Live-in Maid


by Van ©2017

Chapter 9

Dramatis Personæ


Lin came awake and started moving at what Kelly had come to suspect was her usual hour: slightly before dawn.  The Asian beauty stretched, climbed off the bed, and padded into the master bath.

Kelly's eyes were fully dark adapted, of course, so she was able to watch Lin's departure... sort of.  The dim nightlights on either side of the bed might be sufficient to prevent Lin from bumping into things in the otherwise unrelieved darkness, but woefully inadequate for leering purposes.  And this was a pity, because—tightly strapped in a black leather armbinder, body-harness, multiple leg-straps, and an ankle-foot-toe harness, as well as being tightly gagged by a ball-panel-gag, and with a plow-headed, wand-style vibrator doing a criminally inadequate job of buzzing her pussy, as it had been for HOURS—Kelly was horny.

The Himalayas—a formidable pile of rocks.

The Pacific—a significant body of saltwater.


She was also sweaty and exhausted.  Well, not "exhausted", per se, but she certainly wasn't rested, much less well-rested.  Water splashed in the bathroom.  The vibrator continued inadequately buzzing between her legs and Kelly squirmed in her bonds.

Finally, the bathroom door opened, Lin padded back to the bed, then began releasing Kelly's bonds.  She started at Kelly's feet, then worked her way up the captive maid's legs.  She turned off the vibrator only when she reached the body-harness' crotch strap, which Kelly thought was very mean.  A considerate naked rescuer would have terminated the almost-torture of the almost-vibrating-vibrator first thing.  The rest of the body-harness came next... then the armbinder... and finally, the ball-panel-gag.

Naked, sore, and free, Kelly squirmed and stretched—then squealed into Lin's mouth when she was lifted into Lin's arms, pulled into a tight embrace, and her rescuer planted a deep, wet, good morning kiss.  Kelly was abruptly released and watched as Lin padded to what Kelly thought was a locked bedroom door, opened it, and disappeared into the dark hallway!  Obviously, whoever had "locked" the door last night (Joan?) had returned and unlocked it without Kelly noticing.  Either that or she hadn't actually locked it in the first place, but had rattled the key in the lock for entertainment purposes.

"Hey!" Kelly complained, belatedly.  She hadn't gotten a chance to return Lin's greeting... or determine if Lin's art installation ordeal had left any marks... or flip Lin onto the bed, pounce on her naked body, and do something about her horniness (meaning Kelly's horniness).  A wave of resentment shivered through Kelly's body, resentment in the form of regret for opportunities lost and lust for Lin's perfect and possibly rope-marked form.  She climbed from the bed, stomped (padded) into the bathroom, turned on the lights, then splashed water on her face, emptied her bladder, and turned on the shower.

In the five (okay, eight) minutes that followed, Kelly got herself thoroughly clean.  This involved generous dabs of body-wash and shampoo, as well as the use of a loofah-type sponge.  Oh-by-the-way, the process took the edge off her horniness, but a wet, soapy loofah-sponge is a poor substitute for a wet, soapy Lin.

Thanks to the services of a large, fluffy towel, Kelly returned to the main bedroom naked, clean, and dry, although her pixie-cut hair was still marginally damp.  Much to her surprise, the bedside reading lights were glowing brightly and the bed had been neatly made.  Her former restraints, including the wand-style vibrator with its despicable ultra-low power setting, had disappeared, all of them.  In their place, drapped across the foot of the bed lay her LBD and pantyhose, and her high-heel, strap-on pumps waited side-by-side on the floor.  The short length of nested-link chain Joan had used to convert them into hobble-shoes was conspicuously absent.

Kelly gazed down at her clothes... then padded to the door of the walk-in closet containing Joan's "hobby supplies."  She placed her hand on the doorknob, paused for a second... then gave it a turn, or rather, she tried to give it a turn.  Locked.  Kelly wasn't sure why, exactly, she wanted to snoop around and rummage through Joan's leather collection, but apparently somebody had anticipated her curiosity and nipped it in the bud.  Bummer.  She padded back to the bed and quickly dressed herself.

Back in sexy black dress, sexy black pantyhose, and sexy black pumps, Kelly approached the bedroom door.  Moment of truth.  Would it also be locked?  Was Joan (and Wendy and Lin) still playing tricks on the poor, much put upon, but now only residually horny party-guest/maid?  She turned the knob... and opened the door.  Phew!  As an added bonus, neither Joan, John Willie's Mysterious Countess (and/or Sir D'Arcy), Saudelli's Bionda, nor Snidely Whiplash were waiting in the hallway to pounce on her, tie her up, and spirit her away for nefarious purposes.
Kelly wandered through the empty mansion, encountering occasional empty champagne flutes, dirty plates and tableware, and other debris from last night's party.  No maids or other staff were busy cleaning things up.  The chafing dishes were gone, as was the tablecloth from the former buffet table, but Kelly seemed to have the slightly cluttered place to herself... or not quite.  She heard dishes rattling and voices coming from deeper in the house.  She cautiously followed the noise... opened a swinging door... and beheld:
  1. Joan, wearing jeans and an untucked, white cotton blouse with the sleeves rolled up;
  2. Mistress Wendy, dressed in the same emerald-green cocktail dress she'd worn to the party;
  3. Lin, in a pair of black yoga-pants and a light, charcoal-gray, turtleneck top with long-sleeves.
They were in what was obviously the kitchen.  Joan was cooking eggs at an island cook-top and Wendy and Lin were seated at a small table.

"Kelly!" the smiling women greeted Kelly in unison.

"Uh, mornin'," Kelly answered, then made a beeline for the coffeemaker, lifted the half-filled carafe, filled a mug, took a sip, and sighed.  Good stuff!

Wendy patted the seat of the empty chair next to her.  "Sit," she offered (ordered).

Kelly walked to the table and sat, taking her mug with her.  The table could hold six, but only four places were set.  Obviously, Kelly had been included in the breakfast plan from the beginning, which was nice... not that Kelly was in an entirely grateful mood.

Joan smiled at Kelly.  "Scrambled or over-easy?" she inquired.

Kelly sipped her coffee before answering.  "I'll have Quail Eggs Benedict with scratch-made hollandaise sauce—not that I want to put you to any trouble."

Joan laughed, Wendy laughed, and Lin, who had been in the process of sipping her coffee, very nearly did a spit-take.

"Kelly!" Wendy admonished her maid.

"That's okay," Joan chuckled, then smiled at Kelly.  "Sorry.  I'm out of quail eggs."

Kelly heaved a disappointed sigh.  "Scrambled."

"Scrambled it is," Joan responded, deftly broke a pair of eggs (chicken eggs) into a small bowl, added a dash of cream, a dash of hot-sauce, and began beating them with a small whisk.

Kelly noted that Lin's hair was in a ponytail, like their hostess/cook, and it had that cute flip at the end she liked so much.  Then, she noticed that Lin was noticing her noticing her, and blushed.  "You okay?" Kelly asked in a near-whisper.

"I'm fine," Lin answered, then shifted her smile to Wendy.  "Such a nice girl."

"She is," Wendy agreed.

"I'm also adorable," Kelly muttered, and once again her breakfast companions laughed.

Breakfast consisted of eggs-to-order, bacon, sausage, cubed potatoes sauteed in butter (with a little fresh garlic), and toast.  Joan was a good (albeit villainous) cook, and table-talk was a discussion of the previous night's party.  Kelly mostly listened.  All agreed that Lin's "art installation" had been a true masterpiece (of the predicament-bound, gagged, and suffering variety).  Also, it would seem that someone named "Lynnette" had been quite the wit, entertaining the partygoers with Dorothy Parker-style repartee.

Kelly would have complained that not only had she not been introduced to Lynnette, but hadn't been introduced to anybody, other than The Evil Joan—nor had she been allowed to participate in any snappy patter, clever and snarky or otherwise—but whining at breakfast was just rude.

The mystery of Lin's possible rope-marks remained unresolved.  And even more mysterious, Kelly noticed that Mistress Wendy's wrists might be a little pinker than normal, but Kelly wasn't about to broach the subject of how her boss had spent her night.  She'd wait 'til later, then gossip about it with Emily.

Soon, the meal was over, good-bye kisses were exchanged, and Kelly and Wendy were in the back of a cab and on their way home.

"I hope you had a good time, Kelly," Wendy purred as they climbed the front steps of Castle York.

"Yeah, sure," Kelly huffed.  "I had a blast.  Also..."  She waited 'til Wendy had unlocked and opened the front door, then barged past her startled junior employer.  "Bite me."

Kelly smiled in satisfaction as the sound of Wendy's laughter echoed down the hall.  She headed for her room to change... or maybe sleep 'til noon.

 Chapter 9

Kelly wasn't the kind of person to duck work (no matter how tired she might be from a night of neither sleeping nor writhing in ecstacy).  After changing into uniform (one of the green-and-white ones she liked best) she powered up a staff iPad and checked her work schedule.  Dusting was the task of the day; however, Wendy had added a yoga session, and this time it was before lunch.

Yoga's a good thing, Kelly supposed.  Her shoulders were still sore from her arms spending the night laced and buckled in an armbinder, so a little light yoga followed by a sauna would probably hit the spot.  She'd have to put her foot down, of course.  No bondage!  Not even if Lin showed up and Wendy asked for another Hojōjutsu demo.  Yes, I'll put my foot down, she resolved.  That'll work.  What can go wrong?

At the appointed hour Kelly dropped her duster, headed for her room, changed from her uniform into her birthday suit and green robe, then padded down to the Yoga Studio.  This time she remembered to turn on the sauna as she scampered past.  Mistress Wendy was already in the studio, removing her robe.  There was no sign of anyone else.

"Sorry, no Lin," Wendy chuckled.  "I'll have to do."

"That obvious?" Kelly sighed as she removed her robe, hung it next to Wendy's, then closed the cabinet door.

"We're all in love with Lin, Silly Goose," Wendy said with a kind smile as they began their synchronized warmup routine.

Kelly blushed.  "It's not love love," she objected, "just... love."

Wendy smiled.  "Like I said."

Kelly shrugged, or rather exaggerated an arm-roll that was part of the routine into a shrug.  "What's not to love?"

The yoga session proceeded as usual; however, either Kelly's muscles were getting more accustomed to the asanas, her soreness was just a little tightness in need of a little stretching, or Wendy had gone easy on her.  Kelly suspected a combination of the three.

The sauna followed... and after several very hot, very dry minutes, the redheads—the older, freckled ginger redhead and the younger, less-freckled auburn redhead—were flushed, dripping with sweat, and done.  Wendy showered first, being the one that signed the household staff paychecks, then it was Kelly's turn.  As she turned off the water, reached for a towel, and began drying herself, she noted that Wendy had returned to the main Yoga Studio, donned her robe, and was opening the rope cabinet.


Kelly watched as Wendy selected a five-foot length of stout cord, prepared it for use by releasing its retaining hitch, doubling it, and finding its center, then smiled and sauntered in her direction.  Kelly placed her towel back on the rack, sighed, affected her best Fierce Scowl, and stomped forward, meeting her smiling junior employer half way.  Hands on hips, she confronted her boss.

"I went to your party and wound up bound in leather all night," she observed, "I do not want to play fun-with-rope, not today."

"In the first place," Wendy chuckled, "it was Joan's or Lin's party, but certainly not my party."  She spun Kelly around, pulled her hands behind her back, and began binding her crossed wrists.  "And in the second place, I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise," Kelly huffed.  "You wanting to tie me up is not a surprise."  Shut up!  The mental order was for her pussy, which for some reason was purring again.  Outwardly, Kelly remained the very picture of Righteous Indignation (see also Virtuous Martyr).

"The surprise is down below," Wendy explained as she finished tucking away the free ends of the terminal knot.  "This is only preparation."

"Preparation," Kelly huffed as Kelly turned her back around, then planted a kiss on her pouting lips.  "Mrrrf!—Hey!"

"Now, young lady," Wendy chuckled, "are you going to be a courteous, respectful, and obedient maid about to be rewarded with a nice surprise?"  She gestured towards the closed rope cabinet with a graceful flip of the wrist.  "Or do I need more rope... and a nice tight gag?"

"Let the record show that I'm a courteous, respectful, and obedient maid," Kelly huffed, "even if my employer is a big ol' ginger, rope-happy meanie."

"Silly goose," Wendy chuckled, tightened her robe, then led Kelly towards one the studio's side doors, the most direct route to the mansion's service areas.

 Chapter 9

Wendy had promised Kelly that her "surprise" was "down below" and that was the course of the journey that followed.  They took the stairs, rather than the service elevator, then crossed the basement in the direction of the "Time-out Room", which Kelly didn't find to be at all ominous.

"I like a good naked-languish-in-bondage as much as the next, uh, damsel," Kelly huffed as Wendy took the double-sided key from its hook beside the room's massive steel door, then unlocked the high-security padlock, "but this is too much of a good thing."  She heaved a sigh as Wendy (smiling all the while), threw back the door's massive bolt.

"Close your eyes," Wendy ordered.

"Why?" Kelly responded cautiously.

"So you'll be surprised, of course," Wendy chuckled.  "And don't open them 'til I say 'Surprise!'  Okay?  You said you'd be obedient."

Kelly heaved the required deep, theatrical sigh, then closed her eyes. She heard the shriek of the oil-hungry hinges as Wendy opened the door and led her across the threshold.  Then, she heard three distinct sounds:
  1. The shriek and clang of the door closing behind her, accompanied by the movement of air;
  2. The semi-muffled sound of Wendy shouting "Surprise!" from the other side of the thick steel door, just as it closed;
  3. The clink of a steel chain.
Kelly opened her eyes, and—"Huh?"—stared in dumbfounded and entirely genuine surprise.

What she was staring at was a naked woman, roughly her own age, with a killer body; firm, tan skin (not counting milky white boobs and bikini triangle); long, wavy brown hair (with bangs); prominent cheekbones; and big brown eyes.  She was lying on her side on the hard concrete floor and facing the door.

By-the-way, the woman's loins were padlocked in a steel chastity-belt, her hands were behind her back, her knees bent, and her ankles together.  Metallic clinking noises suggested steel restraints.  Kelly (or anyone else) would classify her predicament as a hogtie.  Also, her lips were sealed and most of her lower face covered by a taut strip of thick, off-white medical tape Kelly believed was referred to as Elastoplast®.  Finally, the Time-out Room's resident steel collar, with its long connecting chain, was locked around her neck.

Also by the way... the woman was none other than Bess Ryder!

Kelly blinked, heaved another deep sigh, then sat on the floor and performed the contortions required to pass her bound wrists past her hips from back to front.

Still lying on her side, Bess watched this process with rapt attention, then continued watching as Kelly used her teeth and lips to attack the cord binding her wrists.

Naked and free, a scowl on her normally angelic face, Kelly stood, tossed the cord away, then stomped (padded) to Bess and stared down at her BFF with her arms crossed under her breasts.  She could now confirm that Bess was, indeed, hogtied in steel.  Bess' wrists and ankles were locked in thick, wide, obviously heavy cuffs and linked together and to the back of the chastity-belt by short lengths of stout chain.

"Care to explain what the hell you're doing here?" Kelly demanded.

Bess' response was brief and uninformative.  "Mrf!"

Kelly rolled her eyes, settled to the floor in a half-lotus, then hauled Bess' head and shoulders onto her lap and teased back a corner of the tape-gag.  "Hold still while I rip off half yer face," she growled, then gently peeled back the tape.  Bess' skin stretched as the Elastoplast® surrendered its adhesive grip.  Kelly tossed the strip away, then plucked a pair of panties from Bess' mouth.  The panties were white and of the "hipster" variety, more substantial than "bikini" but less than "brief".  "Who belongs to these?" Kelly inquired, gingerly holding the damp, crumpled panties between her thumb and forefinger.  "Never mind," she sighed, then tossed them next to the crumpled strip of tape.

Bess licked her lips.  "Got anything to drink?" she inquired.

"Obviously not," Kelly huffed.  "Why aren't you on vacation?"

Bess managed a weak, adorable smile, with dimples.  "After three days, house guests, like fish, rot from the head down."

Kelly rolled her eyes, again, then favored Bess with an even stare.  It was an opening gambit in their ongoing Fractured Proverbs competition, but she wasn't in the mood.

"Anyway," Bess continued, "I did better.  I lasted three weeks."  She managed a shrug.  "You know how it is.  Family."

"I know your family," Kelly muttered as she straightened Bess' bangs with her fingers, "and I know you.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised you got yourself kicked out early."

Still smiling her dimpled smile, Bess squirmed on Kelly's lap and tugged on her bonds.  The chains clicked and rattled in response.  She did not wiggle free.  "I don't suppose Mistress gave you the key to this stuff."

"It's over by the water bottle," Kelly responded, meaning the key was as absent as Bess' requested drink.

Bess heaved a sigh.  "Figures."  Her smile returned.  "I know something you don't know," she said in a singsong voice.

"How to escape from steel restraints?" Kelly countered.

"Unfortunately, no," Bess chuckled, "however, I do know that the York sisters have decided to hire a second maid.  You still want to be a waitress?"

Kelly frowned at her BFF.  "That's not funny," she huffed.

Bess' smile widened (and her dimples deepened).  "Mistress and Mistress both told me to tell you the job is yours if you want it."

"There's barely enough work around here for one maid," Kelly countered, "much less two."

"I'm sure the Yorks will find something to occupy our time," Bess purred.

"Ya think?" Kelly huffed.

Bess smiled.

Kelly scowled fiercely, and continued combing Bess' bangs.

Bess continued smiling, and waiting for her BFF's response.

"I'll need my own room," Kelly stated.

"I'm sure we can make that happen," Bess responded, "not that my last name is York, or anything."

"And only green-and-white uniforms," Kelly continued.  "I like the green-and-white uniforms."

Bess shrugged.  "You'll need some black-and-white.  We might be required to serve Mistress' guests together, and we'll need to match.  And you look better in green than I do."

"Can't have that, can we?" Kelly purred.  "Okay, mostly green-and-white but some black-and-white."

"Any other non-negotiable demands?" Bess chuckled.

"I'll make a list," Kelly huffed.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of the door's bolt being drawn.  The door opened (with the usual oil-hungry shriek)... and Emily appeared, wearing her usual jeans and cotton top and smiling her usual perky smile.  "Lunch!" she announced, took a step back, stooped and picked up a tray, then entered the cell.

Kelly and Bess watched as the cook carried the tray forward and placed it on the floor at Kelly's side.

"Good news," Bess said with a grin.

"She said yes!" Emily gushed, then leaned down, took Kelly's face between her hands, and planted a kiss on her lips.  "You said yes!"  She kissed her again.

"Stop!" Kelly huffed, weakly batting Emily's hands away.  "I said no such thing."

"She's negotiating living arrangements and uniform colors," Bess purred.  "We haven't gotten to salary, medical and dental benefits, or vacation time."

"You'll love doctors Huff and Shepherd," Emily said in her usual bubbly manner.

"The York family doctor and dentist, respectively," Bess explained.  "Also, members of their circle of special friends.  Both have private clinics in their basements with rather unusual chairs; gynecological and dental, respectively."

"Actually," Emily added, "they're much the same, by which I mean the chairs."

A shiver rippled down Kelly's spine.  "Let me guess.  Lots of straps?"

"Lots of straps and no clothes," Bess chuckled.  "Not to mention specula, forceps, jaw-spreading steel clamps... the works!  Quite the experience... medically and dentally speaking."

"Indeed," Emily giggled, then pointed to the tray.  "Iced tea and chicken salad sandwiches."  She kissed the top of Kelly's head, then spun on her heel and strolled to the open door, gracefully swinging her denim-clad hips.  "This is such good news," she giggled as she started pulling the door closed.

"Wait!" Kelly objected as she belatedly dumped Bess off her lap and scrambled to her feet.

"Hey!" Bess complained.

"What about the keys to Bess' chains?" Kelly demanded.  "And why do I have to be—"  The door closed with the usual shriek and clang.  "—locked in here with her?  Emily?"  They heard the sound of the bolt being thrown.

"You're locked in here with me... because," Bess explained, "and as for the keys..."  She nodded at the tray.

"Because," Kelly huffed, then focused on the tray.  There was a carafe full of iced tea, as Emily had indicated, but rather than a dozen or more regular-sized ice cubes, there was one very large cylinder of ice, and through the tea and transparent glass they could clearly see a small brass key frozen inside.  "The key to yer freedom?" Kelly inquired.

"The key," Bess confirmed, tugging on her chains in frustration.  "It'll take at least an hour for that thing to melt; which means at least an hour before you can unlock my chains."

Kelly smiled, sat back down on the floor.  "Maybe two hours, but what makes you think I'm gonna unlock your chains ever?  You're a willing participant in this conspiracy to seduce me into a life of domestic servitude and debauchery, and so is Emily."

Bess pouted and bit her lower lip.  "That doesn't mean you have to be mean," she sighed.

Kelly sighed, then poured iced tea into the provided glass and took a sip.  "You deserve it.  You all deserve it."  Bess licked her recently tape-gagged lips, pouted, and waited expectantly.  Finally (after about three seconds) Kelly relented, hauled Bess back onto her lap, then held the glass so her bound BFF could quench her thirst.  "Don't get brain-freeze," she purred as Bess did her best to guzzle tea.

The sandwiches were next.  Bess watched as Kelly took a generous bite from a sandwich half.  "Emily's chicken salad is really good," Kelly's hogtied-in-chains fellow maid stated.

Kelly nodded in agreement.  "Mrrrf!"  Then took another bite and smiled as she chewed.

"Nice," Bess huffed.  "Mock the starving prisoner, why don't you?"

Her teasing point made, Kelly relented and held a sandwich half from the second plate for her "starving" BFF.  They ate in companionable (and naked) silence, for the most part; however...

"You'll have to finalize your salary with Wendy, of course," Bess said at one point.

"Of course," Kelly agreed.  "What do you make?"

"None of your business," Bess huffed in mock outrage, "but it'll be more than you.  I'm senior maid."

"Can't argue with that," Kelly said as she fed Bess another bite of her sandwich.  "But I bet I can talk Mistress into a signing bonus... and special compensation for tolerating you as a coworker."

Bess grinned.  "Maybe.  There's something else we need to discuss, now that you're part of the regular staff."

"I haven't said yes to the job," Kelly noted, "so whatever you're about to say—"

"Oh, please," Bess interrupted.  "Don't even try."

Kelly grinned.  "Okay.  What's this 'something else' we need to talk about?"

"Your hazing, of course," Bess chuckled, then nodded at the iced tea.

"Hazing?" Kelly asked as she refilled the glass, noting in the process that the cylinder of ice imprisoning what they assumed was the key to the chains imprisoning Bess was now less a cylinder and more an ovoid lump, but it would still be some time before it melted to nothing and relinquished the key.  She held the glass to Bess' lips, then took a sip herself.

"You're now officially a new employee, instead of a temp," Bess explained.  "You require hazing."

"Oh, I require hazing," Kelly purred.  "Hmm..."  She took her next-to-the-last bite of sandwich, chewed, and swallowed.  "Remember back when we were in high school, now and then you'd get a pathetically lame idea for a prank, and I always had to take command and make it better?"

"Nearly getting us kicked out of school in the process?" Bess responded.  "Yes, I remember."

Kelly smiled.  "I have an idea."

Bess squirmed in her chains and smiled back.  "Do tell."

 Chapter 9

Kelly never did formally say "yes" to the York sister's job offer, but she didn't have to.

Both Mistress and Mistress opened the Time-out Room door around mid-afternoon.  Effusive hugs and festive laughter ensued.  Obviously, Emily had already spilled the beans, and when they got upstairs to the kitchen, the bean-spiller herself added girlish squeals and more hugs to the celebration.  Bess hung back and watched her BFF being benignly harassed with a smug smile.

Might as well stay, I guess, Kelly mused as Emily hugged her yet again, giggled, and planted a series of light kisses on her blushing face.  "Stop," Kelly huffed, breaking contact and stepping back.  "I'm getting dressed."

"We're all going out tonight," Alice announced.  "Le Bernardin.  You too, Cook," she said to Emily, then turned back to Kelly.  "Shower and wear something nice."

Kelly rolled her eyes, spun on her heel, and padded from the kitchen.  "Lobster again?" she complained, eliciting laughter and giggles from her employers and fellow employees.

That evening they shared a delicious gourmet meal at the hideously expensive and very exclusive restaurant, then returned to Castle York well fed and happy.

The next day the empty room next to Bess' received a thorough cleaning and a furniture upgrade.  Once accomplished, Kelly's new quarters had achieved parity with the Senior Maid's (as Bess insisted on calling herself).

Kelly also endured the attentions of a dressmaker.  Her detailed measurements were taken, and only two days later a dozen custom-tailored green-and-white and three black-and-white uniforms arrived at York Castle.  Kelly looked great, not that she hadn't looked great wearing Bess' borrowed uniforms, but she looked great.  And when Bess whispered in Kelly's ear that she had it on good authority that the York sisters had shared her measurements with Joan, she managed to hide her reaction... which was dread.  Would Joan really have expensive, custom leather costumes (meaning restraints) made just for little ol' Kelly?  Or would the York sisters request that Joan have expensive, custom leather costumes (meaning restraints) made just for little ol' Kelly?  Ridiculous!  Absurd!  (Disturbing.)

A week after Kelly didn't say yes but was drafted into her new job by acclimation, the sun set, the streets darkened as much as they ever darken in NYC, and the York household settled in for a quiet evening—NOT!

Wendy retired to her bedroom, changed into one of her hideously expensive, skimpy, gauze-thin, baby-doll-style nighties, then settled into bed to read.  She was several pages into her new book, The Lying Game by Ruth Ware, when suddenly her bedroom door flew open and Bess and Kelly barged in!  Both were naked and carrying coils of hemp rope.

As the maids approached the bed and dropped the rope on the floor, Wendy smiled uncertainly.  "May I help you?  Hey!  Hey!  What are you doing?"  Kelly had removed Wendy's reading glasses, folded and placed them on the nightstand while Bess plucked the book from her hands, used a bookmark to mark her place, and placed it next to the glasses.  "Stop!"  Far from stopping, the maids half-climbed onto the bed, grabbed Wendy's arms, and began divesting her of her nightie!  "I said stop!"  Oddly, Wendy was still smiling (sort of) and her struggles were weak and ineffectual.  "This is an outrage!" she protested.

The maids lifted the nightie up Wendy's body and over her head, freed the flimsy garment from her flailing, freckled arms, and tossed it away!

"You girls are in real trouble!" Wendy warned (still arguably smiling).  "Stop this right now!"  The rebellious maids had flopped her back down on the bed, lifted her hips, and were pulling the negligee's matching panties down her freckled, kicking legs.  "I demand you—Mrrrpfh!"  Bess had wadded the frilly panties and stuffed them into Wendy's mouth!

Bess held Wendy's wrists together with her left hand, and her right hand was clamped over the naked ginger's silk-stuffed mouth.  It was mildly amazing.  Either Bess had inexplicably developed super-strength, or Wendy was pulling her punches.  Go figure.

Bess nodded towards the nightstand.  "Bottom drawer."

"Not my first rodeo," Kelly huffed as she opened the drawer in question, used a pair of bandage scissors to snip a six-inch strip from a roll of off-white Elastoplast®, then returned the scissors and roll to the drawer.  Working in concert with her fellow maid (and mutineer), she positioned the tape over Wendy's mouth with two hands, Bess withdrew her hand-gag (but used two fingers to push on the wadded panties and keep them in place), then Kelly pressed the strip home.  Both maids participated in the smoothing of the tape, making sure the adhesive gained optimum hold.

"Mrrrf!"  Wendy was now naked and tape-gagged!

Bess picked up a coil of rope, released its retaining hitch, and prepared it for use while it was Kelly's turn to inexplicably control Wendy's struggles single handed.  Apparently both maids were channeling their inner She-Hulks.

"Now, pay attention" Bess lectured, apparently for Kelly's benefit.  "This is called the Somerville Bowline single column tie."  [Video]  "The wrist-wrappings won't compact and tighten when she tugs on the knot, and both the free ends and the loop from the retaining hitch are available for lashing purposes.

"Again," Kelly said evenly, "not my first rodeo."  She continued controlling Wendy's ineffective struggles, but soon her handling services were no longer required.

The younger York sister was now flat on her back and stringently spreadeagled on her bed.  Naked, her mouth stuffed and tape-gagged, as tautly stretched as if she was on a medieval rack, Wendy was helpless.  Bess had not only tied the free ends of the four identical column ties' to the appropriate bedposts, but had looped rope back and forth through the column tie loops, wrist-to-wrist and ankle-to-ankle, pulled out all the slack, then tightly wrapped the remaining rope around itself (for neatness sake).  Wendy had virtually zero wiggle-room.  As promised, Wendy's ankle and wrist bonds didn't compact and tighten when she struggled (which she did), but she was very solidly pinned in place on the bed.


"Okay, go get her," Bess ordered.

Wendy looked from maid to maid.  Her thought was clear: Her?

"You go get her," Kelly huffed,  Sitting on the bed she began combing and straightening Wendy's tousled, ginger hair with her fingers.

"I'm the Senior Maid," Bess countered.  "Go."

Kelly rolled her eyes.  "Whatever."  She stood, padded to the door, and made her exit.

Bess sat on the bed and took over the finger-grooming duties.  Soon, Wendy's hair was spread in an attractive fan on the bed around her freckled, tape-gagged, and "outraged" face.  The Senior Maid grinned her trademark dimpled grin and locked eyes with her junior employer, but said nothing.

Seconds passed... then the bedroom door opened and Kelly returned.  With her was Emily, who was naked (like the two maids and Wendy), as well as bound and gagged (like Wendy)!

Emily's arms were bound in a classic double-hammerlock box-tie with an abundance of the same kind of conditioned hemp rope that lashed Wendy to her bed.  Also, the back of the box-tie anchored a ladder-tie that bound her waist, crotch, legs from thighs to ankles, as well as her feet and big toes.  Her perky breasts were framed by bands of tight hemp, and for once they were the only thing about the normally bubbly Brit that could reliably be called "perky".  Her features were half-obscured behind an Elastoplast® tape-gag more-or-less identical to her junior employer's (and probably with similar stuffing), but it was clear she wasn't happy (or was expertly pretending she wasn't happy).

"Mrrrpfh!"  It was a simultaneous tape-gagged outburst from both prisoners, the spreadeagled ginger and the bound blonde.

"Over there," Kelly ordered as she helped Emily hop to the foot of the bed.  She then positioned a straight chair, plopped Emily down onto its hard seat (eliciting a cute little "Mffh!" from the blond captive), then used their single remaining coil of rope to lash her in place.  It wasn't super-long, but easily up to the task of binding the already bound cook to the chair.  Soon strands crossed her chest (above and below her perky breasts), her lap, and lifted her bound feet off the carpet to enforce a sitting hogtie.

Kelly took a step to the side and admired her work.

Emily gazed at Kelly with Profound Disappointment at her fellow staff member's unconscionable betrayal (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

"If you're finally finished?" Bess inquired, then motioned for Kelly to join her on the bed.  She was sitting on Wendy's left, even with their junior employer's narrow waist, and soon Kelly was on the mattress on Wendy's right.  From her chair, Emily had a perfect, albeit involuntary view of the bed, including the smiling, naked maids and her spreadeagled and tape-gagged mistress—including Wendy's somewhat stretched and flattened, pink-white breasts—her triangular, pink-white bikini region—her ginger pubic bush—and her freckled everything else.

"Now," Bess purred, then placed the flat of her hand on Wendy's flat tummy, slid her hand and fingers through Wendy's ginger short-and-curlies, then down to her flushed, pink, and glistening labia.  "Mistress has a distinctive tell when she cums."  Her hand began to slowly move, her palm gently massaging their employer's pussy.  "Watch her thighs and abdominal muscles as I extract these first few orgasms."

"Okay," Kelly agreed.  How can I not?

Bess continued massaging (meaning frigging) Wendy, while Wendy closed her green eyes, mewled through her gag—"Mrrrrr!"—and tugged on her bonds.  Her thigh and abdominal muscles began rhythmically tensing and relaxing.

"Like that?" Kelly asked, using her right index finger to gently prod Wendy's lower tummy.

"Not quite," Bess responded, continuing her demonstration.  "It's more like a pulsating spasm.  You'll see what I mean in a couple of minutes.  Mistress' tell is distinctive, unmistakable if you're looking for it.  You'll even be able to see it after we lash Emily on the bed with her face between Mistress' legs and make her lick Mistress' pussy."

Eyes wide above her tape-gag, Emily squirmed in her bonds and mewled in abject horror.  "Mrrrf!"  Kelly noted that the blonde Brit's nipples were erect and pointing, apparently also in abject horror.  They certainly weren't signaling enthusiasm.  Kelly returned to watching Bess pet Wendy's pussy.  Mistress' nipples were also erect, but then, so were Kelly's and her fellow mutineer's.  Also, Kelly's heart was pounding, and from the throbbing of Wendy's carotid arteries she surmised their mistress' was as well.  She placed her fingers on Wendy's right femoral artery and confirmed her diagnosis.

Suddenly, the bedroom door flew open and Mistress (the Mistress not spreadeagled on the bed) made what, under the circumstances, could only be characterized as a dramatic entrance.  Alice was dressed for bed, much like her younger sister had been at the start of the maid-raid, but with the addition of a long, frilly, flimsy robe.

"What's going on in here?" Alice demanded.  Her expression was angry (or possibly amused).

"I'll take this," Kelly said to Bess (who was continuing to frig Wendy), then smiled sweetly at their senior employer and batted her eyes.  "I'm being hazed," she announced.

Alice's lips curled in an unmistakable but dubious smile.  "You're being hazed."

"Yes, Mistress," Kelly said brightly.

Alice gestured to the cook, who was lashed to her chair and gazing back at her senior employer over her right shoulder with wide, blue eyes.  "And Emily?"

"She's helping with the hazing by embarrassing me by being naked, bound, and gagged," Kelly explained.  "Later, or so I've been told, she'll embarrass me even further by being naked, bound between your little sister's legs, and forced to lick her pussy."

"I see," Alice sighed, then nodded at Wendy.  "That little sister there?"

"The very same," Kelly confirmed.

Emily continued being chair-bound and gagged and squirmed in her bonds while Mistress watched.

Bess smiled and continued frigging Mistress while Mistress watched.

Mistress continued squirming and tugging on her spreadeagle-bonds while Mistress watched.

Kelly smiled sweetly, politely waiting for Mistress to respond.

Finally, Mistress (Alice) surprised them (or Kelly, anyway) by heaving a sigh, rolling her eyes, and spinning on her heel.  "I'm going to bed," she chuckled, "and as Cook will probably be rising late, I'll be going out for breakfast in the morning.  Also... I'll be locking my bedroom door."  And with that, their senior employer closed (but didn't lock) the bedroom door and abandoned her little sister to her horrible fate.

Mistress (Wendy) continued being helplessly bound and writhed under Bess' gliding hand, the horrible fate in question.

Bess continued the gliding in question, then grinned at Kelly.  "Still rather be a waitress?" she asked.

Kelly grinned back, then shrugged.  "I can always go back to waiting tables if maid work doesn't pan out."

Bess transferred her gaze to Wendy's thighs, crotch, and tummy.  "Here she goes," she chuckled.

Wendy went rigid in her bonds, except for her thigh and abdominal muscles.  Then, after several unmistakably orgasmic seconds... she resumed panting through her flaring nostrils and tugging on her inescapable bonds.  The pace of Bess' frigging slowed dramatically, but Wendy's abs and inner thighs continued rippling.  Kelly suspected Wendy was responding to a series of diminishing orgasmic aftershocks. 

"I see what you mean," Kelly said in a matter-of-fact manner.

"It really is quite distinctive," Bess agreed, and finally stopped frigging their boss.

Wendy gave a final shiver, then tugged on her bonds and glared at her smiling maids.

Kelly smiled at her fellow maid, BFF, and co-conspirator.  "Mind if I play through?"

"Be my guest," Bess chuckled.

Kelly reached out, placed her hand on Wendy's tummy, and locked eyes with her junior employer.  "Don't worry," she purred as her hand began moving, "I'll give you time to rest before round two."

"A full minute?" Bess inquired.

Kelly lengthened the scope of her slowly gliding hand to include the top fringe of Wendy's ginger pubic curls.  "I was thinking more on the order of thirty seconds."

Bess shifted her dimpled smile to Emily, who gazed back at the Senior Maid with gagged horror (meaning gagged amusement).  "I told you she'd fit in around here."

 Chapter 9


Chapter 8