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Chapter 4

Dramatis Personæ


Amanda couldn't help but stare in absolute amazement.  Blythe Bennett was naked and hogtied atop a hassock in the conversation area of Cassie's apartment!  And the brunette handler wasn't just hogtied, she was stringently hogtied—hideously hogtied!

Blythe's arms were folded behind her back and her wrists crossed just below her shoulder blades in the same tight, upper-arm-pinning and shoulder-yoking tie Blythe, herself, had used on Ginger the previous evening.  In addition, the captive handler's ankles were crossed, bound, and her legs bent back until her heels pressed into her buttocks.  Her upper thighs were lashed to her lower legs, and additional ropes linked her upper-body bonds to her ankles, and they were tight enough to force her body back into a severe, spine-bending bow.  As far as Amanda could tell, only Blythe's tummy was in contact with the hassock.  Her breasts and thighs were in mid air.  In addition, possible for safety's sake, to ensure the bound kidnapper couldn't wiggle, squirm, and thereby send herself crashing to the carpeted floor, several neat strands of rope lashed her body to the hassock's stubby legs.  Adding torment to contortion, a large ball-gag plugged the Blythe's mouth and a single taut strand of thin cord linked her tightly tied big toes to the bundled mass of her brown hair.

Amanda stared at Blythe in horror—then realized Cassie was tightening a second pair of handcuffs around her wrists.  "Wh-what are you doing?" she demanded.

"I'm tired of the weight of all these 'librarian bracelets' in my pockets," Cassie purred, then locked a pair of thumbcuffs on Amanda's thumbs, adding their totally superfluous restriction to the naked librarian's bonds.  "Come," Cassie chuckled as she led Amanda towards Blythe and the hassock.  "Kneel," she commanded, pointing to the carpet in front of Blythe's splayed knees.

"No," Amanda whined, but was forced to her knees anyway.  "Oh!"  Cassie had knelt behind her and was locking two pairs of handcuffs around her ankles.

Cassie stood, spun on her heels, and strolled to the apartment door.  She paused in the threshold, a wicked smile curling her lips.  "See those pretty toes?" she inquired.

Amanda focused on Blythe's feet, then turned back to the blonde handler/supervisor.  "W-what about them?"

"I'm going below to feed your coworkers," Cassie announced, "and while I'm gone, I want you to give all of Blythe's piggies a thorough tongue-bath.  Suck on each one, individually, and slide your tongue between each and every pair, and don't stop 'til I return."

Amanda blinked in horror as the door closed... then audibly locked.  "W-what?"  She turned back to the toes in question.  Sucking on Cassie's toes was out of the question, regardless of the consequences.  Cassie had severely thrashed Phoebe's butt the night before, so she was certainly capable of doing something equally unpleasant to Amanda for the "crime" of disobedience, but enough was enough.

Amanda rocked back on her heels and, despite her doubly-cuffed ankles, managed to stand. She gazed at the nearby furniture and decided the sofa was her best choice.  She slowly, carefully hopped the dozen or so paces required to position herself to flop down onto its inviting surface... and did so.  Her breasts had flopped with every hop during the relocation process, and that had done nothing to improve her mood.

Her new position was as comfortable as could be expected given her doubly-cuffed wrists and ankles and needlessly cuffed thumbs  She had a perfect side view of the tan, athletic, hideously contorted brunette's perfect body.  She doubted Blythe could do more than wiggle her fingers and toes—the toes Amanda had been ordered to suck.

Amanda heaved a sigh, followed by a shudder of revulsion.  Her feelings were... conflicted.  As far as she was concerned, Blythe's torturous condition couldn't have happened to a more appropriate person, other than Cassie, of course—but Amanda Harnois was not the sort of person to allow anyone to suffer, no matter their crimes.  Suffer in prison?  Yes.  Suffer physical punishment like Blythe's current bondage?  No, not if Amanda could could do anything about it.  The problem was, of course, Amanda could do nothing to help the hogtied captive before her.  Restrained as she was, Amanda knew she'd never be able to release the complex and cunningly tied knots of Blythe's restraints.  She wasn't even sure she could locate the key knots much less untie them.

Fortunately, Amanda couldn't see Blythe's ball-gagged face from her perch on the sofa.  She'd just as soon not let Blythe witness whatever signs of emotional conflict might be revealed by her expression.  She heaved another sigh and lifted her gaze to the desert vista beyond the picture windows.  The view was as unremarkable as the one from Blythe's apartment.  Wherever the road that led to the Votel Library might be, it wasn't in sight.  Once again, Amanda could tell she was at a great height, several stories above the desert floor.  She could still see the flashing cell tower atop one of the distant mountains Ginger had mentioned before... nor was any other evidence of human occupation in the area, all the way to the hazy horizon.  Amanda learned nothing new about their current location.

Unable to free herself, unable and not particularly inclined to free Blythe, other than on the general principle of kindness to those in need, and certainly unwilling to suck on Blythe's toes as she'd been ordered, Amanda did the only logical thing possible: she leaned back into the soft cushions of the sofa, closed her eyes, and took a nap.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 4

Amanda became aware of two things: (1) an incredibly appetizing aroma; and (2) a sizzling noise.  She opened her eyes and cautiously looked around.  She was still in Cassie's apartment, of course, and still doubly-cuffed at the wrists and ankles with the added bonus of the unnecessary thumbcuffs, and was still comfortably reclined on the sofa in the conversation area.  Also, Blythe was still directly before her, atop the hassock, and bound in the same incredibly stringent hogtie.

What had changed was Cassie's return, and the blonde was in the kitchenette cooking something—the source of the aroma and sound—in a wok atop the stove.  For the moment, she was ignoring Amanda and Blythe and concentrating on the culinary task at hand.  Oh-by-the-way, Cassie had changed out of her catsuit uniform and appeared to be wearing nothing but a hunter-green cook's apron.  Her flaxen hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail and tied with a narrow black ribbon.  She turned to get something from one of the cabinets, giving Amanda an excellent view of when she believed was termed "side-boob" in the popular vernacular, as well as Cassie's strong back and firm, dimpled buttocks.  Viewed from the side and behind, the apron left almost nothing to the imagination, whereas from the front it only seemed to accentuate the kidnapper's breasts, narrow waist, and hips.

"Don't think that I haven't noticed that Blythe's little piggies aren't even damp," Cassie purred, obviously addressing Amanda, "or that you won't be punished for your willful disobedience.  Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Amanda heaved a quiet sigh.  In for a penny, in for a pound, she reasoned.  "I've had a taxing day and find myself disinclined to suck on another person's extremities."

Cassie's smile broadened as she added ingredients to the wok and gave the contents a vigorous stir.  "It was your first day at work," she chuckled, "so I'll only punish you a little bit."

Amanda stifled her instinct to thank Cassie for her "generosity."  She was in no mood for polite fictions.  Amanda transferred her gaze to Blythe's hogtied form.  Bound as Blythe was, her tan, perfect body trapped in what had to be an increasingly torturous pose, Blythe had to be miserable.  Also, thanks to the ball-gag plugging her mouth, she was drooling.  It couldn't happen to a better person, Amanda thought.  She wasn't proud of her vindictive thoughts, but couldn't stifle herself.  I hope it hurts, she silently added, still gazing at Blythe's straining, glowing, bowed, and bound body.  It's what you deserve for shagging me with your face and against my will last night... and for making me shag you.

Meanwhile, Cassie had transferred the contents of the wok to a bowl, grabbed first a pair of chopsticks and then a bottle of beer from the refrigerator, and was strolling in Amanda's direction, her lips curled in a cruel, quirky smile.  The blonde paused to wave the bowl under her hogtied, brunette partner's nose.

"Smells good, doesn't it, Funny Face?" Cassie purred.  "Too bad you're on the ball-gag diet this evening."  She continued to the couch and sat down next to Amanda—close beside Amanda.

Amanda gazed into the bowl and her stomach growled.  It was a stir-fry of some sort, obviously, as she'd watched it sizzle in the wok, and appeared to include bite-sized strips chicken and pork, as well as the usual Oriental vegetables and noodles.  She watched as Cassie deftly loaded the chopsticks with chicken, beansprouts, and noodles and popped the portion into her mouth.

""Ummm!  Yummy!" Cassie said as she chewed and swallowed, then reloaded the chopsticks and held them before Amanda's pouting face.  "Careful.  It's still a tad hot."

Amanda opened her mouth and accepted her first bite of dinner, for which she was grateful but still disinclined to express said gratitude.  Also, the stir-fry was delicious—salty, savory, and with just a hint of heat, but it wasn't hot.  Amanda's favorite Thai dish was Phad Thai, but she preferred it seasoned on the mild side.  Whatever this dish might be called, assuming it had an actual name, it was similar, only without shrimp.  It would do.  It would most definitely do.

Cassie alternated bites of stir-fry and swigs of beer with Amanda.  There was no small talk, in fact, neither Amanda nor Cassie said anything as they ate.  And for the moment, the kitty cat had sheathed her claws.  Cassie made no mention of the "little bit" of punishment she had promised her dining companion; but Amanda knew that after the meal something unpleasant was going to happen, and she wasn't going to like it.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 4

The ball-gag that had formerly plugged Blythe's mouth was now filling Amanda's to capacity.  Also, the same two redundant pairs of steel handcuffs were still locked around her wrists and the same thumbcuffs joined her thumbs; however, Cassie had transferred the two pairs of handcuffs that had been binding Amanda's ankles to her upper arms, just above her elbows.  Being hinged cuffs without connecting chains they pulled her arms uncomfortably close, rolling back her shoulders and in the process making her breasts more prominent.

Cassie had released Blythe from the hogtie and the brunette was now sprawled on Cassie's bed with her wrists, arms, and upper body still tightly and elaborately bound.  However, her former ankle, leg, and hogtie bonds had been put to different  use.

The ropes now bound Amanda's ankles and splayed legs and lashed her atop what Cassie had explained was a "Sybian."   The thing was a leather-padded half-cylinder somewhat like a hassock; however, rather than functioning as a footrest, it was a combined saddle and three-foot saddle-stand.  Amanda straddled the thing, facing the bed, with her knees bent and tied to steel rings set in the base of the Sybian's stand on either side, her thighs lashed to her lower legs, and her ankles tied to a ring set high on the back end of the Sybian itself.

Adding to her predicament, a rope stretched from her cuffed wrists, up and through a ring set in the ceiling, then down to her bundled hair.  This raised her arms behind her back in a mild strappado while forcing her to lean forward several degrees and lift her chin.  The position was bad enough, but Cassie had added a thin, taut cord that linked Amanda's nipple-stirrups to a ring in the front of the Sybian.  Amanda could barely move!  In fact, other than flex her fingers (with the exception of her thumbs) and wiggle her toes, she could barely squirm.  If she leaned forward to relieve the strain on her stretched nipples she punished her arms, shoulders, and scalp.  If she leaned back to relieve the strain on her back, she further stretched and punished her nipples.  Finally, if she remained still, her back complained, and she knew her misery would only get worse with the passage of time.

Oh-by-the-way, her thighs and legs might be resting on soft padding, but her crotch was squashed atop a ridge of pliable, pink plastic comprised of various rills and bumps designed to part and press against her labia and clitoris.  Amanda couldn't call her pink perch uncomfortable, not at the moment, but without a doubt the arrangement was both uncalled for and ominous.

Cassie had carefully positioned the Sybian to afford its occupant a perfect view of the bed, and Amanda watched—through glasses freshly cleaned by her blond tormentor—as Cassie released the ties of her cook's apron and tossed it aside.  Then, as nude as both of her bound captives, she climbed onto the bed, pulled Blythe's bound body into a tight embrace, and shared with her fellow handler a long, deep, wet kiss.

Brilliant, Amanda thought as a string of drool escaped her ball-gagged mouth and dropped to the Sybian's leather padding in front of her squashed pussy, just missing the outer fringe of her brown pubic bush.  I'm to be tortured while they snog... and I have no choice but to watch.

After about a minute Cassie came up for air.  "I can't help but think I'm forgetting something," she purred.

Both kidnappers/handlers turned their heads to smile at Amanda.

"The Sybian?" Blythe suggested.

"Of course!" Cassie gasped in mock chagrin, then rolled to the side and plucked a touch-screen remote control from the nightstand.  Then, her smile turned even more evil—which Amanda hadn't thought possible—she pointed the remote in Amanda's direction, paused... and tapped the screen with her thumb.

Amanda's eyes popped wide!  "Mrrrrk!"  The pink plastic under her crotch had begun vibrating!  It wasn't buzzing with much force, but it was sending waves of titillating stimulation through her "lady bits."

"Which program are you using?" Blythe inquired.

"Number three," Cassie answered.

"Oh, poor thing!" Blythe gasped.  She was still smiling.  "I hate number three.  Total frustration.  Low-level vibes, followed by brief rest periods, followed by more low-level vibes, etc., etc.  All with random timing.  Never enough to get you off, and never enough time for you to truly relax.  Poor thing."

Amanda shivered in her bonds.  The vibrations between her legs were horrible, in a... non-torturous sort of way.  The teasing frisson of stimulation was unwanted, of course, but it wasn't exactly what Amanda could call painful.  However, taken as a whole, her situation was not only humiliating in the extreme, it was torture.

"Poor thing," Cassie purred.  "I bet she's wishing she'd followed my orders and sucked on your toes."

"Maybe not yet," Blythe chuckled.  "But she'll get there eventually."

Cassie turned her smile back to her fellow handler.  "Now, where were we?"

Blythe grinned and the kiss resumed.

Amanda remained atop the Sybian, trying not to move, unable to move, trying to ignore her sore back and stretched nipples, and above all, trying (and failing) to ignore the buzzing waves of energy caressing her lady bits.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 4

Time passed.

How much time, Amanda wasn't at all sure, but it was enough time for her fair, pale skin to take of a glow... then a glisten... and now to be very close to dripping with sweat.  She was panting through flaring nostrils, her pierced and stretched nipples repeatedly tugging
on their taut cord tether with every breath.  She continued drooling around the margins of her ball-gag, her eyes repeatedly blinked back sweat (and possibly tears), and her inability to shift the position of her bound body grew increasingly painful.  The Sybian's vibrator continually teasing her squashed pussy for several seconds, never more than a minute at a time—then it would go still, allowing her a brief but in no way refreshing respite, and again never for more than a minute—then, it would resume its lambent, insidious torment.  Amanda panted and drooled and suffered, floating in a miasma of escalating torment and titillation.

Meanwhile, on the bed directly before her, Blythe was sprawled on her stomach and breasts between Cassie's splayed legs and was performing the same licking, sucking, and probing she had first performed on Amanda the previous evening, then had required Amanda, herself, to perform on her.  However, of course, this time the focus of Blythe's cunnilingual efforts was Cassie.  Even in her current exasperated condition, Amanda could appreciate that the brunette kidnapper was quite skilled in the use of her lips and tongue.  She'd learned that firsthand last night, of course, but from atop the Sybian she could follow Blythe's efforts from a different and more detached perspective.  The brunette's tousled brown locks and bobbing head blocked some of the action, but Amanda could follow most of what was happening.

Amanda wasn't sure what would happen if she passed out... but she was very much afraid that losing consciousness was not only a distinct possibility, and might happen quite soon.  Would she dislocate her shoulders?  Perhaps rip out a few strands of hair?  Probably not, but the pain would be jarring, of that she was sure.  She closed her eyes, panted, sweated, drooled, shivered in her bonds, and endured.

Then, suddenly, Amanda realized Cassie was off the bed and releasing her from the Sybian!  She blinked behind her fogged glasses and managed a pathetic inquiry.  "Mrrrk?"

"Hush," Cassie chuckled as she untied Amanda's ankle, leg, arm, and hair ropes, teased apart the knot securing the cord of her tit-stirrup tether, and finally, lifted Amanda's weakly squirming, sweaty form off the Sybian.

Amanda's steel thumb, wrist, and elbow cuffs remained in place, as did the ball-gag, but her ankles and legs were dangling loose and free.  She gazed into Cassie's smiling face as the blonde carried her in her arms towards the bed and the naked and bound Blythe.

Soon, after a little rearranging of the pillows, Amanda found herself cradled on her back with her head, shoulders, and steel-bound arms cradled against Cassie's reclined body, her legs splayed, intertwined with Cassie's splayed legs and held apart, and Blythe on her stomach with her grinning face inches from Amanda's exposed, flushed, and moist pussy.

"Now would be a good time to tell her about her promotion," Blythe purred, "don't ya think?"

"Why not?" Cassie agreed, her mouth inches from Amanda's right ear.

"Congratulations, Dr. Harnois," Blythe continued, "you've been appointed to the post of Head Librarian."

"You're now in charge of the other bookworms," Cassie chuckled.  "And, of course, officially responsible for their actions."

"The next time Dr. Rockwell mouths off," Blythe purred, "she'll be punished... and then you'll be punished for poor leadership."

"The same goes for the next time Dr. Pratt shakes her tight little bootie at me and demands to be whipped," Cassie whispered, then kissed Amanda's neck.

"And the next time Dr. Kellog says something adorable in that cute little accent of hers and pouts," Blythe added, "more or less begging to play."

"The point is," Cassie purred, then paused to lick the side of Amanda's neck.  "We both agree that you're a delightful package and a great deal of fun to chastise.  So... you're in charge."

"Find a way to keep the others in line," Blythe said, a wicked smile curling her lips and dimpling her cheeks, "otherwise—"  She wiggled a couple of inches closer to Amanda's crotch, licked her lips, then gave Amanda's nether-lips a slow, languid lick.  "—you'll be very sorry."

"Nrrrrm!"  Amanda shivered and squirmed in Cassie's arms and tried to close her legs.  Cassie controlled her struggles with depressing ease.

"Ummm, salty," Blythe sighed, then thrust her tongue into Amanda's pussy and began probing and sucking in earnest.

Cassie squeezed Amanda's right breast with her right hand, grabbed a handful of the struggling librarian's tousled hair with her left, and licked the side of her neck.  "Yes, salty," she agreed, "also, slippery.  Such a sweaty little librarian.  How very disgraceful and improper."

"Mrrrf!"  Amanda continued squirming and struggling, to no avail.  She could tell an orgasm was in her immediate future.  The Sybian had "primed the pump," as the saying goes, Blythe's tongue was every bit as expert and experienced as she'd found it to be the previous evening, and there was nothing Amanda could do to make any of it stop.  Yes, she was going to cum, and, she believed, cum quite hard.  It was a physiological reaction to what was being done to her body, not something she wanted to happen, but she knew she was going to cum!

As for her supposed "promotion"...   Amanda being in charge and therefore having some sort of control of the others actions was bloody absolute rubbish, just an excuse for her kidnappers to "play" with her.  But for now, Amanda was too preoccupied by what was happening between her legs and too knackered to worry about the future.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 4

That night Amanda was allowed to get at least a little sleep.  She awoke the next morning and stumbled through a hot shower and breakfast, courtesy of her handlers, then was led back to the subterranean realm of the Votel Library.  Once they reached the cells, Amanda's cuffs were removed, one-by-one, and each time used to cuff one of her colleague's wrists behind her back.  Finally, Blythe removed and pocketed Amanda's thumb cuffs and all four librarians were in the same condition, naked except for their eyeglasses and a single pair of joined handcuffs binding their wrists.

Cassie announced that Amanda was now the "Head Librarian" and admonished Phoebe, Ginger, and KK that they should show the proper respect and follow her orders.  Also, as she was now in charge, Amanda would be punished for all acts of insubordination, disobedience, and rebellion, as would the perpetrator herself.  Amanda blushed.  Ginger, Phoebe, and KK exchanged glances, but said nothing.

The librarians were "tit-coffled," linked together in a line by one nipple-stirrup each by means of light chains, then led to the Staff Entry Hall on the first level.  They processed themselves through the glass door using the "tits and tongue reader," as they had the day before, but this time Blythe removed their cuffs as soon as they squashed their breasts into the lower depressions in the panel, sucked on the "dingus" in the upper depression, and the door slid open.  Amanda went first, then Ginger, Phoebe, and finally, KK.

"Have a productive day," Blythe wished the four naked librarians, Cassie waved, then both handlers turned and left.  As soon as steel door on the far side of the entry hall closed, the others turned to Amanda.

"What did they do to you?" Ginger demanded.

"I see a few narrow bruises on your wrists and above your elbows," Phoebe sighed, "but at least your butt is okay."

Amanda blushed as her colleagues gently examined her body, turning her and lifting her arms as necessary.  "I'm fine," she said in an embarrassed whisper.  "I-I'll share the sordid details at lunch, as we agreed on the need to share intelligence, but I'm afraid if I say much more right now... I'll cry."

"Sodding bastards," KK swore under her breath.  "What utter
codswallop."  She pulled Amanda into a gentle embrace and kissed her lips.  Ginger did the same... followed by Phoebe.  "I know we agreed to tell each other everything," KK added, "but if you'd rather not..."

Amanda managed a shy smile.  "No, I shall.  Only... not right now."  She was touched by her fellow prisoners' concern and grateful for their understanding.

"Well," Ginger said with a sly smirk, "whatever you say goes, of course.  You are 'Head Librarian'."

"Yeah," Phoebe agreed.  "By the way, what should we call you?  Madam Librarian?"

"Biblioissimo?" Ginger suggested.  "Get it?  Like Generalissimo, only with books?"

"Barmy Yanks!" KK admonished her colleagues.

"I think a simple 'Your Grace' should suffice," Phoebe suggested.

"Shut it!" KK barked, a smile softening the rebuke, then took Amanda's hand and led her towards Central Cataloging.

And with that, the captive librarians' second day of their initial examination of the current catalog of the thousands and thousands of priceless books and manuscripts began.

PERILS of the Dewey Decimal System
 Chapter 4

Day followed day.

The librarians continued toiling in the library naked but unrestrained; however, whenever they left the confines of the lower levels it was always with their wrists cuffed behind their backs and under escort by either Blythe, Cassie, or both.  It settled into a routine: work, exercise in the gym, more work, then back to their cells at night.

On the professional level, they all agreed that the Votel Library was amazing!  They actually looked forward to being locked into the lower levels each day.  Discovery followed discovery, and their collective resolve to see that the collections were properly examined, conserved, and studied only grew.  The cataloging and preservation were the immediate tasks at hand, of course, and the expressed reason they'd all been kidnapped.  They threw themselves into the work.

As for the contents of the library being properly studied, the librarians inquired as to when outsiders would be allowed to examine the collection and were met by laughter.  Their handlers made it clear that Mistress Votel intended to sit on her vast pile of literary treasures like a she-dragon on her hoard of gold.  Outside access by literary scholars and historians was an impossibility.  Although, Blythe added, if they'd like to compile a list of beautiful female scholars for Mistress Votel's consideration, there were a few empty cells available down one of the other hallways.  Needless to say, the librarians let the subject drop (for now).

Day followed day.

At night, as the four naked and cuffed librarians trudged back to their cells, there was always an element of suspense.  Days would pass in which all four were locked in their individual cells for the night, one by one, then left to languish until morning.  But some nights, one of them would not be sequestered with the rest, but would be escorted up to one of their handlers' apartments for "recreational purposes," as Blythe once put it.

To her relief, the rest of the first week Cassie and Blythe left Amanda alone; however, and much to her distress, Phoebe, Ginger, and KK all suffered "sleepovers" with one or more of their handlers.  There was nothing Amanda could do to help her friends, of course, but that did nothing to assuage the guilt that knotted her stomach when she saw one of her colleagues being led upstairs.  Irrational, yes, but she couldn't help it.  Amanda felt there had to be a way to protect her colleagues, but it remained as elusive a goal as escape.

Then, the evening of day ten of "routine work," Ginger and Phoebe were freed of their cuffs and locked in their cells for the night, but Amanda and KK, their wrists still cuffed behind their backs, were led to the elevator and up to the apartments.  The two Brits looked back over their shoulders and shared a sad gaze of mutual commiseration as Amanda followed the tug of the tit-leash in Blythe's hand into her apartment and KK followed her tit-leash into Cassie's.

Amanda had misgivings about her immediate fate, of course, but it was KK's destiny that had her most worried.  Blythe had something of a cruel streak, but Cassie was a genuine sadist.

"W-what's she going to do to KK?" Amanda demanded as soon as Blythe's apartment door closed behind them.

"Cassie?" Blythe purred.  "You'll find out soon enough."

"What does that mean?"  Amanda turned to find Blythe approaching with a ball-gag in her hands and trademark smirk curling her lips and dimpling her cheeks.  "No," Amanda whined.

"Yes," Blythe chuckled, then spun Amanda around, reached around her pouting head, popped the gag into her reluctant but compliant mouth, then tightened and buckled its strap at the nape of her neck and under her hair.  "Stand up straight and don't move," she ordered, then turned and opened a plastic carrying case on a nearby end table.

Amanda gazed into the case in alarm as Blythe selected one of a stack of white plastic patches, each with a tiny electrical plug attached, peeled off its paper backing, then adhered it to Amanda's upper thigh, very close to her right labia.  "Mrrrf?"

"Don't you dare step back, Dr. Harnois," Blythe said with a mirthless smile.  "And if you even think about kicking me, you'll be playing with Cassie every night for a solid month.  Do you understand?"

Amanda shivered at the thought of the unknown tortures she might be subject to in Cassie's hands.  She hated herself for what Blythe probably interpreted as timidity, or even cowardice, but held herself still and let Blythe adhere a second patch close beside her left labia—but her eyes popped even wider when Blythe reached back into the case and produced a plastic clip with spring-loaded jaws lined with tiny copper teeth, and dangling from the clip was another tiny electrical plug!

"I know it looks scary," Blythe chuckled, "but look."  She opened and closed the jaws of the clip several times.  "The spring is strong enough to keep it from falling off, no matter how much you might wish it would, but it doesn't have much of a bite.  Now, hold still."

Following that order was one of the hardest things Amanda had ever done in her life, but her fear of Cassie was greater that her fear of whatever Blythe was going to do—and what Blythe did was to close the clip on Amanda's right labia!  She shivered in dread as the jaws closed... then blinked in relief.  Blythe had been telling the truth.  The spring wasn't very strong, but Amanda surmised that was probably not as much of a blessing as one might otherwise suppose.

Blythe clamped a second identical clip onto Amanda's left labia, then took her by the arm and led her from the apartment.

Amanda found that walking with the clips flopping and brushing together between her legs was something of a bowlegged challenge, but thankfully Blythe was content to set a reasonable pace.

Not unexpectedly, their destination was Cassie's apartment.  The door slid open, they crossed the threshold, and once again Amanda's eyes popped wide above her gag and behind her glasses.

KK was standing in the center of the room.  Her mouth was plugged by a ball-gag identical to Amanda's, her arms raised, and her wrists bound in wide, thick leather cuffs attached to either end of a three-foot horizontal steel bar that was in turn attached to the ceiling by a pair of gleaming steel chains.  Tiny padlocks dangled from the buckles of the two narrow leather straps securing each cuff.  KK's feet were flat on the carpet, but her smooth, fit body was at full stretch.  Finally, a pair of patches and clips identical to Amanda's adorned KK's upper thighs and labia.

"Just in time," Cassie purred.  She was standing beside some sort of compact electronic device sitting atop a tall wooden stool and plugging a thin wire cable into a socket on its side.  The other end of the cable divided into four leads which were attached to KK's thigh patches and labial clips.  She uncoiled a second cable and waited for Blythe to lead Amanda forward.  "I assume she's been warned about kicking," the grinning blonde purred.

"Of course," Blythe chuckled.  "Thirty nights as a Cassie toy at the very first infraction."

Amanda watched in horror as Cassie plugged the four tiny leads at one end of the cable into the plugs in her thigh-patches and labial clamps.  As each connection was made there was an audible click.  The urge to kick, back away, or otherwise resist, however futile the effort and disastrous the consequences, was almost unbearable, but Amanda managed.

Satisfied with her handiwork, Cassie strolled back to the electrical device and plugged the other end of the cable into the box beside the cable trailing from KK's crotch.  Next, working in concert with Blythe, they positioned Amanda face-to-face with KK and made sure the two librarians remained that way by the use of a pair of tiny padlocks they clicked through their nipple stirrups.  In other words, Amanda's and KK were now inextricably joined nipple-to-nipple!  This wasn't accomplished without squirming and mewling complaints, of course, but neither captive could prevent the process or alleviate their involuntary, intimate proximity once it was accomplished, and they quickly learned that tugging on their nipples was both pointless and painful.

And then, matters were made worse when Blythe and Cassie replaced Amanda's handcuffs with a pair of leather cuffs identical to KK's, lifted her arms, and attached the new cuffs to the same steel bar that already restrained KK.  The librarians were now in face-to-face standing spread-eagles, and when they struggled, not only did their padlocked breasts click and clack, but the clips and electrical connections between their legs rattled together.  The situation was unsettling, to say the least.

Blythe produced a pair of steel nipple clamps with a connecting chain, lifted the pair of cables away from the librarian's crotches, and wrapped the chain around both cables several times.  She then attached a clip to each of the tit-to-tit padlocks.  A truly evil smile curling her lips, the brunette leaned close until she was nearly as close to the ball-gagged librarians as they were to one another.  "That's so you can dance around to your hearts' content without any possibility of disturbing, much less dislodging, the cables," she explained.

"We could just cuff your ankles together," Cassie added, "but dancing is so much more entertaining."

"I couldn't agree more," Blythe purred.

Amanda looked to the side and confirmed that the lowest part of the drooping pair of cables was now suspended well off the carpet and well beyond their reach, no matter how they tried to kick or lift their legs and attempt to snag the cables with their toes.

"Now, ladies," Cassie said, "pay close attention.  Believe me, you don't want to miss anything of what I'm about to say."  She pointed to the ceiling.  "There are RFID readers installed overhead, and on this particular occasion, the system's been programmed to determine the proximity of any tit or tongue signals that might happen to be in the room, and to react accordingly.  If corresponding signals are more than a centimeter apart..."  She pointed at the box on the stool.  "...this TENS unit will send a continuous stream of pulsing zaps down the cables and, how should I put it, light up your pussies?"

"I like that," Blythe purred.  "Light up their pussies."

"And in case you're unaware," Cassie added, "TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation."

Amanda and KK stared at Cassie in horror and both prisoners reflexively tugged on their wrist bonds.

"You won't have to worry about your tits, of course," Cassie continued.  "Thanks to the padlocks we've so thoughtfully provided, your nipples will always be within the required distance."  Her smile became even more evil, something Amanda hadn't thought was possible.  "As for your tongues..."

Blythe took up the gloating lecture.  "Once we remove your ball-gags and activate the box... you'll be responsible for keeping your tongue posts less than the required centimeter apart.  So, either you continuously French each other, or your pussies will experience continuous pulses of electricity."

"Believe me," Cassie chuckled.  "It really hurts, and I've set the dial on 'eleven.'  So, once we leave, you'll need to keep your tongues wrapped together, or else."

Amanda and KK stared at each other in gagged horror as Blythe stepped behind Amanda and Cassie behind KK.  They felt their handlers unbuckle their ball-gags and secure the buckles on the straps' first holes.  Then, Blythe strolled to the apartment door and Cassie back to the TENS unit on the stool.

Amanda and KK forced the ball-gags from their mouths and they dropped down to dangle around their necks like ugly costume jewelry.

"Why are you doing this?" Amanda demanded (whined).

"Don't bother," KK huffed.  "They're a pair of bloody berks.  All they know is torture."

"Rude, but basically correct, Dr. Kellog," Blythe chuckled as she shared a smile with Cassie.  "And in answer to your question, Dr. Harnois, we have an actual excuse, but why don't you two play together for an hour or so while Cassie and I cook dinner in my apartment, then we'll come back and explain.  Ciao!"  She waved her hand to the two and made her exit.

Meanwhile, Cassie had strolled to a switch-plate on the wall.  As soon as the apartment door closed, she smiled and thumbed a switch.  A motor somewhere overhead hummed to life and the chains suspending the horizontal bar began to shorten, link by link.  This continued until Amanda and KK's heels left the carpet and they were forced up onto their toes.

Amanda wanted to complain, but she knew it was pointless, and pathetic protests would be music to Cassie's sadistic ears.  She could tell that from the disapproving frown on KK's face that her colleague agreed.

Cassie returned to the TENS unit and placed her thumb on a button.  "You'll hear three beeps," she said, "and on the third beep, if you aren't already sucking face, the twat zapping will commence."

The stretched, helpless librarians watched in horror as Cassie pressed the button, turned and strolled out the door.

"Beep!" the TENS unit sounded.

Amanda tugged on her bonds and danced on her toes.  This had the unfortunate side effect of sliding much of their bodies together, including their compressed tits  "What should we do?" she demanded.


KK rolled her eyes.  "What do you think?"  She opened her mouth and savagely kissed her fellow prisoner's lips.

Amanda immediately took her cue, turned her head slightly to the side, and returned the kiss.  Their tongues slid until their piercings clicked and touched.


A red light on the TENS unit began flashing and the kiss continued.

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