Live-in Maid


by Van ©2017

Chapter 2

Dramatis Personæ


An eventful week passed following Kelly's highly unusual interview to temporarily replace Bess as the York Sisters' live-in maid.

She'd accepted the job, by the way.  The opportunity was just too good to pass up!  Minimal domestic duties (apparently)?  Nice employers?  Possible high-level contacts in the restaurant world?  Exposure to how rich old ladies handled the topic of fun-with-restraints?  How could she not accept?  Also, Bess now owed her big time.  Or was it Kelly who owed Bess?  Well... yes... but Kelly preferred to emphasize her role as the one making Bess' vacation possible, not as the one catching an employment lifeline that would not only tide her over during her hunt for more permanent employment but possibly allow her to swing up to a new, higher level in her waitress career, rather them slide down the seniority ladder to toil at yet another mediocre hash house.

Anyway, Portabella closed on schedule, Bess briefed Kelly on the details of her new job, then departed on her vacation—but only after a bon voyage (bon vacation?) dinner with both maids as the York sister's guests at Le Bernardin!

Kelly decided Bess had been wrong.  The York sisters weren't nice, they were SUPER-nice!

What kind of snooty rich people order their maids to dress up in their best duds, use the awesome power of their snooty richness to get instant reservations at one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in Manhattan, then take said maids with them as their honored guests to enjoy the best seafood dinners imaginable?  The kind of snooty rich people who are in no way snooty and are SUPER-nice!  That's what kind!

Kelly resolved to be the best temporary live-in maid in the entire history of temporary live-in maids!

And then there was the cook, who everyone referred to as "Cook."  Her actual name was Emily Taylor.  She was thirty-something and British, born in the Suffolk city of Ipswitch, about sixty miles north east of London.  She was also quite possibly the friendliest, brightest, most bubbly and effervescent person Kelly had ever met, a real sweetie.  It might have gotten irritating if Emily wasn't so nice—as nice as the York sisters, in fact.  Also, her accent was funny and cool (in Kelly's humble opinion).
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Anyway, with her blond pixie-cut, laughing blue eyes, and angelic good looks, Cook was adorable.  Kelly couldn't have disliked Emily if she'd tried—which she didn't—and hadn't.  Also, right away the sparkly Brit had taken time off (with the York sisters' blessing) to show Kelly around the neighborhood, including the best places to get coffee.

"You'll really enjoy working for the York sisters," Emily assured Kelly the first time they ventured out for a "cuppa."  It was the second day after Bess' departure, and while Kelly remarked that she thought that "cuppa" translated from English into American as "tea," Emily explained that, increasingly, coffee fell under the same umbrella—or "brolly."

"The worst part is the uniforms," Kelly confessed as they sipped cappuccinos and watched the pedestrian parade outside a trendy coffee bar a block from "Castle York."

"Surely you've worn work uniforms before," Emily suggested.

"I have," Kelly admitted, "but not 24/7."  That last part wasn't the literal truth, of course.  Neither York employee was in uniform at the moment.  Kelly was in denim jeans, a sage-green cotton blouse, and a butternut leather jacket.  Emily was in black stretch-pants, a navy-blue and white striped cotton top, and a black leather jacket.  Kelly sighed, then affected an irritated frown.  "Why don't they make you wear a uniform all the time?" she demanded.

Emily's smile never wavered.  She wasn't fooled by Kelly's supposed resentment.  "I have full sets of cook's whites for formal occasions," she explained, "but if I wore them all the time it'd waste time changing whenever I need to pop out and do the shopping."

"Wouldn't want to humiliate you by making you 'pop out' dressed in white," Kelly huffed.

Again, Emily wasn't fooled.  "Silly goose," she chuckled.  "Are Bess' uniforms uncomfortable?  They certainly appear to fit properly."

"No, they fit," Kelly admitted.  "A little loose across the chest, but they fit."  Bess did have slightly bigger boobs, but Kelly nearly filled out the borrowed uniforms.

"It isn't at all obvious," Emily reassured her, "and I believe you look quite fetching, especially in the green uniforms."

"Yeah," Kelly grumbled.  "Fetch this and fetch that."

"Silly goose!" Emily chuckled.

Only about a third of the uniforms hanging in Bess' closet (now temporarily Kelly's closet) were the traditional black and white.  The rest were white and pastel shades of salmon-pink, powder-blue, or a very pretty moss-green that really complemented Kelly's red hair and fair skin.  The green and white variant was her preferred domestic costume, and she did think she looked "fetching" in it, but wasn't about to admit that to her new friend.

They finished sipping their cappuccinos in companionable silence, then returned to Castle York.  Cook needed to prepare lunch and the maid was scheduled to dust and vacuum the library and second floor sitting rooms.

 Chapter 2

The evening of that very day was the first time Kelly was summoned to Alice York's bedroom to "tuck her in."  Dressed in green and white uniform, she arrived to find the senior York sister already in bed, wearing a gauze-thin, rose-red nightie, reclined against a pile of pillows, and reading a book.

"Ah, there you are, Kelly," Alice said with a warm smile as she closed her book, removed her reading glasses and placed them on the nightstand.  "Please prepare the bed while I powder my nose."  She then threw back the covers, slid her feet into a pair of slippers, and strolled towards the master bathroom.

"Yes ma'am," Kelly said with a smile and a curtsy as she watched Alice saunter away.  Her senior boss really did have a remarkable body for an "old lady."  Full, reasonably firm breasts, slender waist, long legs, a dimpled rump not quite hidden by the frilly, more-or-less transparent panties that went with her frilly, more-or-less transparent baby-doll nightie...  There was some sag, of course, but as Kelly had already decided, Alice York was hot.

Kelly opened the nightstand bottom drawer and deployed the leather, medical-style restraints across the middle and lower parts of the bed.  The spring-loaded clamps really were a snap (quite literally) and the strong, wide, belt-like straps were dimpling the mattress with time to spare as Alice to finished her business and returned to the bedroom.  Kelly had also rearranged the pillows, leaving one as a head cushion and piling the rest on a nearby chair.

Alice reclined in the required pose: on her back with her arms slightly away from her hips.  Still smiling (like the super-nice rich lady she was) she placed her wrists and ankles in the open cuffs, then focused on Kelly's wide-eyed, slightly flushed face.  "Don't be nervous, Kelly," she purred.

Now Kelly was really blushing.  "I'm not," she replied (lied), then leaned forward and secured Alice's wrist in the left cuff—closing the padded outer strap, sliding the steel staple through the appropriate slot, sliding the narrow outer strap through the staple and pulling it taut, then sliding the strap's free end into a leather sleeve and hiding it completely.  She then worked her way around the bed securing Alice's left ankle, right ankle, and finally, her right wrist.  Her senior and very hot employer was now helpless.  Of course, Kelly knew Alice was helpless 'cause she'd had experience with those very same restraints in that very same position on that very same bed; and Alice was hot... because she was.

It's remarkable, Kelly reflected, gazing down at Alice and her long legs, pretty feet, graceful hands, and narrow waist, her full, slightly-flattened-by-gravity boobs, beautiful features, and gleaming auburn curls.  Yes, Alice York strapped to her bed in her whisper-thin panties and nightie was hot... and she was smiling up at her openly leering and now somewhat flustered maid.

"Well?" the prisoner-of-the-bed purred.

"Uh, well what?"  Kelly's face was glowing from the heat of her blush, and her pulse was hammering.

"The covers?" Alice chuckled, "or were you planning on making me shiver through the night?"

Kelly's amazed gaze morphed into a half-pout/half-smile.  She was being teased.  She probably deserved it, but Kelly didn't appreciate being teased... much.  Also, the room was plenty warm.  In fact, the top-sheet and a light blanket would be more than enough for Alice to sleep comfortably.  Add the bedspread and she's probably be too hot... which she deserves for being such a hot and helpless tease, Kelly decided.  She pulled the covers over her pinioned employer's body (minus the bedspread) and tucked them under the mattress on either side.

Alice was now covered from the mid breasts down.  Her smiling face, shoulders, and upper cleavage were exposed to the night air, but Kelly was sure she'd be comfortable... and helpless.

Kelly grinned and dropped a quick curtsy. "If you need anything during the night, milady, just scream.  I'm only one floor up and half the house away."

"Impertinent baggage," Alice purred.  "Haven't you noticed?  All the bedrooms, including the guest rooms, servant's quarters, and certain other accommodations, are quite soundproof."

"I have noticed the bedroom doors are unusually thick and heavy," Kelly conceded.  It was a moot point (and teasing banter), anyway.  There was a baby-monitor function built into the bedside radios in Alice's and Kelly's bedrooms.  If Alice wished to summon Kelly during the night, she could scream.

"You're aware that Wendy has a friend who comes over for yoga three times a week, correct?" Alice inquired out of the blue.

Kelly blinked in surprise at the unexpected change of topic.  "Yes, ma'am.  It's on the household schedule," she nodded, "or 'shed-yule' as Cook puts it."

"Silly goose," Alice chuckled.  Emily's teasing nickname for the new maid was in danger of catching on in the York household, but Kelly hadn't yet decided whether or not she should try and nip it in the bud.  It might already be too late.  "Wendy and I agree you should join the sessions," Alice continued.  "Have you ever practiced yoga as a form of exercise, Kelly?"

"Oh, sure, a couple of times," Kelly replied, "by which I mean... no."

"Touch base with my sister in the morning," Alice chuckled.  "She practices hatha yoga with our friend Lin three times a week.  You'll enjoy it, I promise."

Kelly dropped another curtsy.  "Yes, milady."  Alice really is nice, she thought, super-nice.

"That will be all for the evening, Kelly," Alice added.  "Good night."

"Good night, milady," Kelly replied, dropping a final curtsy.

"One last thing," Alice purred as Kelly turned to make her exit.  "This isn't season one of Downton Abbey, you Silly Goose.  Enough with the 'milady' and the curtsying."

Kelly grinned.  "Yes, milady."  She pulled the solid, thick, virtually soundproof door closed behind her, cutting off the sound of Mistress Alice's chortling laugh, then headed for her bedroom.  She covered a deep yawn with the back of her hand as she walked.  It had been a busy, tiring, and fun day.

It was Kelly's habit to sleep in the nude (whether or not self-bondage was on the nighttime agenda).  She removed her uniform, decided the polyester, no-iron fabric garment was good for one more day's wear before requiring laundering, then removed her bra and panties and tossed them in the hamper just inside the closet.  She shrugged on a robe for a quick trip down the hall to the bathroom she shared with Emily (who Kelly suspected was already in bed) and performed her evening toilette.  Bladder empty, face scrubbed, and teeth brushed, Kelly returned to her bedroom, removed her robe, climbed between the sheets, and settled her head against the pillow.

The tiny blue LED glowing on the nightstand radio confirmed that the baby-monitor link to her helpless senior employer was functioning, and a single dim viridescent nightlight near the floorboard to the right of the bed was the only other light.

Kelly rolled onto her back under the covers.  Her thoughts were on Alice, one floor down and helplessly strapped to her giant, luxurious bed.  Kelly assumed the same position, feet apart and arms at her side, imagining herself strapped to her bed... to Bess' borrowed bed.

Let's see now, Kelly imagined, the York sisters aren't super-nice, but are secretly sadistic old biddies who like to punish their staff with bondage, whips, floggers, feathers, those nasty Wartenberg wheel thingies, etc.  Especially etc.  She tugged on imaginary bonds identical to Alice York's very real bonds one floor down.  They keep me tied up at night, make me work in elaborate bondage costumes during the day, and don't allow Emily to take me out for coffee... not ever!  Kelly squirmed and fought her phantom bonds, but couldn't escape... or rather, escape wasn't necessary.  Her bonds were in her mind... and the York sisters were super-nice.

What a pity, Kelly thought.  She rolled onto her stomach, squirmed to the left side of the bed and reached down.  If only this bed had the hardware required for disciplining naughty maids, she sighed, sliding her fingers along the bed frame's side-rail.  She imagined herself (or Bess) strapped to the mattress... naked... helpless.  She curled her hand and her fingers slid along the smooth underside of the rail.  If only—"Huh?"

Kelly froze... then scrambled off the bed in surprise.  Her heart pounding, she knelt beside the bed and felt the underside of the rail again.  She hadn't imagined it!  There was a metal fitting just like the ones solidly mounted on the underside of Alice's bed!  She continued her exploration... and encountered more fittings!  In fact, her fingers brushed a total of five fittings, three more than the two mounted under Alice's left side-rail!

Kelly's heart was pounding.  She switched on the bedside reading light, leaned low, and visually confirmed the presence of the metal fittings... all five.  Kelly then scrambled across the mattress and confirmed five more matching fittings on the underside of the right side-rail!  The spacing wasn't quite even, meaning the distance between the fittings wasn't uniform.  The lowest were in the ankle-cuff position, same as downstairs, but the uppermost were closer to the headboard.  It was difficult to be sure, but Kelly guesstimated the uppermost fitting would place the belt about... throat level?  Gulp!

Kelly took a step back and stared at the bed in horror (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).  Her heart was still hammering, but a thrill was shivering between her legs.

"Bess, what have you gotten me into?" Kelly whispered to the empty bedroom.

Next, Kelly began the inevitable hunt.  If the required hardware was mounted under the bed, the matching restraints had to be nearby.  The bottom drawer of the nightstand was empty.  On the opposite side of the bed was a large chest of drawers, and Bess had emptied the top two drawers for Kelly's use, cramming her stuff in the lower four, what she hadn't taken with her on vacation, that is.  Kelly hadn't given the lower drawers a moment's thought, but she did now.  The lowest drawer was the logical place for the missing restraints.  Kelly grabbed the pair of handles, pulled—and it was locked!  Kelly hadn't even noticed the small lock-plate with its tiny keyhole mounted between the drawer pulls, but she did now, and it was the only drawer with such a lock.  The Mystery of the Missing Maid Restraints was all but solved!

Kelly stared at the securely locked drawer for something like a half minute, then stared at the bed.  For tonight, at least, it was all very much moot; not to mention...  Disturbing?  Ominous?  A conundrum?  All of the above?  But even if Kelly could open the drawer, even if it did contain restraints, and even if Kelly could figure out how to deploy what she surmised was a probably a more complicated system, she couldn't strap herself into the cuffs—not all of them, anyway.  That assumed the cuffs worked the same as the ones keeping Alice in her bed, of course.

Also, and it was of paramount importance, tonight a set of cuffs was keeping Alice in her bed, and the welfare of her super-nice temporary employer was Kelly's solemn responsibility.  No self-bondage games for Kelly tonight, even if she could manage to unlock the chest of drawers' bottom drawer and sort things out, which she couldn't.

Kelly heaved a disappointed (relieved?) sigh, climbed back into her warm, comfortable, but now ever-so-slightly sinister bed, and pulled up the covers.  There's more going on at 'Castle York' than meets the eye, Kelly thought.  But I already knew that.

 Chapter 2

Rosy-fingered dawn arrived and Kelly's bedside radio/alarm-clock/baby-monitor buzzed.  She turned it off, stretched, yawned, padded to the bathroom, and prepared for the day.  Finally (and quickly), her short red hair still slightly damp from the shower, she donned her uniform and climbed the stairs to Alice's bedroom, silently eased open the door, entered, and padded to the bedside.

Alice was still there (of course), and was still asleep.  Kelly gazed down at her helpless, hot employer.  The only change from the previous night was that the top sheet and light blanket covering her employer was no longer tautly stretched across her breasts.  In fact, Alice's nightie-covered breasts were now fully exposed... including her nipples.  Well... more than 90% exposed.  She struggled during the night, Kelly realized... and couldn't free herself... 'cause I did my job so very well.  She's a prisoner... my prisoner.

And then, Kelly realized that her prisoner was awake!  And was smiling up at her!

"Good morning, Kelly," Alice purred.

"Uh, morning," Kelly responded.  She mustered a smile and continued leering at her helpless employer.  Well, she gazed, anyway.  She didn't exactly leer... other than literally.

"Well?" Alice inquired, her eyes twinkling.

"Well what?" Kelly responded.

"You are planning on releasing me at some point," Alice chuckled, "aren't you?"

Kelly was being teased again, and she still didn't like it.  But now she knew it was all in fun, just Alice being Alice, and wasn't really mad.  Also, Alice was her boss, so at some level she had to take it; however, Alice was a super-nice boss, so she'd cut Kelly a little slack if she lobbed back (carefully, of course), and it was probably expected.

"I was thinking you might like to sleep in," Kelly purred, "say... 'til lunch?"

"Silly Goose," Alice chuckled.  "Either fetch a bedpan or release me."

"We have bedpans?" Kelly inquired as she pulled back the covers, exposing the rest of Alice's nightie-clad body and leather bonds.  Hot, Kelly thought with a grin, then set to work releasing her employer's restraints.

"Silly Goose," Alice reiterated, then climbed from the bed, stretched, and padded towards the master bath.

Kelly sighed (and smiled) as she released the clamps securing the belt-straps and cuffs to the bed and put the restraints away.  I guess I'm 'Silly Goose' around here from now on, she mused.  I'll have to figure out a way to get back at Emily.

The day began in earnest.  After breakfast Alice dressed in one of her business outfits and departed for a series of meetings that would probably occupy most of her day.  Wendy also had business meetings on the agenda, but she'd be handling them via the internet from the home office next to her bedroom, so she remained in her usual at-home attire of jeans and blouse.

The Yorks were movers and shakers in the art world, especially Alice, and both sisters served on the boards of directors of various foundations, museums, and galleries and were partners in a network of art-related businesses.  Kelly didn't know all of the details (meaning any of the details), but she knew enough to realize her temporary employers were kind of important... as well as being mega-rich and super-nice.

Some sort of complicated computer program reconciled and prioritized the York sisters' business and social calendars, as well as Kelly's housekeeping schedule and Cook's menus and shopping lists.  How it all worked Kelly had no idea, but it was necessary for her to find a screen and check for changes to her jobs list on a regular basis.  At breakfast Wendy had been enthusiastic about Kelly joining her for yoga with her friend Lin, so now the maid had to scramble to make sure most of her housework was accomplished before the scheduled mid-afternoon session.

Kelly was so busy it quite slipped her mind until she'd finished her work that she had nothing to wear that was appropriate for yoga, not that she had a clear idea of what was actually required for yoga.  She knew, of course, that dedicated yoga costumes existed, but she had no such outfit.  She did own a pair of stretchy black spandex running shorts, so she guessed they'd have to do.  Kelly laid them out on her bed, together with a sports bra and a tank-top, then hurried to the front door to await the imminent arrival of Wendy's guest.  She barely made it as the guest in question was right on time.
Her full name was Lin Reed, and Emily had explained that she was an artist of some sort.  Lin was about Wendy's age and had Asian features, longish, straight, jet-black hair, high cheek bones, and very pretty brown, almond-shaped eyes.  Oh-by-the-way, she was stunningly beautiful (in Kelly's humble opinion), slender but not delicate, and graceful as the proverbial swan.  Yes, Lin Reed was stunning.

She was also friendly, with a warm smile and pleasant voice.  "You would be Kelly," Lin said as Kelly helped her off with her coat.

"Uh, yes ma'am," Kelly responded.

"Please, call me Lin."  The stunning guest gestured down the hall and Kelly led her towards the yoga studio in the back of the house.  "Wendy tells me you'll be joining us, and that this will be your first yoga experience."

"Yes ma'am—I mean Lin," Kelly answered (and blushed).

Wendy was already waiting in the studio.  Kelly was about to excuse herself to sprint to her room and change, then realized the junior York sister was wearing a short silk robe, and as far as Kelly could tell, nothing else!

Kelly sort of stood there and stared (a little uneasily) as greetings were exchanged while Wendy removed her robe and hung it inside a tall wardrobe cabinet built into the studio's blond oak paneling—thereby confirming that she was wearing nothing underneath.  At the same time Lin disrobed, hanging her stylish black dress in the same cabinet, as well as her heels, panties, and bra!

Soon, both the Celtic and Chinese (Kelly guessed Lin's heritage was Chinese) 40-something beauties were stark naked—as in nude—as in wearing only their birthday suits!  Wendy and Lin turned and smiled at Kelly, who was doing her best not to blush and blink in surprise (and failing miserably).

"I, uh, didn't know what we'd be wearing," Kelly explained, "so I was gonna change into running shorts and a tank top and...  I take it that won't be necessary?"

"Freedom of movement is the order of the day," Lin purred as she gathered and pulled her raven-black hair into a tight ponytail and applied a black hair-elastic to keep it that way.

Both naked ladies were stunning (as Kelly had previously noted), each in her own way, their bodies firm, trim, and athletic.  They were both quite obviously in very good shape, Lin especially.  They were also undeniably curvaceous and feminine.  Wendy's breasts were milky white, as was her bikini-triangle, but the rest of her body was dappled with freckles, especially her shoulders and arms.  Lin, on the other hand, was uniformly tan from head to toe—not beach-bunny tan, but her smooth, firm skin was no stranger to the sun.  Lin also had freckles, but only a light dusting across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose.  Kelly thought they (Lin's freckles and Wendy and Lin in general) were quite attractive.

And speaking of breasts, neither beauty had what Kelly would call big boobs.  In point of fact, all three of them—Wendy, Lin, and Kelly—had what an objective critic would characterize as modest endowments.  However, and it was a distinction to which Kelly had steadfastly clung since emerging from adolescence, all three had sweater puppies of excellent shape with minimal hang.  They would fail the infamous Pencil Test, meaning were incapable of transporting wooden pencils from place to place by tucking them under said boobs, but they had undeniably Nice Breasts (in Kelly's biased but modest opinion).

Regarding the issue of short-and-curlies, Wendy's pubic garden was modest, neatly trimmed, and flaming ginger.  Lin's was an even more modest midnight-black.  In the popular vernacular, Lin was sporting a Brazilian (or Vertical Landing Strip).

"Well?" Wendy said with a smile.

"Uh, sorry," Kelly muttered.  Her blush deepened as she stepped to the cabinet and disrobed, hanging her uniform from a hook next to Wendy's robe and Lin's clothing and placing her underwear atop her uniform shoes.  Having donned her birthday suit, Kelly padded to the center of the studio and joined the others.  By the way, Kelly's dark-red or reddish-brown bush was more of a sparse lawn, having received a defoliating buzz-cut several days prior.  It was only just now beginning to grow back into a respectable triangle.

"Kelly is a complete novice, Yogi," Wendy said to Lin.

Lin favored the smiling ginger with a disapproving frown.  "I keep telling you," she huffed, "I'm not your yogi.  It would be waaay too much work to guide a bumbling, graceless clown such as yourself towards enlightenment and serenity.  I prefer striving towards more attainable goals... like World Peace."

Wendy's smile widened.  "Whatever you say, Yogi," she answered, then smiled at Kelly.

Kelly nodded in amused semi-comprehension.  Obviously the exchange was an ongoing joke and Wendy and Lin were good friends.  As for the joke's context, apparently a "yogi" was a teacher or guru.  She seriously doubted Wendy was asserting that Lin was a cartoon bear notorious for filching picnic baskets from tourists at Jellystone Park.

"We'll go nice and slow through the basic positions," Lin told Kelly with a friendly smile.  "Do the best you can.  Then, we'll do it all again and I'll help you make corrections.  And keep your eyes on me.  That one—"  She nodded towards Wendy.  "—is just here for comic relief."

Wendy smiled and ignored the jibe.  "Afterwards, we'll adjourn to the sauna.  I already turned on the heater."

"Tadasana!" Lin barked, then stood with her back straight and arms at her side, assuming a relaxed version of the military position of Attention.

"Gesundheit," Wendy quipped as her naked body flowed into the same pose.

Kelly giggled (she couldn't help it), then mimicked Lin and Wendy's nude, relaxed, upright stance.

And thus what Kelly would later characterize as a simultaneously easy-peasy and hideously taxing workout began.

 Chapter 2

By the end of the hour Kelly was a semi-sweaty mass of sore muscles.  She was already in good shape, and while, at least the way Lin and Wendy did it, yoga wasn't a very good aerobic workout, the routine stretched Kelly's joints and worked her muscles in ways to which they weren't accustomed.  She'd been afraid serious contortions and pretzel-like poses would be involved, but to her surprise, not so much.  She realized this was probably because the session had been basic or novice-level, for Kelly's benefit.  Maintaining her balance had been the greatest challenge, especially late in the workout when she was tired and sore.

Finally (and much to Kelly's semi-concealed relief), Lin called it a day and they adjourned to the sauna, as promised.  The York's cedar-lined dry sauna was situated in a tiled shower area between the yoga studio and the home gym, with its many state-of-the-art and no doubt hideously expensive exercise machines.  The naked trio rinsed off, then a wave of dry heat enveloped Kelly's body as she followed Wendy and Lin into the sauna.  They took turns using a wooden bucket and ladle to wet down sections of bench, then reclined against sloping backrests.

"What did you think?" Wendy asked Kelly with a warm smile.

"I... that was wonderful," Kelly muttered, managing not to groan in pain.  The dry heat was already soothing her muscles, and truth be told her condition wasn't all that serious to begin with.

"You did quite well, Kelly" Lin said.  "You show great promise."

Still smiling, Wendy nodded towards Lin.  "In addition to being my yogi, Lin practices several martial arts."

"I believe it," Kelly sighed, then her eyes widened.  That might have come out wrong.  "By which I mean, she's... graceful."

"Unlike some people I could name," Lin purred.

Kelly smiled.  Obviously, that was another dig at Wendy, and it was totally undeserved.  Wendy had also been graceful during the session.  A veritable ginger swan, Kelly mused.

"I've asked her to be my sensi," Wendy continued, "in addition to my personal yogi, but she refuses.  She does share her skills now and then, being a natural showoff, but refuses to teach me."

"That's not true," Lin chuckled, "I adamantly refuse to teach you."

"What do you do?" Kelly asked, "karate, judo, that sort of thing?"

Lin nodded.  "Also Hojōjutsu."

"Supposedly," Wendy said with a teasing smile, "although she refuses to demonstrate any of it to me."

Lin closed her eyes and sighed.  "As I've told you many times, you'd learn little as the subject of a demonstration.  You need to watch a take-down to see what's happening."

"That is a problem," Wendy sighed, then her smile returned.  "I know, you can show me using Kelly as your subject."  She smiled at the her naked, flushed, increasingly sweaty maid.  "Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Seeing as how she has almost no idea what we're talking about," Lin said evenly, "probably not."

Kelly forced a smile and nodded at Lin.  "What she said."

Wendy grinned.  "Hojōjutsu techniques were used by the police in feudal Japan to capture and restrain criminals," she explained.  "I understand it's still a part of police training today."

"It is," Lin confirmed, "but let me enjoy the sauna for a while before we mount a full-blown Hojōjutsu demonstration.  I am your guest, remember?"

"Yes, Sensi," Wendy purred, then smiled and winked at Kelly.  "It'll be fun, I promise."

"Uh... okay," Kelly responded, then realized she'd just agreed to... something... some sort of Hojōjutsu thing... of some sort.  She heaved a sigh, focused on Lin... then Wendy.  Both women were totally relaxed, their eyes closed, and now glistening with sweat—their hair hanging in long, wet, straight strands in the case of Lin and water-darkened auburn curls in the case of Wendy.  They were beautiful... undeniably hot.  Hot.  Kelly's lips curled in a chagrined smile.  We're all hot.  We're in the sauna.

Kelly settled back and closed her own eyes.  Whatever Hojōjutsu "fun" she'd agreed to, it could wait, and she wasn't worried... not even a little... meaning a lot.

 Chapter 2

Several lazy, simmering minutes later, Wendy, Lin, and Kelly emerged from the sauna and showered.

Being the lowly maid that the super-nice Wendy had been super-nice enough to let join the yoga, sauna, and imminent Hojōjutsu fun, Kelly hung back and showered last.  She waited patiently—glistening with sweat, her fair skin flushed and glowing like an infrared light bulb—as first Lin, then Wendy rinsed, soaped, rinsed, and dried themselves.  By the time Kelly had finished and was padding back into the yoga studio, Lin was running a comb through her more-or-less dry hair and Wendy was still using her towel on her ginger locks.

Kelly's short red hair was already dry, meaning slightly damp.  She considered that a cardinal virtue of her pixie-cut: zero maintenance, meaning low maintenance.  She padded to Lin's side, reached into the open cabinet built into the studio paneling, and used the brush that went with Lin's borrowed comb to give her short, red hair a largely unnecessary straightening.

"Uh... so what do you want me to do?" Kelly asked Lin, "for the demo, I mean."  She was trying to be casual, but knew her nervousness was showing.

"First, I need to prepare a hayanama," Lin said.

"Haya-whata?" Kelly asked.

"As opposed to Hiawatha," Wendy purred, still drying her hair.

"Hayanama," Lin chuckled.  "Japanese for 'fast-rope', a bundle of cord that plays out from one end."

Kelly nodded.  "I see... sort of."  She returned the brush to the open cabinet, then stooped and retrieved Lin's towel, bundled it with her own, added Wendy's now discarded towel, then dropped all three on the padded floor near the cabinet containing their clothes.  After the demo she'd carry them to the canvas bags that were scheduled to go to the laundry service the day after tomorrow.

Wendy had accepted the comb from Lin and was beginning to deal with her still slightly damp ginger hair.

Kelly grabbed the brush from the cabinet, padded behind her junior employer, and plucked the comb from Wendy's hand.  "My job," she scolded, and began restoring Wendy's hair to its usual order, gently dealing with any tangles encountered with deft competence.  Kelly might prefer her pixie, but she knew how to handle hair.

Meanwhile, Lin had restored her ponytail, strolled to yet a third cabinet, and was sorting through what appeared to be a generous supply of neat bundles of light-brown, natural fiber rope of various lengths and thicknesses.

Three things flashed through Kelly's mind as she continued brushing and combing Wendy's hair.  (1) Apparently the studio walls were riddled with "secret" cabinets.  (2) One of the cabinets was dedicated to rope storage!  What's that about?  (As if she didn't know.)  Also...  (3) Lin Reed, nude and sorting through jute or hemp rope bundles was hot!  Her ponytail had a curious little upturn at the end and the whole thing swayed and bobbed as she turned her head.

"Thank you, Kelly," Wendy purred.

"Uh, no problem," Kelly said, awakening from the world of smooth, firm skin, perky breasts, and bobbing, jet-black ponytails.  She returned the comb and brush to the cabinet, then padded towards Lin, who had selected a bundle of what Kelly would call either thick cord or thin rope.  She watched as Lin released the bundle, let the brown cord play out—Kelly decided to go with "cord"—then smiled.

"Ready?" Lin asked Wendy.

"Ready, Sensi," Wendy answered as she gracefully settled to the padded floor and assumed a half-lotus position and an attentive smile.

Lin focused her smile on Kelly.  "Now... attack me."

Kelly's response was surprised and not especially profound.  "Huh?"

"Don't worry, Kelly," Wendy purred, "I won't let Alice fire you for roughing up a guest."

"No comments from the peanut gallery," Lin snapped.  Her smiling eyes remained locked on Kelly.

"Like this?" Kelly asked as she executed a rather unenthusiastic grab for Lin's right hand, the one holding a loop in the long cord.

Exactly what happened next, Kelly was never entirely sure.  Cord tightened around her right wrist as her overbalanced body simultaneously spun and fell to the floor.  "Eeeeee!"  She landed on the mat, but before she could bounce Lin was on top of her, kneeling on her left arm, which was folded against her back.  Her right arm was at full stretch, held back and up in Lin's vice-like grip.  Her legs were a tangle and her stomach and boobs squashed into the padding, as was the left face side of her face.

"Brava, Sensi!" Wendy applauded.  "What do you call that move?"

"Something that translates from the Japanese as 'Why bother telling you as you'll forget it in five seconds?'," Lin drawled.

Meanwhile, cord was slithering and tightening... and inexorably, despite her best efforts to resist, Kelly soon found herself in a full hogtie with her wrists and ankles crossed and cord yoking her shoulders.  Cord continued slithering.  Kelly knew herself to already be completely helpless, but apparently Lin wasn't satisfied.

"Aesthetics are as important as function," Lin lectured as she expended the rest of the of cord in wrappings of some sort.  Kelly was in no position to follow any of the fine details of what was happening.

Lin paused with both free ends of the cord in her hands.  "Now, if I was a provincial police constable and this was an actual arrest, I wouldn't tie an actual knot, nor would I have used what you 'round-eyed devils' call a hogtie, but would simply hold the end of the torinawa in my hand while I, and my fellow constables, take this alleged criminal to the local magistrate for arraignment.  However..."  She tied an elegant and complicated but nonetheless quick knot, well away from Kelly's useless fingers.  "We aren't concerned with shaming an as yet unindicted member of society.  Even without a formal knot, the detainee would remain completely helpless."  She lightly patted Kelly's right butt-cheek with her left hand.  "You are helpless, aren't you, Kelly?"

Kelly squirmed and tugged on her bonds.  "What happened?" she sighed.

"By the way," Wendy chuckled.  "Your snide remark about my memory is completely unfounded.  For example, you characterized a Kelly-capture-cord as a Hiawatha, but just now called it a 'torinawa'.  Explain, Sensi."

"Hayanawa means 'fast-cord', wise-ass," Lin purred, "whereas torinawa means 'capture-rope'.  Same thing.  Slightly different context."

Wendy and Kelly (still testing her bonds) watched as Lin returned to the cabinet and selected a second bundle of cord.

"Okay," Lin said as she released the coil and readied the cord, "attack me."

"How?" Kelly inquired.

Lin smiled at Kelly, then focused on Wendy.

Wendy's smile faded.  "Oh.  You mean me."

"You've seen a take-down," Lin continued, her smile warm (and somewhat predatory), "so it's only fair that Kelly should also get to see one."

Wendy climbed to her feet.  Her smile had returned, but Kelly could tell it was slightly forced.  The naked ginger glanced at the nearest exit, then refocused on Lin.

Lin's smile was now openly predatory.  "Attack, run, the outcome will be the same."

Wendy eyed the exit, once again.  "In that case..."

The youngest York sister was only just starting to shift her weight and turn when when Lin pounced with cobra-like speed.

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