Rope! Fit 2B Tied

   by Van ©2017

Chapter 4

Dramatis Personæ


Leah was languishing in misery.  Maintaining her position atop the balance-ball office chair wasn't all that taxing—not for someone in her exquisite shape and with her ability to meditate and isolate her mind from her increasingly sore and aching body—and truth be told, the tight, well-crafted rope bonds were "helping" her maintain her posture.  She wasn't in danger of falling off her perch, it was a matter of whether or not she wanted the vertical ropes knotted in her hair and stretching up to the rafter overhead to take more or less of her weight.  Less required her to maintain her upright posture.  More allowed her to slump in her bonds, which her lower back and abs might appreciate but her scalp most definitely would not.

And then there was the issue of having been stripped naked.  Leah's tan, smooth skin gleamed with sweat.  She was sure her captors had turned up the heat, at least in her office.  Unfortunately, the added lubrication of perspiration wasn't helping her escape the brown ropes dimpling her flesh, enforcing the reverse-prayer box-tie and frog-tie, and lashing her in place.  Her bonds were uniformly tight (emphasis on tight), her awkwardly positioned fingers were useless, and no amount of wiggling, writhing, and squirming on her part seemed to make any difference.  None of the rope strands shifted or loosened or did anything but continue rendering her totally helpless.

Time continued passing.

Neither Leah's employees nor Kate had showed up to free her—and sufficient time had passed that it stretched credulity well past the breaking point to think that Kate was puttering around in the tearoom and Scout, Erin, Daphne, and Opal were serving coffee or chai, sweating in one the exercise rooms, or practicing asanas in one of the yoga studios, and none of them had noted Leah's uncharacteristic absence.  Someone should have come looking for her by now.  And the cops hadn't shown up either, so if this was a robbery it hadn't yet come to the attention of the authorities.

Suddenly, the office door opened and the black-clad, hooded kidnappers reappeared.  They released the vertical ropes linking Leah to the rafter overhead and coiled the free ends, but left them tied to her hair, looped around her neck, and knotted to her box-tie bonds.

"Ya know," the short kidnapper said to her taller companion, "playin' rope games with hot youngsters makes ya appreciate the mature hotness of their elders, like this one."

Leah's eyes popped wide in alarm.  'Youngsters'?  She has to mean the kids!  What did they do to the kids?

One gloved hand clutching the knotted rope and the back of Leah's head and the other the bound, gagged, and naked captive's bound hands, the tall kidnapper wheeled Leah and her chair through the office door.

"As a maturely hot elder myself," Dr. B chuckled, "I appreciate your kind words."

"Geesh," Suki scoffed, "full of yourself much?"

They continued down the hallway, pushing Leah and her balance ball office chair down the hallway in the direction of the front desk.

"I'm not a mature hottie?" Dr. B purred.

"No, you're not," Suki giggled.  "You're a kinky MILF."

"Remind me to torture you later," Dr. B drawled.

"When we're not busy," Suki agreed.

Just then they passed one of the yoga studios.  Leah thought she saw something from the corner of her right eye, but before she could turn her head (or attempt to turn her head, as her hair was still clutched in the tall kidnapper's tight grip) they were past.

Their destination was the tearoom beyond.  They made a right turn and...


Leah screamed through her gag, her eyes popped wide, and she fought her bonds for all she was worth!  In the center of the open space, atop a pair of square cafe tables that had been pushed together, was Kate!  And she was naked, lying on her back, and cocooned in multiple layers of clear plastic to one of the spa's yoga-boards!

"Mrrrf!" Kate screamed in return as Leah was rolled in her direction.  The mummified restaurateur squirmed in her bonds, but it was obvious that both her restraints and gag were even more effective than Leah's ropes and rolled super-absorbent towel gag.

Leah continued struggling as the kidnappers released the ropes lashing her to the balance ball chair's frame, then lifted her off the ball.  Her box-tie/reverse-prayer bonds remained intact, as did most of the frog-tie bonds, the ropes binding her legs with her knees bent.

"MRRRF!" Leah screamed again as the short kidnapper produced a plastic egg with a dangling electrical cable, anointed the off-white ovoid with lubricant, and slid it between her labia and into her vagina!  They then lifted her up and eased her down atop of Kate, positioning her bent and bound legs to either side of Kate's hips.  The prisoners were now crotch-to-crotch, and the arrangement became permanent (or at least long term) as they passed rope under the yoga-board and the tabletops and lashed Leah's bent and splayed legs in place.

Leah gazed down at Kate and Kate gazed up at her.  Leah noted that her lover's head was pinned to the board by bands of plastic and clear tape over her forehead and tape-gagged mouth.  Also, neat little circular cutouts in the mummifying plastic left Kate's nipples exposed, and the same went for her navel.  Kate's shoulders and neck, the only skin exposed, other than her bare feet, were flushed and beaded with sweat.  Obviously, she was somewhat overheated inside all that skintight plastic.

The kidnappers passed the ropes tied in Leah's hair, looped around her neck, and tied to the back of her box-tie over the rafter directly overhead.  The tall kidnapper pulled out the slack and the short kidnapper hopped up on a table and tied off the ends to another rafter.  Leah was now in the same pose and predicament she'd endured back in her office, only the part of the balance-ball was taken by her lover's plastic cocooned body!  Also, a plastic egg was lodged in her vagina!

Suddenly, Leah heard a quiet buzzing noise and felt a curious vibration emanating from somewhere between her legs.  At the same time, Kate flinched, mewled through her gag, and squirmed in her tight plastic cocoon.

"Good timing," Suki giggled as she lifted a metal box from beside Kate and Leah and plugged the cable from Leah's egg into a USB port.  There was already an identical cable and a much thicker cable plugged into the box.  "Now my exposition-slash-gloating scene will come with auditory and tactile teaching aids."

"Maybe next time you should add a slide show," Dr. B purred.

"I'll think about it," Suki giggled, then held the box where both Kate and Leah had a good view.  "AC power," she lectured, pointing to the thick cable.  It was plugged into a long extension cord that was passed over a rafter and disappeared through the serving window into the kitchen.  "And the other two cables power the eggs," Suki continued.  She hefted the box itself.  "And this is the brains of the outfit.  I cobbled it together from electronics hobby modules.  Timing circuits, power regulators, that sort of stuff

"You do realize you've never told them what the eggs actually are," Dr. B drawled, "don't you?"

Suki nodded at Kate.  "That one already knows," she said.  "Anyhoo, the eggs are vibrators and the box provides random timing and intensity and independent control.

Dr. B sighed and rolled her eyes.  "I watched you design and build the damn thing and I'm confused."  She took the box from Suki's hand and set it back down on the floor.  "Each egg will independently buzz for a few minutes, then stop, there will be a random rest period, then it'll buzz again."

"You guys know probability theory?" Suki asked.  "Keep track of who gets buzzed how often and at what setting, and eventually you should be able to derive the parameters."

"On the down side," Dr. B purred, "if both vibrators go off at the same time on high, you'll probably stop caring about data collection."

"Oh, good point," Suki giggled.  "Simultaneous orgasms for sure!"

Leah gazed down at Kate, and suppressed the urge to grind her hips.  Kate probably wouldn't appreciate the added stimulation.  It occurred to her that if Kate's egg had been intermittently buzzing for some unknown period before her arrival, it was a plausible alternative explanation for her plastic-wrapped lover's sweaty condition.

Dr. B and Suki took a step back and gazed down at the tableau of a box-tied Leah atop a plastic mummified Kate.

"Beautiful." Suki sighed.

"Beautiful," Dr. B agreed.

They spun on their heels and left the tearoom.

Leah locked eyes with Kate.  Kate shivered in her cocoon as the egg continued vibrating and Leah continued trying her best to remain perfectly still.  It was difficult.  Stimulation was emanating from the egg in her lover's pussy and somehow, a little of it was finding its way to Leah's own pussy.

Time passed.

Leah continued gazing down at her lover.  Kate panted through flaring nostrils and continued gazing up at Leah.

More time passed... and abruptly Kate's egg stopped buzzing.

As far as Leah could tell, Kate hadn't cum—and she had experience watching Kate cum.

Time continued to pass.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 4
"Noose?" Suki said to Dr. B as they reentered the locker room.

"I can do that," Dr. B responded, then extracted a coil of brown rope from the duffel bag, strolled to the largest open area in the locker room, released the coil, then hopped up on a bench and tossed one end over a rafter with a deft flip of the wrist.

Meanwhile, Suki had produced her key, unlocked the locker incarcerating their remaining employee-target, Opal, then returned the key and padlock to a pouch on her belt.

Opal blinked her brown eyes and tugged on her plasticuffed wrists when the door opened.

"Hiya, Miss Hanover," Suki said brightly.  "It's your turn."  She reached inside, grabbed Opal's waist, and—"Ooof!"—lifted her from the locker.

It was then that Opal noticed the noose the tall kidnapper had tied in the dangling rope.  Her eyes popped wide and she mewled through her gag.  "Mrrrpfh!"

Suki embraced Opal from behind with her arms wrapped around the blond captive's body and dragged her towards her partner and the waiting noose.

"Mrrrrk!"  Eyes still on the noose, Opal did her best to resist, but Suki kept her off balance and it wasn't a very long trip.  "Nrrr!"  The noose dropped over her head and tightened around her neck!

"Not to worry, Miss Hanover," Suki said as she released her embrace and took a step back.  "This is just a control measure.  We don't do snuff."

"Like I promised earlier," Dr. B confirmed, "no harm."

Opal didn't appear to be reassured.  She continued tugging on her wrist bonds—"Mrrr!"—then went up on her toes and froze when Dr. B pulled on the rope and removed all slack.

"I assume you fully appreciate the control aspect I just mentioned?" Suki inquired.

Opal nodded frantically, her eyes still wide.  The tall kidnapper slackened the rope and Opal came down off her toes.

Dr. B sat on a bench, the semi-slack rope still in her gloved hand.  "I should have let you handle all the youngsters," she chuckled.  "As I'm sure you appreciate, 'kinky MILFs' like myself need to take it easy.  Brittle bones."

"Of course," Suki giggled as she pulled the bandage scissors from her belt and clacked them together several times.

Opal stared at the scissors like a songbird hypnotized by a hungry snake.  The short kidnapper knelt at her feet and began slicing open the right leg of her yoga-pants.  Opal shivered and tugged weakly on her wrist bonds as the scissors slid against her skin... inch by inch... all the way up to the waistband over her right hip.  The left leg was next, then the yoga-pants fell away, exposing a pair of black spandex briefs.  They were outerwear, suitable for leading a yoga class after Opal removed the yoga-pants.

"Camel-toe alert!" Suki giggled, indicating the black spandex stretched over Opal's pussy, then proceeded to slice open and remove the briefs.  "And... a dark blond bush," Suki said, indicating Opal's pubic hair with the scissors.

"Hardly a surprise," Dr. B purred.  "I note she's a little more enthusiastic with the razor than the others."

"But it's not quite a Brazilian," Suki purred as she sliced open and removed Opal's sports bra.  She then knelt and removed the yoga instructor's sneakers and anklets, gathered all her ruined clothing, and added everything to the laundry hamper.  She then sat next to Dr. B on the bench.

Naked, ankle-bound with a plastic cable-tie, her wrists bound behind her back with plasticuffs, a super-absorbent towel rolled around a plastic cable-tie cleave-gagging her mouth, and a noose of brown rope around her neck, Opal tugged on her bonds, fidgeted on her bare feet, and gazed at her cat-suited and hooded captors.

"Oh," Suki sighed, "just look at—"

"Yes, yes," Dr. B chuckled.  "Gorgeous tan.  Flawless skin.  Outstanding muscle-tone.  Curvaceous curves.  Excellent boobs.  Big blue eyes.  I know."

"Way to ruin my gloating scene," Suki pouted, "again."

"Let's just sit here and savor the moment," Dr. B suggested.

"Okay," Suki agreed, then rested her hooded head on her boss' shoulder.

Opal blinked above her gag and gazed at her captors... who gazed back at her.

About a minute passed.

"Well," Suki sighed.  "I guess we better get a move on."

"Time waits for no villainess," Dr. B chuckled.

Suki heaved another sigh, then strolled to the open duffel and began pulling out coils of rope and tossing them in Opal's direction.

Opal flinched when the first coil landed on the concrete floor with a thump.

Over the next half-hour Suki crafted a tight, elaborate, and undeniably artistic box-tie of the "sadistic" variety, with Opal's wrists crossed and lifted against her spine and just below her shoulder blades.  As with any box-tie, bands of rope pinned the naked blonde's upper arms to her sides and yoked her shoulders, but additional bands crisscrossed between her breasts and formed a diamond-hitch pattern from her shoulders to her waist.  All the ropes were cinched and interlaced in a tight, complicated, and redundantly restrictive web.

Oh-by-the-way, Suki had paused in mid-bondage to retrieve two rolls of of white tape from the duffel, then proceeded to mummify Opal's fingers and hands.  The plastic tape used for the initial layers was stretchy and more tacky than adhesive.  It gripped itself better than it gripped Opal's skin.  The second layer was white medical tape with a fierce adhesive.  When Suki was done, Opal's hands had been transformed into a pair of white flippers, and the tape shrouds were smooth and skintight.

During the initial phase of her enhanced bondage being applied Opal had tried to resist, but Suki had taken the elementary precaution of binding her upper arms against her torso before removing the plasticuffs.  Also, when Opal started squirming in earnest, Dr. B tugged on the noose and pulled her up onto her toes, once again.  Opal took the hint, relaxed, and allowed herself be bound.

Suki's final flourish was a veritable cat's cradle of interconnected strands linked to Opal's upper body bonds and passing through her crotch.  And she tied a series of figure-eight knots in the vertical doubled strands that actually cleaved Opal's labia and butt-cheeks.  Finally, she used a short length of rope to bind Opal's thighs together, just above her knees, then cut the cable-tie binding her ankles and took a step back.

"Okay, half done," Suki announced.

Dr. B climbed to her feet and pulled the rope tethering Opal from over the rafter.  The rope slithered and fell, she formed it into a coil, then turned and headed for the door.  "Off we go," she announced.

The rope went taut, as did the noose around Opal's throat—"Nrrrk!"—and she had no choice but to stumble along in the tall kidnapper's wake.

"It's showtine!" Suki giggled as she pulled a long, baton-like, pink and black object from the duffel, and followed.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 4
Erin, Scout, and Daphne hung in their bonds... and endured.  They'd long since resigned themselves to the conclusion that escape from their rope bondage was patently impossible.  They endured.  It was their only option.

Suddenly, their black-clad and hooded captors returned to the yoga studio with a naked, bound, and gagged Opal in tow.

All four Harper-Ricci employees had the same simultaneous and well-muffled vocal reaction.


"Settle down, ladies," Suki said, then took a firm grip on Opal's hair and led her forward.  Dr. B was close behind, making sure there was plenty of slack in Opal's neck-rope.

Suki pointed to the ropes suspending Opal's fellow employees.  "As you can see, the key knots are at least five feet beyond your friends' reach and much closer to the rafters than the floor.  You guys are gonna need outside help to get free, by which I mean unbound outside help."

"No, ya think?" Dr. B drawled.

Suki turned her hooded face towards her boss.  "There ya go again," she pouted.  "Will you please let me conduct my gloating-slash-exposition scenes without snide comments from the peanut gallery?"

"Sorry, darling," Dr. B purred.  "By all means..."

"Harrumph."  Suki turned back to the dangling damsels.  "Anyhoo...  You won't be untying any of those knots, as I'm sure you agree, especially not tied up as you are, and soon, you'll be even more tied up."  She released her hold on Opal's hair, transferred the baton from her left hand to her right, and stepped forward and positioned herself behind Erin's hanging body.  "The knots and such are what I brought you here to see.  But speaking of 'and such'... and as long as we're here..."

Erin's green eyes darted back and forth above her gagged mouth.  Suspended and bound in the pike position, hands and feet down dangling down and her weight supported by ropes binding her thighs, torso, and hair, she could tell something was happening, but all the action was behind her behind.
The baton!
The baton was a pink and black, latex-clad, battery-powered vibrator!  Any bound and gagged damsel seeing the thing would reach that conclusion, and any doubt was removed when Suki thumbed a switch in the handle and the pink, rounded, business end of the thing began to audibly hum!

Erin's eyes popped wide and she screamed through her gag—"MRRRF!"—and flinched in her bonds when the short kidnapper pressed the tip of the baton against her labia!  The black-clad and hooded kidnapper held the vibrator in place and Erin continued to tug on her bound wrists, flutter her useless fingers, and wiggle her toes.  "Mrrrrrr!"  The vocalization was a pathetic whine, rather than an angry protest.

Suki rested her left palm on Erin's left butt-cheek, steadying the writhing ginger's squirming, swaying body as she began slowly sliding the baton up and down against Erin's pussy.

"Nrrrmpfh!"  Erin panted through flaring nostrils and shivered in her bonds.

"You seriously think she's gonna cum?" Dr. B inquired.

"Probably," Suki purred as she slid the buzzing pink ovoid back and forth.  "Okay... maybe.  I know she's scared."  She gave Erin's left butt-cheek a gentle pat with her left hand.  "Don't be afraid, little ginger.  It feels good, doesn't it?  It feels goooood."


"Yes it does," Suki giggled.  "It feels goooood."

The short kidnapper continued massaging Erin's now flushed and gleaming pussy with the buzzing baton.  All Opal, Scout, and Daphne could do was watch, of course.  Second followed buzzing second... and became a minute... then two.

"Mrrrf!" Erin complained, and she continued squirming and panting and complaining... but slowly, her muffled cries became... rhythmic.  "Mrrr-mrrr-mrrr-MRRRRR!"  She quivered and shook, her pale skin gleaming with sweat and flushed pink in places.  Then, she went limp in her bonds, still panting but otherwise motionless.

"There," Suki sighed.  She continued slowly stroking Erin's labia with the wand for several seconds, then clicked it off.  "Told ya so."

"I'd score that as a probable," Dr. B chuckled.

"Everybody's a critic," Suki sighed as she shifted position to stand behind Scout.  Hogtied and suspended in midair, the helpless brunette couldn't see Suki any better than Erin had been when Suki extracted the ginger's alleged orgasm.

Unable to see the shorter of the two kidnappers, Scout focused the angry glare on the tall one standing next to Opal.  "Mrrrpfh-urrrf!"  Her stern, gagged warning abruptly became a gagged whine when the unseen kidnapper clicked on her baton and pressed it against her labia!  "Nrrrrr!"

The vibrator continued buzzing... and gliding... and buzzing.

Scout shivered in her bonds and clenched her eyes tightly closed.  I am not going to cum! she promised herself.  The problem was, of course, that the vibrator was continuing to glide against her labia... and nudge her clitoris... and glide against her labia... and caress her inner thighs... and glide against her labia!  "Mrrrpfh.  Mrrrrr!"

Afterwards, Scout was never sure exactly how long it took the buzzing baton to tease her to orgasm, but it happened, despite her best efforts to ignore what the hellish thing was doing to some of her favorite body parts
.  It was humiliating.  Not her idea of pleasure.  And it wasn't anything she would call satisfying, not like the orgasms she experienced making love with Erin... back in their apartment... with neither of them bound and gagged and being toyed with by sinister kidnappers.

"I'd score that two for two," Dr. B chuckled as Suki clicked off the baton, "although neither one of them seemed particularly enthusiastic.  And number three is gonna be even more of a challenge."

"I love a good challenge," Suki purred as she sauntered forward until she was close beside Daphne.  "Hey there, Feisty," she giggled.  Unlike the others, this time Suki and her plaything were gagged-face-to-hooded-face.  Hanging from her wrists, ankles, and hair, Daphne was well positioned to glare into her tormentor's blue eyes, and she did so.  Suki's smile widened behind the mask of her hood.  "Oh, if looks could kill..."

Dr. B leaned even closer to Opal.  "What do you think, Blondie?" she inquired, "will Miss Hanover cum like a cute little British bunny?"

Opal stared straight ahead and didn't respond.  She had no choice but to witness her colleagues' humiliating ordeals, but she didn't have to participate... other than with her naked, bound, and gagged presence.

The short kidnapper wrapped her left arm around Daphne's legs, clicked on the baton still in her right hand, and pressed the head against the hanging Brit's pussy.  Daphne's legs and arms were in the way so she couldn't see the vibrator or her own pussy---not very well, anyway---but she could definitely feel the damned thing!  She managed to continue glaring and not flinch as the pipsqueak kidnapper massaged her pussy and its immediate surrounds with the baton's buzzing head.  She squeezed her thighs together, as tightly as she could, but the results were mixed.  It made her pussy a slightly more difficult target, but in the process pressed the throbbing business end against her inner thighs.  She was only impeding her tormentor's access to her labia and clit, not preventing her tormentor from teasing her nether region.  The massage continued.

Daphne steeled herself, trying to ignore the baton's buzzing head... and concentrate on glaring at her kidnapper... and imaging the blue-eyed little monster bound in ropes and dangling in her place, with Daphne the one teaching her the ins and outs of Vibrator-Enhanced Bondage Meditation.

A minute passed.

Now, Daphne was panting and sweating, and still glaring with smouldering anger.

Another minute passed.

Suki kept sliding the vibrator against Daphne's labia, embracing the captive's legs with her left arm, and returning her furious gagged glare with a hooded smile.  Finally, a series of shivers shook Daphne's flushed, shining, hanging body, and her angry eyes brimmed with tears.  "I suppose I could continue running down the batteries," Suki said, "but what ya say we score this one as 'highly marginal' and call it an orgy."

"Not my idea of an orgy," Dr. B chuckled, "and I'm sure the others agree, but I'll grant you the marginal."

"Awesome sauce!" Suki giggled, switched off the baton, released Daphne's legs, and returned to Dr. B's side.

A tear dripped down Daphne's cheek and was absorbed by her gag.

Opal was also crying, or at least her blue eyes were wet.

"On to the next exhibit?" Suki suggested.

"Might as well," Dr. B agreed.  "Miss Hanover has seen what she needs to see."

"And I've had my fun," Suki giggled.

The kidnappers left the yoga studio with Opal in tow.

Needless to say, Erin, Scout, and Daphne remained behind.  The sweat had already dried on Erin and Scout and was beginning to dry on Daphne.  All three had stopped panting and Daphne's eyes no longer brimmed with tears.  She was still angry, of course, and worried about Opal.  Also (ominously), it was a safe assumption that Leah and Kate were also in some sort of trouble.  Were they the "next exhibit" the tall kidnapper had mentioned?

The naked trio hung in their bonds and fumed—and worried—and were scared.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 4
Leah gazed down at her plastic-wrapped, tape-gagged, and utterly helpless lover.  Kate had cum twice since their kidnappers had left them in their current, horrible predicament.  Her shoulders and neck—just about the only parts of Kate's body not shrouded in tight layers of clear plastic—glistened with sweat.  Kate's bare feet were probably sweaty as well, but the ropes tied in Leah's hair, loosely looped around her neck, tied to her box-tie bonds, and "encouraging" her upright posture would punish her scalp if she tried looking back over her shoulders to confirm her suspicions.  It wasn't worth the effort.

Panting through flaring nostrils and trying to think cool thoughts, Kate gazed up at Leah.  She was sure her lover had cum once, in between Kate's pair of involuntary orgasms.  She was sure Leah could feel it when the egg-shaped vibrator lodged in Kate's own pussy buzzed.  She could certainly feel it when Leah's vibrator sprang to life.  Leah had more freedom to squirm and wiggle—more so than Kate's plastic wrappings, anyway—and she could she Leah had tried to remain perfectly still while her egg did its thing... but Kate was only human... a naked, sweaty, incredibly sexy and attractive human.

The kidnappers' insidious control box was currently allowing them a rest period, but that could change at any second.

Kate noticed that Leah had shifted her gaze towards the direction of the tearoom entrance. then she heard footsteps and their kidnappers came into her more limited field of view.  And Opal was with them!  And their incredibly cute, competent, and just plain nice yoga instructor was naked, elaborately bound, and gagged with a tightly rolled absorbent towel, like Leah!

"As you can see," the shorter kidnapper said, apparently for Opal's benefit, "your pretty bosses are just as helpless as your fellow wage-slaves, or even more so.  Also, it's gonna take something sharp to free the one with the ginormous schnaze from her boogey board, and the ropes binding the other one are knotted up near the ceiling, like with your friends in the yoga studio.  She pointed at the vibrator control box.  "I've thoughtfully tucked eggs inside their lady-bits, and this box turns them on and off at random intervals.  I suppose you could try unplugging it, somehow, but as you can see, the power cord's draped over the rafters and is well out of reach.  And even if you did somehow manage to pull the plug... they'd still be just as helpless, wouldn't they?"

Opal gazed at her helpless bosses (and friends) with teary eyes.  Vibrators.  The evidence was plain to see in the form of the thin cable trailing from beneath Kate's wrappings and from under Leah's bound body, and both Kat and Leah were flushed and glistening with sweat.

Suddenly, the short kidnapper embraced Opal from the side.  "So far, everybody has gotten to play with vibrators but you."  She switched on the baton vibrator still in her hand and it began to buzz.  "That hardly seems fair, does it?"

"Mrrrrmpfh!" Opal complained.  The short kidnapper was sliding the business end of the baton against her labia and inner thighs!  "Nrrrrr!"

"What do you suppose are the odds of all three vibrators going off simultaneously?" Dr. B inquired.

Suki continued teasing Opal's pussy with the humming baton.  "Astronomical."

Opal continued twisting and squirming.  "Mrrrrf!"

"Oh, hardly," Dr. B purred.  "Unlikely?  Yes.  Astronomical.  No."

"Whatever."  Suki continued "entertaining" the frantic bound and gagged blonde with the baton.

One minute became two.  Both Kate and Leah's vibrators remained quiet... but Opal's new friend continued buzzing away.  Eventually, Opal succumbed to the waves of titillating energy, shivered in orgasm, and whined through her gag.  "Mrrrrr."

Suki clicked off the baton.

Opal panted through flaring nostrils, her eyes wet with tears, once again, and now her smooth, tan body glistened with a patina of sweat.

"Now that nobody feels neglected," Suki purred in Opal's ear, "let's move on to our fun endgame, shall we?"

"We shall," Dr. B agreed, and took in the slack of Opal's neck-tether.

Suki released her embrace, dropped the baton into the duffel, zipped it closed and picked it up, then, together with Dr. B, led the still recovering blonde captive from the tearoom.

Atop the table, helpless in their plastic and rope bonds, Leah and Kate watched the departure... Leah for longer than Kate with her superior field of view... and then they were alone, once again.

Suddenly, Leah's egg began vibrating.  She yelped through her gag—"Mrrrf!"—and shivered in her bonds.

Kate stared at her gleaming and helpless lover and tried to ignore the secondhand buzz from Leah's egg.

Both their thoughts were on the same thing.

'Fun endgame'?
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 4

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