's new namesake might be described as poor habitat for ducks and geese.

Just then the door to the master bathroom opened and Frankie Dekker (Agent Foxtrot) entered the bedroom.  Now all three of the CCWHL's current residents were present, and all three were naked.

"There, you are," Frankie purred as she strolled to the bed.

For the first time Amanda noticed the several neat bundles of the same dark-tan rope binding KK to her chair arrayed on the neatly made bed.  She watched as Frankie reached for the ceiling in a slow, full-body stretch of her svelte, athletic, naked physique... then selected a coil of rope, released its retaining hitch, and shook it out.

Amanda frowned (as best she could) and nodded towards KK, who was still staring daggers from her chair.  "Why is she here," Amanda demanded, "and why have you done this to her?"

Frankie smiled.  "Tori finally got around to sending me her file.  I've decided remedial escapology training is in order."

Amanda mustered her best disapproving frown (again, as best she could).  She'd learned that Agent Tango, Tori Ballantine, was not only a Sisterhood Agent, but held the rank of Inspector in the Lewis & Clark University Campus Police and had history with KK.  "File?" Amanda drawled.

Frankie shrugged.  "Okay, Tori sent me an e-mail with the juicy details of all the times she's played 'Nab the Librarian' with KK.  Apparently, Tori plays such games with a great many of the Lewis & Clark faculty and staff... the hot women, anyway."

Amanda hid a chortle with a disapproving head shake and cough.  "Ahem.  None of which explains why she's here, or why she's naked, bound, and gagged."

"Well," Frankie said as she sauntered forward, swinging her hips and bringing the loose rope with her, "she's naked 'cause she's not wearing any clothes, and as for the rest, I already told you.  Remedial escapology training."

Amanda watched (with something akin to the demeanor of a mouse watching a cat flex its claws) as Frankie formed a double-loop in the center of the rope.  "I-I don't want her watching," she stammered.

"Aw, c'mon, Doc," Frankie chuckled.  "It'll be good for her.  Good training.  She watches me train you, and next time you get to watch me train her.  Good training for one and all.  Anyway, I've made an executive decision as Resident Security Officer that this is how we'll do 'surprise drills' from now on."

"No," Amanda objected (whined), taking a step back.  "I said no!" she reiterated with greater force as Frankie's grin widened and she pounced.

Agents of the Sisterhood's Action Directorate are trained to take down targets with minimal muss, fuss, and damage, so Frankie had little difficulty seizing and restraining a naked librarian untrained in the martial arts---especially when said naked, untrained librarian happens to be more than a little ticklish!

"Oh-o-o-o-e-e-e!"  Face down on the carpet, Amanda squirmed, giggled, and whimpered as Frankie sat atop her thrashing, squirming body and divided her time between dancing her fluttering fingers over her ribs and using the rope to bind her wrists and arms behind her back.  "S-stop this at once!"

Frankie finished securing her "trainee," lifted Amanda to her scrambling feet, led her to the bed, and tossed her onto its smooth, soft surface.

"Oh!" Amanda whined as her naked body bounced and her hair flounced.  "Get off me, you sodding berk!"

"Sodding berk?" Frankie gasped in mock outrage as she set to work binding Amanda's ankles, knees, thighs, etc.  "Do you kiss your escapology instructor with that mouth?"

Face down on the bed as rope tightened around her naked body, Amanda couldn't help but giggle.  "Barmy Yank," she chuckled.  "Oh!  No!"  Frankie had finished her composition with a crotch-rope, a tight, well-cinched crotch-rope that pinned Amanda's wrists against her butt-cheeks, cleaved her lady-bits, and tightly encircled her forearms and waist.  "This is dreadful," she pouted as Frankie climbed off her body and the bed.

"Okay then," Frankie said, smiling and flexing her arms, "as usual, you have one hour to escape, and if you fail to do so, I'll give you a thorough tongue-lashing."  Her smile turned especially mischievous.  "And by tongue-lashing I do not mean a stern lecture.  I'll lick your cute little Brit pussy 'til you cum, then require you to return the favor."

Amanda blushed, then directed her mortified gaze to KK.  Her colleague was watching the show from her chair, having no other option.  Amanda noted the twinkle in the big blue eyes of her captive audience, which did nothing to alleviate her embarrassed condition.  "You're a horrid minger," she huffed, directing the rebuke to her captor.

"Oh, doctor," Frankie chuckled, "you wound me... I think.  And not in a good way."  She selected a coil of thin cord in the same dark-tan color as the rope binding the two librarians, released the coil, and used one end to bind Amanda's big toes together.

"What are you doing now?" Amanda demanded (as if it wasn't obvious).

"Making sure you confine your escape efforts to the bed," Frankie explained as she tied the other end of the cord to the lower left bedpost.  "Now," she said, readying a second coil of cord and smiling at Amanda's breasts, "if only there was a convenient way to tether your upper body."

Amanda fought the smile quivering on her lips.  "You wouldn't dare!" she gasped.

"I dare," Frankie purred, then climbed back onto the bed and Amanda, pinning the Head Librarian on her back and bound arms against the soft mattress.

"Ow!  Get off me!" Amanda whined.

"In a minute," Frankie purred as she threaded the cord through both of Amanda's nipple-stirrups.  "That should do it."  She climbed off the bed (and Amanda), tied one end of the long cord to the left upper bedpost, walked around the bed, and tied the other end to the right upper bedpost.

Amanda kicked and squirmed in her bonds.  Frankie had left plenty of slack and neither the toe or nipple-strirrup cords were especially restrictive.  Amanda had plenty of wiggle room, and as long as she didn't stretch or tangle the cords she'd be fine—if 'fine' meant inescapably bound and confined to her bed.  She glared at her escapology instructor.  "I'm going to report this outrage."

Frankie gasped in mock horror.  "Oh no!"  She directed her next words to the room in general.  "Sally, please report this outrage to Inspector Ballantine.  I know she'll be interested."

"Are you referring to video of your capture of Dr. Kellog, your capture of Dr. Harnois, or the 'tongue-lashings' yet to come?" Sally's voice asked.

"All of the above," Frankie chuckled, "and remind her she still owes me an introduction to that mysterious 'Little Mouse' friend of hers she keeps raving about."

"That would be the feisty and adorable Dr. Cynthia Weeble," Sally chuckled, "also a friend of mine.  Consider it done."

Amanda's eyes were on the roll of tape and rumpled pair of panties now in Frankie's hands.  The tape appeared to be the same product currently mummifying KK's hands and lower face, and unless she was mistaken, the panties were the very pair Amanda had removed upon completing her day's work, the workout that followed, and before entering the sauna.  "No!" she whined.

"Yes," Frankie purred as she forced the used and slightly damp panties into Amanda's reluctant mouth, then used the tape to stretch and adhere several tight layers across her mouth and around her head.

"Mrrrrpfh!" Amanda complained, squirming in her bonds and tossing her head.  Somehow, Frankie had managed to complete the wrap-around-tape-gag without trapping most of her hair.  I wonder if she learned how to do that as part of her Sisterhood training, Amanda thought as she continued struggling.  She already knew that she wouldn't be escaping from either her bonds or the bed, but it was expected that she should try.  "Mrrrm!"

"Oh my," Frankie chuckled, "if looks could kill."  She shifted her amused gaze to KK.  "I'd be dead twice."  She then spun on her bare heel and strolled towards the bedroom door.  "One hour," she reminded Amanda, "and Dr. Kellog, be sure and take good notes."

Amanda watched as Frankie completed her exit, taking her firm, dimpled buttocks with her and closing the door behind.  She then shifted her gaze to KK and shared a mutually commiserate sigh with her fellow "student."  Also, a thrill shivered through Amanda's rope-cleaved pussy and up her spine.  The irony of the situation wasn't lost on the prisoner-of-the-bed, but as she'd already come to realize, context was everything.

Kidnapping and involuntary erotic torture—bad!

'Escapology practice' and consensual restrained sex with a loving 'captor'—good!

Who knew?  Certainly not the Amanda Harnois of one year ago.

Yes, Amanda enjoyed her life—recent events notwithstanding—but now she was enjoying it in new and previously unexplored ways!

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