Rope! Fit 2B Tied

   by Van ©2017

Chapter 8

Dramatis Personæ



"I think we've unleashed a monster," Leah said quietly.

Kate momentarily paused in the midst of finishing the first stage of the task at hand: tying up her business partner, roommate, and lover.  "How so?" she purred.  Both Leah and Kate were naked and sitting on the bed they shared in the largest bedroom of the two-bedroom apartment.   Kate's copy of Bondage for Sex, Volume 1, by Chanta Rose was to the side, open to page 97, the "Crossed Arm Tie" technique.
Leah's arms were raised, bent back at the elbows, and with her crossed wrists behind her head.  Kate was using coyote-brown, braided, ¼-inch diameter, nylon rope to bind said wrists.  She'd carefully looped flat, neat rows of doubled strands around Leah's upper arms, making sure the ropes didn't bunch and pinch, and she'd already cinched the bindings between Leah's wrists and between her wrists and upper arms.  She tied the final knot, making sure it was tight, redundant and positioned well away from Leah's fluttering fingers.

"What variety of monster are we talking about?" Kate chuckled as she eased Leah down onto her back and bound hands on the bed.  She reached for a second coil of rope and prepared it for use.  "You aren't implying a depraved rope fiend is on the loose, are you?"

Leah squirmed her upper body and tested her bonds.  "Not at all," she responded.  "I'm stating it outright, and the fiend's name is Kate.  But what I'm worried about is the kids."

Kate smiled as, with Leah's full cooperation, she bent Leah's right knee, looped the doubled rope around her lower leg and thigh, and began crafting a tight frog-tie.  "The kids are monsters?"

Leah executed a shrug, as best she could in a cross-arm-tie.  "Let's just say something a little monstrous is going on.  It's obvious."

Still smiling, Kate finished frog-tying Leah's left leg, readied a third coil of rope as she stood and padded around the bed, then sat back down and frog-tied Leah's right leg.

"Scout and Erin have been a loving but discrete couple since... forever," Kate purred.  "And as for Daphne and Opal, whatever those two are up to is more recent but equally discrete.  None of them qualify as monsters."

"The Bondage Meditation program," Leah sighed.  "You haven't detected an undercurrent of, shall we say, enthusiasm for the project?"

"That's your monster?" Kate purred.  "Professional enthusiasm?"

"You probably haven't noticed because you've been busy leading the charge," Leah drawled.

"Who, me?"  Kate used additional rope to tie a "limb-loop" around Leah's right ankle, complete with the required non-compacting terminal hitch.  She then passed the long free ends under the bed frame's right side-rail, pulled out the slack until Leah's right leg was pulled to the side, then tied a knot.

"Oblivious much?" Leah muttered as Kate tied a limb-loop around her left ankle, passed the free end under the left side-rail, and pulled out the slack.  "Hey!"

Kate smiled and pulled out even more slack.

"I said, hey!" Leah complained.  Her bent legs were now splayed widely apart, exposing her crotch in an obscene (and erotic) manner.

"I heard you," Kate chuckled as she finished tying the knot.  "I spread your legs because I like the way it pulls your labia apart and... opens things up."

Leah blushed.  "Pervert," she admonished, but couldn't help but smile back.

Kate readied one more coil of rope.  "Almost finished," she purred as she padded to the head of the bed.  Leah's hair was already gathered atop her head and secured in a tight bun.  Kate took several tight turns around the base of the bun, tied a retaining hitch, then passed the remaining rope around a vertical bar of the headboard, took out the slack, and tied a redundant knot.  She took a step back and smiled down at her naked, helpless lover.  "There."

Leah squirmed in her bonds, staring daggers (loving daggers) at Kate.  "Did Daphne teach you how to do this?" she demanded.

Kate shrugged.  "A little advice from Daphne, well-illustrated steps from the book, and a few ideas from the clerks in that shop I told you about."  Her dimples deepened.  "But mostly, it was the inspiration of your naked body."  She sat on the bed, leaned close, pursed her smiling lips, and gently blew across Leah's pussy, stirring a few of her pubic curls.

Leah shivered in response.  "Kate!" she whined.

"I find you very inspirational."  Kate blew across the gaping crinkled folds of Leah's labia, again.

"Where, exactly, is this shop of yours," Leah demanded.  "They might have a few helpful suggestions about how I might tie you up."

"I'll let you borrow my book," Kate responded.  "Isn't that inspiration enough?"

Leah opened her mouth to respond respond with a stunningly clever, snarky retort—but instead stared, wide eyed, as Kate opened the drawer of the bedside table, extracted a roll of Elastoplast medical tape, and used a pair of bandage scissors to snip off a seven-inch strip.  Leah swallowed nervously and considered inquiring as to Kate's intentions, but decided not to bother.  She knew exactly what Kate intended to do with the tape.

Smiling broadly, Kate tacked a corner of the strip to the headboard, reached back into the drawer, and produced a red rubber ball about two inches in diameter!

"Kate!" Leah whined, but then—"Mrrrpfh!"—further objections became moot (or at least inarticulate) as Kate popped the ball into Leah's mouth!  "Mrrrf!"

"Quiet, darling," Kate purred as she stretched the strip of tape between her two hands and pressed it home, sealing Leah's lips.  "We don't want to disturb the neighbors with any of your yodeling, do we?"

Leah's response was Righteous Outrage in the form of a steady stream of imaginary daggers she beamed in Kate's smiling direction.

Kate climbed onto the bed and knelt between Leah's widely splayed, frog-tied legs.  She rested her hands on her furious lover's thighs.  Kate knew Leah was only pretending to be angry.  It was all part of the game.  In any case, Leah was bound and gagged.  What could she do?  However, there were several things Kate could do.

"I assume you've heard the rumors about tickle-torture?" Kate purred.  "Apparently, it's all the rage with the kids."

Leah's eyes popped wide, once again.  "Mrrrf?"

"Don't have kittens, darling," Kate chuckled.  "We're too old for such nonsense."

Leah heaved a gagged sigh of relief, then resumed staring daggers at her lover's infuriatingly happy face.

"However..."  She leaned close and gave Leah's pussy a slow, languid lick.  "We aren't too old for a night of non-stop forced orgasms."

Leah squirmed and fought her bonds in wide-eyed horror.  She was a good actress.

Kate smiled like a villain from a classic James Bond movie, and set to work extracting the first of what she intended to be at least five orgasms for her helpless lover.  Kate was also a good actress.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 8

Once again, dinner was over, the cleanup complete, and Leah and Kate were naked and sitting on the bed in their shared bedroom.  Bondage was happening, but there wasn't so much as a foot of rope in sight.

"I never should have told you how to find Kinkorama," Kate muttered.  That was the name of the sex shop with the helpful clerks who had given Kate such helpful advice.

"As I recall," Leah drawled, "I didn't give you much choice.  Tickling was required, as well as the threat of spanking."

Kate couldn't help but smile (nervously).  "Are you sure we can afford all this... stuff?"  Most of the stuff in question was still stuffed in a cloth shopping bag on the floor beside the bed, but one item was already out of the bag and being put to use.
The item was a single-sleeve armbinder of black leather with steel hardware.  Kate's arms were behind her back and inside the cone-shaped leather sleeve and Leah was tightening the crisscross leather thong running through steel grommets on either side of the sleeve's vertical seam.  This pulled Kate's arms together until her hands were pressed together, palm-to-palm, her forearms touched along their entire length, and her elbows nearly touched.

Leah continued tightening the thong until the seam closed.  She knew a person less fit and flexible than her lover and partner might find the position to be somewhat taxing, but not her Kate.  Now that the sleeve was tight enough that it couldn't slip down on its own, she leaned close from behind, passed the shoulder-straps under Kate's armpits, crossed them over her chest, draped them over her shoulders on either side, threaded the ends through the buckles in the back, and buckled them tight.  This snugged the sleeve even further up Kate's arms and crushed her fingertips against the bottom of the leather sleeve.

During this process Kate stared straight ahead, the very picture of the brave, stoic damsel.

Leah finished tightening the thong, tied a double bow, then tucked the long free ends down the top.  The sleeve had two more leather straps.  The first went around Kate's wrists and the second just above her elbows.  Leah threaded the straps through their buckles, pulled them tight, and secured the buckles.  "A perfect fit," she gushed.

"It's tight," Kate complained as she executed the expected "courtesy struggle".  (The Kinkorama clerks had explained the proper bondage fun protocols to the lovers, albeit on separate occasions.)  "And you're a cruel bitch for making me wear it."

"Right," Leah drawled.  "I made you wear it.  You put up such a struggle."

"Shut up," Kate huffed as she continued testing the armbinder.  Obviously, the damn thing worked.  She stole a glance at the still bulging shopping bag, her lips curled in an apprehensive smile.
Leah had noticed.  "Oh, you want to know what else I bought," she chuckled, then pulled a ball-gag from the bag.  It had a hollow, mouth-plugging sphere of black silicon pierced by quarter-inch breathing holes.  "Last chance for questions or suggestions," she chuckled.

"Le-ah!" Kate whined, and then—"Mrrrmpfh!"—the time for complaints was past.

Leah threaded the gag-strap through its buckle at the nape of her neck, freed Kate's hair, then tightened the strap again until Kate's cheeks bulged.


"I know.  It's nasty," Leah purred.  "I tried it on before I bought it."  She reached back into the shopping bag and produced a black spandex hood.
spandex hood
Kate's eyes popped wide—"Mrrrk?"—then disappeared under the hood as Leah slipped it over her head and tugged it down to her neck.  Kate gave her head a shake, but getting the hateful thing off was a patent impossibility.  It was skin-tight from neck to crown.  Also, the fabric over her eyes was doubled, possibly tripled.  As a blindfold, the hood was 100% effective.  She felt Leah fussing with her formerly tousled hair, pulling it together under the hood until it it draped down between her shoulder blades.  She complained again—"Mrrrf!"—and was ignored.

Kate fought the armbinder, tossed her hooded head, and panted through the ventilated ball-gag.  The hood had an oval opening over her plugged mouth, so air passed freely through the hollow, ventilated sphere, but she realized that meant drool could also escape.  At the moment it was only a slight dribble at the corners of her mouth, but it was only a matter of time until saliva started dripping onto her chest and/or breasts.

"Mrrrf!"  This time Kate's muffled complaint was angrier, and arguably, she had good reason.  Kate was buckling some sort of stiff collar around her neck!
"Hush," Leah chuckled.  Her smiling lips were an inch from Kate's spandex-covered right ear as she secured the collar's buckle.

Kate continued squirming and mewling, then stopped when Kate hooked a finger through the D-ring in the front of the collar.  "Mrrrf!"

"I said hush!" Leah scolded.  "Now... listen closely."

Leah heard a metallic click at the nape of her neck, in the region of the collar's buckle.

"That was a padlock," Leah purred, "and here's another."

Kate heard the unmistakable rattle of a steel chain, followed by a second click, this time through the D-ring in the front of the collar.  She could feel the weight of the chain, and shivered when its cool links brushed against her right breast and thigh.

Leah stood and tugged on the chain.  "Up!" she ordered, and Kate scrambled to her bare feet.  Leah led Kate to the open space at the foot of the bed, then pulled down on the chain.  "Down," she ordered.

Leah knelt on the carpet, Kate continued tugging on the chain, and the naked, hooded, collared, gagged, and armbinder-bound beauty flopped onto her breasts and stomach on the plush carpet.  The chain rattled and Kate heard a third metallic click as Kate looped the far end of the chain around the lower right foot of the bed-frame and secured it in place with another padlock.

Kate squirmed on the carpet, exploring her captivity.

Leah sat on the floor beside her nude lover and gently placed her hand on Kate's right hip.  "The clerks at Kinkorama really are sweethearts," she said as she began slowly sliding her palm up and down Kate's thigh.  "We talked about more than toys, and one of the first things they wanted to know was whether I was the top or the bottom in our relationship.  To be honest, the question had never occurred to me."

Kate squirmed on the carpet as Leah continued stroking her thigh.  Top or bottom?  And we can't just talk about it?  This is wicked!  A shiver shook her captive form.  Wicked.

"Consider this a statement of my position on the subject," Leah purred.  "You're naked, totally helpless, and I can do anything I want to you.  Obviously, I'm the top."  She stopped stroking Kate's thigh, reached out, and gently squeezed Kate's right breast.

Kate shivered in her bonds, and made her contrary position clear.  "Mrrrrpfh!"  Unfortunately, her remark had emerged as a rather pathetic gagged whine.  Leah rolled her onto her back and armbinder-bound arms, straddled her waist and hips, and settled her weight on her tummy!  And now she was squeezing both of her breasts!  "Mrrrpf!"

"Well," Leah purred, "now that we've established that I'm the numerator in the equation, you're going to have to grow accustomed to being my pleasure-slave and toy."  She continued gently kneading her supposed bottom's breasts... and teasing her erect nipples... then leaned close to Kate's hooded, gagged, and collared head.  "I'm going to leave you like this," she said quietly.  "Don't worry about work in the morning.  I'll tell everyone you're feeling under the weather."

Kate froze in her bonds, then another delicate shiver shook her helpless body.  Leah was still massaging her breasts.  All night?  Like this?  "Mrrrrf."

It was another sad, gagged whimper, and brought an evil smile to Leah's lips.  "Now," she said as she climbed off Kate's prone, helpless body, "Mistress is going to bed.  There will be no more pathetic moans and no rattling of your chain.  If you wake Mistress during the night, you'll get a spanking."

Lying on her side, Kate lifted her hooded and gagged head off the carpet.  She could hear Leah climbing into bed and pulling up the covers.  She was carrying through with her threat!  She doesn't mean it!  It's a joke.  Kate let her hooded and gagged head rest on the carpet, once again.  It's just a cruel joke.  She heard a quiet click, unlike the metallic snaps of the padlocks.  It may have been Leah turning off the bedside light, but under the layers of spandex covering Kate's eyes, the world was already pitch black.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 8
Leah had made complete, detailed preparations before starting her "experiment", beyond making sure all her new toys from Kinkorama were ready.  For example, her iPad was plugged in and propped open on the nightstand and she'd surreptitiously set a 60-minute timer in the clock app.  She tapped the "Start" button... and the countdown began.

1:00:00...  59:59...  59:58...  59:57...

Now, all Leah could do was wait.

Leah had absolutely no intention of leaving Kate bound, gagged, chained to the foot of the bed, and lying on the bedroom floor until morning.  It was a prank.  A cruel, vicious, playful prank.  An evil smile curled her lips.  Kate is gonna be so pissed off when I unlock her chain and drag her to bed!  It's gonna be great!

Lying on her back with her head and shoulders resting on a pile of pillows, Leah let her hands slide down her body to her crotch.

Kate will be squirming and struggling and so pissed off while I squeeze her breasts and stroke her tummy and spank her rump and diddle her pussy.  But eventually, she'll cum... and I'll do it again... and this time I'll lick her nipples... and crawl between her legs and lick her pussy.  It's gonna be...  So!  Great!

Suddenly, Leah realized what she was doing and jerked her hands away from her pussy.  She was getting ahead of herself.  Waiting a full hour until the iPad timer chimed was going to be difficult, but she'd already decided that was what she was going to do, and Leah Harper was a disciplined person.  Disciplined!  And horny.  Very horny.

There was a glimmer of doubt in the back of Leah's mind.  Was her prank too cruel? ....and not in a nice way?  Would Kate remain pissed off?  Even after "suffering" a half-dozen or so orgasms?  It was possible, but Leah considered it improbable.  And even if she had underestimated Kate's tolerance of her villainous depravity, the next time they played it would be Kate's turn to tie her up... or use the armbinder on her... or drop by Kinkorama and purchase something new she could use to entertain her... meaning Leah.

Leah also realized their next session (and there would be a next session) would be Kate's opportunity to make her best counterarguments that she was the top... meaning Kate... as opposed to Leah.

A shiver shook Leah's prostrate body.  The very idea of Kate being the top was absurd on its face... totally.  She realized her hands had crept back to her crotch—entirely on their own, of course—and jerked them to her sides and clenched them into fists.  She also sighed and bit her lower lip.  The iPad's screen was dark, the Auto-Lock feature having timed out, but she knew the timer was still running, even though the screen was dark.  She wasn't at all sure how much time remained until the alarm would sound; but she did know that however many minutes and seconds remained... they were too many.

Leah's heard the sound of Kate's chain tinkling, quietly.  It was barely audible.  Kate must have rolled over or made some other comfort movement.

Poor Kate.  So helpless.  At the mercy of her cruel mistress... me.

Another shiver shook Leah's form.  Her heart was tripping like a hammer and her nipples tingled as the soft cotton sheets slid across breasts... every time she took a breath.

There really is a monster on the loose, Leah thought, but it's different from the monsters that invaded the spa.  Bondage as crime is not fun, but bondage as a game?  Who knew?  If they ever get caught, I'll send the monsters-in-black a thank you note... once they're in prison. They may have triggered whatever's happening to us... but they're not the monsterThey're different monsters.

Time passed.

Leah lived up to her disciplined reputation.  She didn't play with herself, but she remained horny.  Really.  Horny.

And then—Finally!—it happened.  The iPad's alarm sounded and Leah lunged to the side and turned it off.

"Mrrrk?"  Kate's chain rattled as she lifted her hooded and gagged head.

Leah grinned as she threw back the covers and rolled out of bed.  It was time to play with Kate!  Her lover!  Her bottom! ...maybe.  Leah unlocked the padlock securing the D-ring of Kate's collar to the chain linking her to the bed frame, lifted the squirming, mewling, naked beauty to her bare feet, dragged her to the side of the rumpled bed, then gave her a shove.


Kate flopped down onto the mattress, twisted her body onto her side, and lodged a serious complaint—"Mrrf!"—when Leah landed on top of her body and began pawing, kissing, and licking her breasts, stomach, and thighs.  Kate fought her inescapable armbinder-bondage with Righteous Fury, continued mewling through her Cruel ball-gag, and stoically ignored what Leah was doing to her... NOT!  That is, she squirmed and kicked and twisted her body, but carefully.  She didn't really want to plant a shoulder in Leah's stomach or connect with a bare foot between Leah's legs, but she had to uphold her honor as a Naked Damsel in Erotic Distress, so she struggled.

Kate was relieved she hadn't been abandoned on the floor for the entire night (not that she'd really believed Leah would do something that cruel).  She'd known all along that it was all a prank, but nonetheless she was relieved to be off the floor and on the bed.  That said, she'd show Leah!  There was no way she'd respond to her lover's gliding hands and sliding tongue.  No way she'd react (in the usual manner) when Leah began licking her toes and stroking the inside of her thighs.  No way she'd allow Leah to spread her legs and lick her pussy... like she was licking it now.  No way.  A little shivering and quaking was only natural, but there was no way she'd let herself be teased to orgasm.  No.  Way.


Eventually, Kate whined through her gag and quaked in orgasm.

It happened... more than once.

Finally, Leah unlocked the padlock securing Kate's collar, released the buckle and removed the collar, pulled the now sweat-dampened spandex hood from Kate's head, then unbuckled and removed the ball-gag.  Kate blinked in the sudden light (meaning the decidedly dim light of the bedroom's nightlight, actually), then licked her dry lips and rounded on her captor, rescuer, and lover.

"You b-bitch!" Kate croaked.

"Hold that thought," Leah chuckled.  Kate's post-gag dry mouth was something she'd anticipated.  She reached for an insulated travel-tumbler resting on the nightstand next to her iPad, snapped open the little cover built into the lid, and held it to Kate's pouting lips.

Kate took a careful sip.  It was ice water.  She took another sip, then scowled as Leah thumbed the cover closed and returned the tumbler to the nightstand.  "Bitch," Kate reiterated, but obviously she wasn't really angry... much... if at all.  "Get me out of this armbinder," she demanded, wincing and rolling her strap-yoked shoulders.

"No," Leah giggled, then planted a kiss on Kate's right nipple.

"Yes," Kate huffed.

"No," Leah purred, then kissed Kate's left nipple.  She then kissed Kate's lips, and the kiss was returned... and lasted a while... and was deep and wet... with tongues.

Finally, they came up for air.

"So," Leah purred, "do you like being my bottom?"

Kate's pout morphed into a skeptical smile.  "Delusional much?  I'm not your bottom.  Let me go."

Leah hugged her captive lover and kissed her neck.  "How tragic.  It would seem you're going to take a lot of stern training."

"Just you wait 'til next time," Kate huffed.

Leah snuggled against Kate's naked, sweaty body... with her naked, sweaty body.  "You're gonna use the armbinder on me?  You're gonna make your counter argument and prove that I'm your bottom?  Isn't that cute."

Kate shrugged.  "Maybe the armbinder, maybe rope, maybe both.  And you'll let me."  She kissed the top of Leah's left breast.  "It's only fair."

"It's only fair," Leah agreed, and their lips met, again.

Several long, wet, slobbery seconds later, Leah pushed back.  "That'll be next time," she purred.  "This is still now."  She squirmed up the bed a couple of feet, rested her back against the pillows piled against the headboard, then spread her legs and indicated her crotch with a flip of the wrist and a pointing index finger.  "Slither on down there and do your duty," she instructed.

Kate favored her smug lover with a disgusted pout, then blew an errant curl of her tousled hair from her face.  "Promise me.  Next time I'll be the one on top."

"I promise," Leah purred.  "Next time you get to pretend you're on top."  She repeated the languid, graceful gesture.

Kate heaved a long-suffering sigh, suppressed a smile, and squirmed down the bed to position herself between Leah's legs until her shining face was inches from Leah's glistening pussy.

"It's good to be the top," Leah sighed, gently sliding her fingers into Kate's hair and taking a firm grip.

"Shut up," Kate groused, leaned forward, and slid her tongue the length of Leah's labia.

Leah shivered in response.  "It's good to be the top," she reiterated in a near whisper.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 8

Chapter 7