Pendulum! The Perils of the Penny Parr

   by Van ©2019

Chapter 11

Dramatis Personæ


A kidnapper-for-hire (K4H) needs to have serious rigging skills, so Penny's training at the hands of Cousin Beebe and Aunt Suki had included all of the standard rope-bondage techniques, from the novice through medium-advanced levels (so far).  However, the capture and take-down elements of the profession necessitated avenues of study beyond making a damsel's rope ensemble inescapable and pretty.  Among the proficiencies Penny had been required to master was what Aunt Suki called "snap-bondage."

Oddly enough (considering the rest of the K4H curriculum), Penny's snap-bondage lessons hadn't directly involved her being tied up in various pretzel-like positions.  Actually, Penny had often (meaning almost always) been tied up during Aunt Suki's initial lectures, but later, when Penny was required to take "snap-bondage snap-quizzes" and demonstrate she'd been paying attention, it was Aunt Suki who wound up in tight ropes.

A qualified K4H needs to be able to make super-quick decisions about how to bind an uncooperative subject, hence the term snap-bondage.  She needs to know how to take advantage of a situation and strike while the iron is hot (or while the damsel is dazed, as Aunt Suki often put it), to make a near-instantaneous call about which of the available techniques would quickly render the subject helpless with minimal risk of the damsel evading capture.  Elaborate, picturesque ropework could come later.  First things first.

And a fully qualified K4H not only knew how to secure her subject, but how to do so in a manner that expedited the crafting of the future stages of the planned bondage masterpiece without unnecessary muss or fuss.  And in this case, "muss or fuss" meant the tedious un-binding and re-binding of the subject.

So... how to bind Rada?  How to restrain Penny's subject-for-the-evening?

Rada was already naked, so the stripping-the-subject portion of the program was moot.  In any case, before proceeding, Penny needed more light.  She experimented with the small touchscreen remote on the bedside table until she found a "mood lighting" setting.  It was dim, but bright enough to let her work (and continue appreciating Rada's smooth, tan, Norwegian skin).

Rada was also a willing subject (supposedly), but that didn't mean some degree of snap-bondage wasn't appropriate.  What if Rada Grabhands the Norwegian Troll suddenly changed her devious mind?  What if Rada withdrew her consent mid-bondage, flexed her stomach, bounced Penny halfway to the arched ceiling, wiggled out of her half-applied ropes while Penny was still hovering in midair, then tied her up the instant she landed?  Rada could do it.  It could happen.  Penny needed to make sure it didn't happen.

That meant Penny Parr (semi-trained K4H) needed to render Rada totally helpless right now, then work from there.  Would it require the aforementioned muss or fuss later on?  Probably, but if Penny was required to repeatedly crawl all over Rada's tall, tan, perfect body―roll her around on the bed―loop, tighten, cinch, and knot ropes around said tall, tan, perfect body―then change everything, possibly several times―it was a sacrifice Penny was willing to make.  That said... first things first.

Penny grabbed a coil of black hemp and scrambled behind her soon-to-be-giant-amazon-prisoner, swiftly releasing the retaining hitch and readying the coil for use with practiced competence.  She crossed Rada's wrists behind her back and quickly lashed them together.  She then looped the remaining free ends around Rada's waist and tied a square-knot in front, over the grinning Norwegian's cute bellybutton and ripped abs.  Without pause she readied a second coil for use, crossed Rada's ankles, and lashed them together.

Now Penny paused.  It was time to gloat.  She smiled at her captive... and Rada smiled back.  It had been a rapid and efficient capture, even if Rada had been entirely passive throughout (or, as one might say, a tall, tan, stunningly beautiful pushover).  In any case, Aunt Suki would have been proud.  Had she been present, she'd have hogtied Penny and tickled her silly in celebratory congratulations.  Of course, she probably would have done the same thing if Penny had failed, but as a punitive rebuke.  Such was the life of a student at the Dr. Bondage Kidnapping Academy.

Anyway, Penny was pleased with herself.  The hypothetical threat of a treacherous and/or fickle-minded Rada had been dealt with and Rada the Naked-Norwegian-Shield-Maiden/Damsel was Penny's to play with.

Naked, bound hand and foot, and completely at Penny's questionable mercy, Rada continued smiling while Penny decided how to proceed.  She had plenty of rope to work with and Rada wasn't going anywhere, so there was no further need for snap-bondage.

Penny's plans for Rada's incredible body solidified, including the intermediate steps required to keep the nude, gorgeous, dangerous predator under control at all times, and she set to work.  A hypothetical outside observer might be forgiven for thinking Penny was doing a lot of gratuitous rigging, that there was entirely too many loops and hitches tightening around Rada's anatomy, accompanied by entirely too much black hemp slithering, sliding, and dimpling Rada's tan, smooth flesh.  Arguably, Penny was getting entirely too much pleasure out of maneuvering Rada's limbs into the positions required for her to craft her artistic statement.

When the metaphorical dust settled...

Rada's right arm was raised and folded back behind her shoulder, her left arm folded behind her back and raised past the horizontal, and her wrists lashed together several inches apart.  It was what aficionados call a "carrying-the-rifle-tie," and Penny had included a secondary (and arguably unnecessary) ladder-tie that bound Rada's right forearm to her right upper-arm from armpit to elbow.  She also employed an upper-torso-harness that yoked Rada's shoulders, passed above and below her breasts, and anchored the carrying-the-rifle-tie against her back, more-or-less between her shoulder-blades.

Additional loops and cinches of black hemp encircled Rada's thumbs and crossed her palms, rendering her hands and fingers utterly useless.  That particular detail was overkill, of course, as none of the key knots of either the carrying-the-rifle-tie or the upper-torso-harness were anywhere near Rada's fluttering fingers, even before Penny lashed her thumbs and palms.

Rada's left leg was folded and hitched from her upper-thigh and ankle all the way down to her bent knee.  One might call it a ladder-frog-tie.

Then, Rada's right ankle, foot, and big toe were bound with black hemp, the end of the rope stretched down to the foot of the bed, and lashed to the base.  A second rope was tied through the upper part of Rada's folded and ladder-tied right arm, near her elbow, and lashed to the right headboard.  A third rope lashed Rada's left knee to the bed's left side-rail.  Finally, a fourth rope linked the back of Rada's wrist-bonds and torso-harness to the left headboard.

In short, Rada's right arm was bent and elaborately, symmetrically bound―her left leg bent and elaborately, symmetrically bound―her right leg stretched full length and bound (with her foot on point)―and she was pinned on her back.  That said, her tall, tan, delicious body was rope-free, from just below her rope-framed breasts to her crotch and all the way down her right leg to her right ankle.

Once it was clear Penny had completed her Prisoner of the Bed masterpiece, the smiling, naked, gorgeous prisoner in question conducted her Courtesy Struggle.  Rada found she could twist and roll and squirm, but no more than an inch in any given direction.  In fact, she could barely squirm.  The Mighty Rada was totally helpless!

"Well done, Kattunge," Rada purred.  "I was particularly impressed by the excellent degree of pre-planning.  Clearly, you had your desired end-result fully formed in your wily little mind, and you'd mapped out all of the required steps, from start to finish."

Penny was sitting cross-legged on Rada's right.  "Thanks."  She rested her right palm on Rada's firm, tan, well-sculpted stomach... and began a slow, circular massage.

Rada bit her lower lip.  Her blue eyes twinkled as she gazed at her young captor.  "Where did you learn such skills?"

Penny's happy smile became a coy pout.  "None of your damn business," she huffed, then turned to the black nylon gym-bag Rada had tossed on the bed (before she'd been rendered so completely and aesthetically helpless).  "Now, let's see what else you've brought me."  Penny unzipped the bag, peered inside, and her smile returned.  "Oh my!"  She reached inside and pulled out a Roget Manor Standard Ball-gag (black leather strap, black ball of medical-grade silicon rubber, and shining steel hardware).  Penny dropped the ball-gag on the bed, reached back into the bag, and this time produced a harness-gag, a collection of interconnected leather straps and buckles designed to cage its wearer's head and anchor a rubber ball in her mouth.  Like the ball-gag, it was also black leather, black rubber, and shining steel hardware.

The little blonde heaved a disappointed sigh and her pout returned.  "Why didn't you tell me you'd brought this thing―"  She waved the harness-gag and its many buckles rattled in response.  "―before I tied you with your arm all folded up and in the way like that?  It makes buckling all these buckles really difficult.  It especially makes getting your hair properly distributed between the straps a serious problem."  She dropped the harness-gag on the bed, next to the ball-gag, then heaved another sigh.

"Perhaps you should have looked in the bag before you created your masterpiece," Rada purred.

"Shut up," Penny muttered, reached into the bag a third time, pulled out another gag, and her smile returned.

The third gag was also black leather straps, black rubber ball, and shining steel, but included an over-the-mouth panel of chamois-thin, black leather.  A dangling pair of thin straps were ready to crisscross under the wearer's chin and buckle behind her neck, just below the gag's main strap, in order to anchor the panel over her ball-gagged mouth.  Penny had seen such gags before.  In fact, she'd worn such gags before, and knew them to be quite effective.

"Winner-winner, chicken dinner," Penny purred, then set to work.

When the metaphorical dust settled this time, Rada was bound and panel-gagged, and the panel's chamois-thin black leather was tight enough to make the outline of her compressed lips and the ball plugging her mouth fully visible in bas relief.

"Now that's pretty," Penny purred, smiling down at her helpless captive.  She returned the ball- and harness-gags to the gym bag, zipped the main zipper, started to toss the bag off the bed, and paused.  "What's this?" she wondered.  The bag had an end pocket, and Penny could tell it contained something.  She unzipped the pocket, reached in, and produced a black velvet bag.  She opened the bag and pulled out a torpedo/bullet-style vibrator of translucent blue plastic!The Blue

"Oh my," Penny sighed, turning the plastic cylinder in her hand and smiling at its rounded tip.  She shifted her happy gaze to Rada's panel-gagged face, noting her helpless giantess was also smiling.  In fact, Rada's blue eyes were twinkling.  "Did you forget this thing was in there?" Penny inquired, then stuffed the velvet bag back in the end pocket, zipped it closed, and tossed the gym bag off the bed.  She retained the blue vibrator, of course.

Penny smiled at Rada, still holding the vibrator.  Rada smiled at Penny, still naked, bound, and gagged.

"You realize I have no choice but to use this thing," Penny purred, "don't you?"

Rada's gagged-smile and helpless, naked vulnerability continued.  Given the circumstances, Penny's question was rhetorical.  A response wasn't required, expected, or possible.

Penny twisted the base of the vibrator―and it began to buzz.  She locked eyes with her helpless victim, there was the proverbial pregnant pause... then Penny gave the blue rod another twist and it stopped buzzing.  She let it drop out of her hand and it landed on the bed and rolled against Rada's right thigh.  Penny then giggled, scrambled off the bed, and scampered towards the bathroom.  "First things first!" she called back over her right shoulder, and was gone.

Rada tugged on her bonds, sighed through her gag, and waited for her tiny captor to return.  She didn't have long to wait.

Penny scampered back (in all her petite, naked, boob-bouncing glory) with a mischievous smile.  She had a small jar with a wide lid in her right hand and a hand towel in her left.  "Moringa Body Butter," she explained, waving the jar.  She climbed back onto the bed and knelt with her knees nudging Rada's right side, opened the jar, and gave the contents a delicate sniff.  "Nice," she announced.  "I'm not sure what a 'moringa' might be.  I assume some kinda flower.  Anyway..."  She dipped the fingers of her left hand into the white, fluffy cream, set the still open jar on the bed, then rubbed her hands together.  "It smells nice.  Very girlie.  Only the best for Mrs. Roget's house-guests."

And then... moisturizing happened!  Ruthless moisturizing!

Rada closed her eyes, shivered, and weakly tugged on her bonds as Penny's glistening hands slid across her helpless body, including her taut, flat tummy... ribs... breasts (especially her breasts)... thighs... etc. (especially her etc.).  Penny concentrated on Rada's rope-free body-parts, but the exposed skin of her limbs elaborately and artistically dimpled by strands of black hemp also received attention.

Penny took her time, replenishing her glistening hands as required, and working the lotion ("body butter") into Rada's smooth, tan, firm, helpless body with gentle attention to detail.  Eventually... as Penny continued working the butter into Rada's skin... taking her time and massaging every square inch available of her prisoner's incredible body... the glistening subsided to a healthy shine and Rada smelled nice... meaning floral... like a giant, naked, bound and gagged moringa.

Penny wiped her hands with the towel, restored the lid to the jar, placed the jar and towel on the bedside table, then smiled at Rada.  "Now... where did I put that pretty blue magic wand?"  Her blue eyes locked with Rada's blue eyes, she held up the vibrator.  "Oh... here it is."  She twisted the torpedo's base and the vibrator buzzed to life.  Buzzzzz...  Penny paused, politely waiting for her beautiful, helpless bed-mate to start tugging on her inescapable bonds and whining through her gag in pre-vibratory horror (although whining might have been too much of an ask from a Brave Shield-Maiden like Rada).

Instead, Rada (her incredible blue eyes still smiling above her gag) lay perfectly still... then nodded her panel-gagged head towards the foot of the bed.

Puzzled, Penny turned her head to discover what was more important that Rada's impending vibratory doom, and her eyes widened.  "Oh!"

The Perils of Penny Parr   Chapter 11

Standing at the foot of Penny's gigantic guest bed―the bed where a kneeling and naked Penny had just finished moisturizing Rada, her gigantic, naked, bound, and gagged guest/bed-mate/prisoner―were Gwyn and Mandy!

The interlopers were not naked, but were identically dressed in sneakers, jeans, and turtleneck sweaters, all in black, and were clutching coils of black hemp rope and staring at Rada in wide-eyed, open-mouthed wonder.

Penny eyed her friends stealth clothing... the rope in their hands... and their blank stares.  Their intentions were obvious: binding and gagging poor Penny Parr, as they had the first night of their vacation at Spooky Roget Manor.  As for their stunned expressions, Penny conceded that her traitorous friends' wide eyes and dropped jaws were entirely understandable.  First-of-all, the sight of a naked Penny Parr kneeling on a bed was an undeniably stunning sight.  And second-of-all, Rada Grabhands the Norwegian Troll was naked and tied up on the same bed!

"May I help you?" Penny inquired dryly.

Gwyn was the first interloping would-be kidnapper to recover.  "You got her!"

"Who?" Penny inquired (innocently).

"Her!" Mandy gasped, pointing at Rada.

"Oh, her," Penny responded (innocently).

"How?" Gwyn demanded.

"How what?" Penny purred.

Gwyn and Mandy replied with impatient silence.

"I used my feminine wiles and witching powers to seduce and subdue her," Penny explained, smiling down at her prisoner.  Rada's eyes smiled back, above her gag.

"Hot, steaming bull-pucky!" Gwyn responded.

"Yeah!" Mandy agreed.

"You weren't gonna share, were you?" Gwyn accused.

"Yeah!" Mandy huffed.

"Of course I was gonna share," Penny purred as she formed her right hand into a cat-like claw and gently "scratched" Rada's dark-blond pubic bush.  "Eventually."  She shifted her coy smile to Gwyn and Mandy (who continued staring at the tall, tan, Nordic prisoner on the bed).  "And I suppose you two didn't sneak in here with nefarious and criminal intent, planning to tie me up and have your wicked ways with my innocent body?"

"Oh, totally," Gwyn admitted, "except for the 'innocent' part.  You deserve it.  You refused to tell us how Rada tortured you today."

"So we were gonna tie you up and tickle you 'til you spilled the beans," Mandy added.

"Totally," Gwyn nodded.

"Well..."  Penny smiled at her friends.  "I suppose that's reasonable."  Her smile widened.  "Tell you what, I'll be the big person, ignore all that, and share."

"The 'big person,' good one," Mandy chuckled.  Gwyn grinned.

"Shut up," Penny snapped.  "Also, strip!"

Gwyn and Mandy's eyes widened, again.  They exchanged semi-dazed looks, then turned back to stare at Penny.

"Excuse me?" Gwyn inquired.

"You heard me," Penny purred.  "I'll share, but I get to go first, which means you two get to watch.  After all, I'm the one that did all the heavy lifting and captured the giant.  Strip."

Gwyn and Mandy heaved a commiserative sigh, their resolve withered in the face of Penny's devilishly cute dominance, dropped the black hemp coils still in their hands, and pulled their turtlenecks over their heads.  Kidnapping was fun, but so was being kidnapped.

"And thanks for bringing all the extra rope," Penny added.

The Perils of Penny Parr   Chapter 11

When the metaphorical dust settled once again, Gwyn and Mandy (the interloping would-be kidnappers) were naked, bound, and gagged.  Specifically...
The only not bound and gagged person in the bedroom tidied up by tossing Gwyn and Mandy's discarded clothes into a heap off to the side, added Rada's now empty gym-bag, then climbed back onto the bed and resumed her kneeling position with her knees nudging Rada's ribs on the right side.  The petite, triumphant blonde smiled warmly at her fellow students―who glared back in response.

Penny had used what Aunt Suki termed the "sadistic variant" of the box-tie.  Gwyn and Mandy's wrists were crossed, raised well past the horizontal, and lashed against their spines in a semi-reverse-prayer.  On an equally unkind note, both the ropes encircled the captive's breasts and their crotch-ropes were linked to their box-tie and shrimp-tie bonds!  That meant that if they leaned forward, their crotch-ropes tightened to an increasingly uncomfortable degree.  And if they leaned back, the ropes linking their crossed ankles to the box-ties squeezed their breasts.  They were stuck, they knew it, and by their gagged expressions, they were not happy about it!

On the other hand, Penny was very happy.  She was on top!  She was the supreme top!  She was Dominatrix Maximus!  Penny Parr―She Who Must Be Obeyed!

Granted, Gwyn's mom, Bethany, wasn't a part of Penny's bondage harem.  But after all, it was Bethany's house, she was a beautiful and very nice 40-something old lady, and Penny would be a rude house-guest, indeed, if she tiptoed into the master bedroom and tied her up.  No, enough was enough, and in terms of naked, tied up and gagged damsels, Penny was already reveling in an embarrassment of damsel-in-distress riches!

With a huge, cheek-dimpling smile, Penny retrieved the blue torpedo―paused to stretch her arms, arch her back, and stifle a huge yawn―then twisted the vibrator's base.


All eyes were on the azure, translucent, vibrating torpedo.  Penny leaned forward (coyly biting her lower lip) and used the torpedo's quivering tip to tease Rada's right nipple... then her left nipple.  Both dusky-pink nubbins blossomed fully erect.  Next, she slid the vibrator over and between both of Rada's breasts... then dragged it across her ribs and tummy, tracing a slow, lazy, sinusoidal path.  Rada's exposed right armpit received special attention.  Penny paused to tease Rada's bellybutton (just for the hell of it and because it was so damn cute), then continued down to Rada's lower tummy, upper thighs, and neatly trimmed, very cute pubic bush.  She took her time, working her way towards Rada's flushed and glistening labia with glacial slowness.

There was no rush.  Penny had all night.  And despite her shivering and weak struggles, it was clear Rada wasn't going to squirm out of Penny's expertly applied ropes.  Penny's tall, tan, naked, bound and gagged "victim" wasn't going anywhere.

The preliminary torture/torment/teasing went on and on... and Rada squirmed and squirmed and moaned through her panel-gag.  Her breasts heaved (taking her erect nipples along for the ride) and her nostrils flared as she panted.  (The tight leather panel pressed against her ball-gagged mouth made gag-panting impossible.)

Finally... still smiling her coy smile... Penny closed in for the metaphorical kill... at the same stately, leisurely pace.

Penny slid the tip of the buzzing torpedo up and down the helpless Shield-Maiden's labia... followed by the shaft... followed by the tip, once again.  She then backed off and resumed teasing Rada's thighs and tummy... then returned to entertaining Rada's Norwegian pussy.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  With infuriating, frustrating slowness.

It took a while―mostly because Penny was doing her best to prolong Rada's ordeal as long as was humanly possible―and Penny's best was very good―but eventually, Rada whined through her gag, strained against her bonds with all her strength, then shivered and shuddered her way through what was obviously an incredible orgasm.

Penny was impressed.  Rada's hemp bonds had actually creaked under the strain of her desperate struggles.

By their rapt attention and wide-eyed, gagged expressions, Gwyn and Mandy were also impressed.

"There," Penny purred as she twisted the base and turned off the torpedo.  (The buzz was suddenly conspicuous by its absence.)  "That's one, the first of many orgasms to come."

Penny set the vibrator down, stretched and heaved another titanic yawn, then reclined, full length, and snuggled her petite, naked self against the right side of Rada's naked, statuesque body.  She draped her right hand across Rada's torso and gently squeezed the post-orgasmic captive's left breast, rested her smiling face against Rada's right armpit and breast, and draped her right leg across Rada's right leg.

Rada's body was glowing, meaning she was a little sweaty.  Slowly... her breathing returned to normal (as if anything happening in The Bambi Room could be called "normal").

Gwyn and Mandy remained impressed.  Obviously, both as a rigger and a wielder of vibrators, Penny knew her stuff.  They squirmed in their bonds in appreciation, but only a little.  Their hemp-cleaved pussies and hemp-squeezed boobs counseled restraint (so to speak).

The tableau in the bedroom was now nearly in freeze-frame.  All four damsels―the Tiny Top snuggled against Rada―the helpless Nordic Giantess, herself―and the pair of lotus-tied youngsters―continued breathing, Penny squirmed against Rada's body, and the captives weakly squirmed in their bonds.  That said, overall it was a bondage still-life.

This continued for several long seconds... which became a minute... which became a minute and a half.

More or less simultaneously, all three naked, bound, and gagged damsels came to the ugly realization that the naked and not bound and gagged little blonde using Rada as a body-pillow was... asleep!

Rada heaved a sigh and relaxed in her bonds, her blue eyes smiling above her gag.

Gwyn and Mandy exchanged incredulous gagged stares, then twisted and fought their inescapable lotus-tie bonds (carefully, mindful of their pussies and boobs) and voiced their displeasure.

First came Gwyn.  "Mrrrppfh!"  ("Wake up you little twerp!")

Followed by Mandy.  "Mrrrr!"  ("What she said!")

Their struggles sent undulating waves through the mattress, but it was a very good, very expensive mattress, probably with pocketed coils.  Little (if any) of the disturbance reached Penny.  And if the slumbering "little twerp" in question heard her friends' understandably irate and profoundly disappointed gagged complaints, she chose to ignore them completely.  In short, Penny didn't wake up.  She didn't even stir.

Gwyn and Mandy heaved simultaneous gagged sighs... struggled some more... then settled in to wait.  Rada might be smiling, but they were not, and their pussies and tits were especially resentful.  One thing was for sure: the longer Penny remained asleep, whenever she did decide to wake up, she would owe them... big time!

The Perils of Penny Parr   Chapter 11

"Penny, you wicked girl!  Wake up this instant!"

Penny was outraged.  She was the Supreme Top of All Tops!  Nobody had the right to tell her to wake up unless she wanted to... and she didn't want to.

"I said, wake up!"  Smack!

"Ow!"  Someone had delivered a mild smack to Penny's right butt cheek!  What an outrage!  And whoever had perpetrated the dirty deed was talking with Bethany Roget's voice!  What's up with that? Penny wondered.  Bethany wasn't here.  "Go away," she muttered, then heaved a deep yawn.


"Eeep!"  This time the spank had been more forceful.  "Hey!"  Penny rolled away from Rada's body and glared up at the offender.  Whoever she was, she was disguised as Bethany Roget as well as imitating her voice.  ...  Then Penny blinked and came more or less awake.  "Oh.  Hi."

Bethany rolled her eyes and pointed at Rada.  "Untie my housekeeper," she ordered.

Obviously, Bethany was very angry and disappointed.  Penny could tell.  She was also dressed (nearly) in a powder-blue, whisper-thin, baby-doll nightie (similar to the Deborah Walley nightie that had been gifted to Penny on the first night of her vacation/ordeal and then confiscated along with the rest of her clothes and luggage).  Bethany was also scowling and struggling to suppress a smile, which more-or-less ruined her efforts to scowl.  Anyway, it was crystal clear exactly who was "Supreme Top" in Roget Manor at the moment, and it wasn't Penny Parr.

"Yes, ma'am," Penny mumbled, then set to work.

"From the waist down," Bethany added.

Penny paused in her efforts to untie the ropes binding Rada's right elbow and ladder-tied arm to the headboard. "Huh?"

"Untie her from the waist down and release her from the bed, but keep her arms tied," Bethany clarified.  She then clapped her hands, twice.  Clap-clap!  "Chop-chop!"

"Uh, yes, ma'am."  Penny returned to the task at hand.

Meanwhile, Bethany untied her daughter.  Releasing Gwyn from Penny's box-frog-shrimp/lotus-crotch-boob-tie took a while, and the naked, suffering daughter in question forced a number of rather histrionic whimpers and shuddering sighs through her harness-gag as the ropes loosened and slithered away.

Mandy, identically box-frog-shrimp/lotus-crotch-boob-tied on Gwyn's right, watched as her girlfriend was untied by her mother.  She also rolled her eyes.  Gwyn was really hamming it up.

Finally, the last of the black hemp ropes left Gwyn's body and she slowly, painfully climbed from the bed, managed a full-body stretch, and groaned through her gag.

"Untie Mandy," Bethany ordered as her daughter unbuckled the head harness and eased its black rubber ball from her mouth.

"From the waist down?" Gwyn inquired, smiling at her girlfriend (who glared in return).

This time it was Bethany who rolled her eyes.  "Completely," she drawled, then crossed her arms under her ample bosom.

By this time, Penny had had ample time to untie the ropes lashing Rada's still ladder-tied right arm to the bed's right headboard―the rope lashing the back of Rada's carrying-the-rifle bonds to the left headboard―the ladder-frog-tie formerly binding Rada's left leg and the rope lashing said leg to the left side-rail―and the ankle-foot-toe-rope binding her right leg to the foot of the bed.  Rada was, indeed, untied from the waist down, just as High Mistress Bethany had decreed.

Penny watched (none too happily) as her statuesque and gorgeous Norwegian prize sat up, smiled at her former captor and erotic "torturer" with her gorgeous blue eyes, then scooted off the bed and padded around to stand at Bethany's side.  She was still naked, carrying-the-rifle-bound, and panel-gagged, of course.

Bethany pointed at Penny.  "On the bed, young lady." she ordered.

Penny pouted and stared at the Mistress of the Manor, then at the bed, then at the bedroom door, the only exit from The Bambi Room (not counting the secret door she still hadn't located).  Should she run for it?  Could she run for it?  Or should she face the music, pay the piper, and settle her account for binding Gwyn and Mandy in a restrictive/punishing manner and then taking a nap?  She hadn't meant to do it, meaning the nap, but... it was a fair cop.  She had been a real stinker for skipping off to Slumberland and leaving them like that.  As for Rada... leaving Rada naked, post-orgasmic, bound, and gagged while Penny took a nap was just fine as far as she was concerned.

Finally, Penny decided to be "good," heaved a sigh, climbed onto the gigantic bed, found the spot in the middle still warm (and slightly damp) from Rada's body, and reclined on her back.

Rada was now the only one in the bedroom bound and gagged.  Mandy was still in post-bondage recovery, stretching and whining, but she was rope and ball-gag free.

Bethany made a graceful, sweeping gesture that encompassed her daughter and Mandy, then pointed at Penny.  "Spreadeagle," she commanded.

That was all Gwyn and Mandy needed.  They pounced.

Penny bit her lower lip, stared up at the vaulted ceiling, far overhead, and offered no resistance.  Her fellow students/vacationers made short work of the ordered task but still managed to do a first rate job.  Soon, Penny was, indeed, spreadeagled on the bed―stringently spreadeagled on the bed―with a dozen strands neatly cuffing each of her wrists and ankles, all secured by elaborate, non-compacting hitches, then tied to the four corners of the bed-frame.  The key knots were all several feet from her fingers (and toes) and the four paired strands of black hemp enforcing the spreadeagle were taut enough to dimple the edges of the mattress.

"That should keep the little scamp out of mischief 'til morning," Bethany purred.  She padded to her daughter and gave her a kiss.  "Good night, Elf," she smiled.  "Get some sleep."

"Good night, Mother," Gwyn replied.  Given the circumstances, she found she didn't resent being called "Elf."

Meanwhile, Bethany had padded to Mandy and given her a kiss.  "Goodnight, Fox."

Mandy blushed and ran her fingers through her ginger hair.  "Goodnight, Bethany."

Bethany blew a kiss to Penny.  "Good night, you wicked little scamp," the High Mistress purred.

Penny heaved a blatantly theatrical sigh.  "Good night Mrs. Roget," Penny responded.  Obviously, she was very contrite.  Unfortunately, no one was buying it, least of all Gwyn and Mandy, who grinned and rolled their eyes, again.

Bethany smiled, placed her right hand on Rada's back, and led her across the expansive bedroom towards the door.

Gwyn, Mandy, and Penny watched the tall, tan, bound and gagged Norwegian giantess and the much-shorter but taller-than-they-were High Mistress of the Manor make their exit... especially their butts.  Rada's was smooth, firm, and tan, as was the rest of her.  Bethany's was decidedly pale but also smooth and firm.  It was also imperfectly covered by the frilly panties and lower hem of her gauze-thin, powder-blue nightie.  (Gwyn's gaze, however, did not linger on her maternal unit's keister, because... you know... yuk!)

The bedroom door closed, and Penny was alone... not counting Gwyn and Mandy, who were naked (like Penny) but not tied to the bed (unlike Penny).

Penny weakly tugged on her bonds, then affected a happy, cheek-dimpling smile.  "I thought they'd never leave," she purred.  "Untie me and I'll tell you all about what Rada did to me today."  She looked from Gwyn to Mandy, and back.  "That's what you keep naggin' me about, isn't it?"

Gwyn and Mandy exchanged a knowing smile, then focused on the naked "wicked little scamp" lashed to the bed.

"As Mother said earlier," Gwyn purred, "we'll discuss it at breakfast."

Meanwhile, smiling her dimpled smile, Mandy reached behind her head, parted her ginger hair, and unbuckled the ball-gag that had been in necklace-mode around her neck.

Penny tugged on her bonds, again.  "Aw, c'mon, guys!  I didn't mean to fall asleep and leave you like that.  I'm sorry.  M'mrrrf!"  Mandy had stuffed the ball in her mouth and was buckling the strap at the nape of her neck, under her tousled blond hair and tight enough to make her cheeks bulge.  "Mmmpfh!" she complained.  The ball was contaminated with ginger-spit!  Yuck!

Gwyn and Mandy had reclined on the bed and were snuggling against her spreadeagled body.  The brunette was on her right and the redhead on her left.  Penny was the involuntary filling in a naked damsel sandwich.

"Being good little girls and not mischievous little wankers," Gwyn purred, "like some people we could name, we're going to get some sleep, like Mother said."

"I am tired," Mandy nodded, then heaved a deep, rather theatrical yawn.

"But first..."  Gwyn lifted her right hand, revealing the infamous blue torpedo Penny had used to reap her Righteous Revenge on Rada Grabhands when the blond amazon giantess had been the one lashed to the bed, on the very same spot where Penny was now the bound and gagged prisoner (including the very same wet spot).  "Look what I found."

"Oh, goody," Mandy chuckled, then shifted her green-eyed, freckled, dimple-cheeked smile to Penny.  "I'm not that tired."

Gwyn twisted the vibrator's base and it buzzed to life.


There was only one thing Penny could say in response: "MRRRF!"

The Perils of Penny Parr   Chapter 11

Bethany and Rada entered the master bedroom and Bethany led her still naked, bound, and gagged housekeeper to the colossal master bed.

"I apologize for using the security cameras to eavesdrop on you and your little blond girlfriend," Bethany purred, "but I have a good excuse: I had to find you."

Rada rolled her eyes in response.  There was a great deal of eye rolling going on this evening, which wasn't all that surprising, given the way gags tended to limit a naked and bound damsel's ability to communicate.

"You see," Bethany continued as she climbed onto the bed and patted the mattress at her side, "about an hour ago I received a priority call on the encrypted satellite phone.  "Tomorrow, we're going to have a very important visitor."

"Mrrrf?  Mrrrf!" Rada responded.  ("Another guest?  That means I have to freshen up another guest room, revise my menus and shopping lists, and make other preparations!")  It's a well known fact that the gagged version of Norwegian is very compact and expressive.

"No, I'm not going to untie the rest of Penny's magnificent masterpiece," Bethany chuckled, then patted the bed, again.

Rada took the hint, climbed onto the bed, flopped onto her side and squirmed until she was snuggled against her grinning employer's side.

"I'll make sure you have plenty of time to get ready," Bethany purred, then kissed the panel of Rada's gag, directly over her ball-plugged mouth.  "But do you really think I'm going to let an opportunity like this go to waste?"

Rada heaved a smile, rested her panel-gagged head against Bethany's right breast, and closed her eyes.

Bethany's left hand stretched across her body and down to Rada's crotch.  She gently stroked the captive's labia... and Rada shivered in response.

"But now that I think about it," Bethany whispered as she kissed the top of Rada's head, "I better not make the same mistake as our precious little Penny."  She cleared her throat―"Ahem!"―then spoke in her normal voice.  "Sally?"

"Yes, Bethany?" the disembodied voice of the manor's artificial intelligence responded.

"Please wake me at the usual time, would you?"

"Yes, Bethany," the voice responded again.

Roget Manor's elaborate, state-of-the-art, home management and security/surveillance system had been custom designed and installed by Salamandras Home Security™.  Bethany seldom invoked the conversational interface, but when she did―and for some reason unknown to either Bethany or Rada but apparently had made perfect sense to the code-writers and computer engineers responsible―the avatar always spoke with the voice of Sigourney Weaver.

The Perils of Penny Parr   Chapter 11


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