Rope! Fit 2B Tied

   by Van ©2017

Chapter 2

Dramatis Personæ


"Okay, that's three down and three to go," Suki announced.  She'd replenished the chloroform cloth and it was ready at hand, inside its plastic-lined pouch on her utility belt and ready for action.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious," Dr. B chuckled.  "You aren't nervous, are you, darling?"

The two cat-suited, hooded figures were standing at ease several yards from the spa's front entrance, awaiting the arrival of the next spa employee or boss.  They agreed it would probably be the cute little English fitness instructor, but it could be Kate Ricci.  Their worst case scenario was both damsels arriving at once, but they were prepared for that contingency.

"No, I'm not nervous," Suki huffed.

"In terms of hand-to-hand combat, the little Brit will be the greater challenge," Dr. B said, then patted the holster of the derringer-sized tranquilizer pistol on her belt.  "You sure you don't want me to just plunk a dart in her cute little butt as soon as she shows her adorable little face?"

"Hell no," Suki huffed.  "What's better than wrestling with a feisty cutie?"

"Watching two feisty cuties wrestle?" Beebe purred.

"Such wit," Suki drawled, "such jocularity."

"I try," Dr. B purred.

Just then, they heard the sound of the spa's front doors being unlocked and opened... followed by the sound of them being closed and relocked.  Next came the quiet squeak of sneakers on the linoleum floor as someone walked down the hallway, but the hunters had already faded into the shadows and taken up their ambush positions.
A soprano voice with a British accent called down the semi-dark hallway.  "Hello?  Are you there?"  There was no response.  "Why are the lights not burning?  Are you skivers drinking tea and noshing Kate's morning crepes?"  Daphne Hoyle, Suki's hypothetical wrestling partner, had arrived.  "Have you lazy lot accomplished nothing?  Well, don't expect me to—mrrrf!"

Daphne had been seized from behind and a hand was clamped over her mouth, and it included a chloroform soaked cloth!  Instantly, she shifted into self-defense mode and raised a foot to stomp down on her assailant's foot—but before she could act a second assailant appeared from nowhere and punched her in the stomach!  She gasped through the cloth and hand-gag—"Mrrrf!"—then drew a deep breath, a reflex response that didn't exactly help her cause.  Her struggles weakened, her eyes rolled up in her head, and she went limp in her attacker's arms.

"That was rude," Dr. B drawled.

"I only hit her hard enough to make her suck fumes," Suki responded.  "Maybe I was a little nervous that she'd swing-kick me into oblivion and leave you to deal with her kung-fu on your own."

"Unlikely," Dr. B purred as she lowered Daphne to the floor, tugged her jacket and purse off her limp form, then plasti-cuffed her wrists behind her back, "but quick and dirty is better than an extended dance number."

Suki helped by vripping a cable-tie around Daphne's ankles, then cleave/bit-gagged their prey with another super-absorbent towel rolled around a cable-tie.

Beebe and Suki stood and gazed down at their latest conquest.  Daphne's uniform-of-the-day was a black, sleeveless, full-length leotard with narrow shoulder straps and an exposed back crisscrossed by more narrow straps.

"I like her skin," Suki sighed.

"What's not to like?" Beebe agreed, then stooped and lifted Daphne's bound, gagged, and unconscious form onto her shoulder.  "Chop-chop," she admonished her sidekick.  "No more dawdling."

"I'm not dawdling," Suki huffed as she picked up Daphne's jacket and purse and followed her damsel-burdened mentor to the locker room.

When they arrived, two of the lockers were shaking and rattling and muffled mewling sounds were emanating from within.

"I see that everybody's awake," Dr. B chuckled as she settled Daphne to her sneaker-clad and ankle-bound feet. 

Suki dropped Daphne's jacket and purse into the laundry hamper, then opened the unconscious Brit's locker so Beebe could stuff her inside.  "This one isn't too far behind," Suki chuckled.  "She's already squirming a little."  She closed the locker door and snapped a padlock through the latch.  "Four down."

"And two to go," Dr. B purred, took Suki's hand, and they strolled from the locker room.

Behind in the semi-dark space, a third locker started rattling and a third voice joined the ongoing "conversation."



Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 2
The sun continued to rise, and while the street traffic wasn't yet anything like the crush of rush hour, it was on the rise and more and more pedestrians were out and about, and among them...
Golly, it's
Unlike the other employees (and the other boss) of the Harper-Ricci Day Spa and Tearoom, Kate Ricci was not in the habit of reporting to work in exercise togs.  She kept a selection of leotards, yoga-pants, and sports bras in the closet of her office in the back of the tearoom and almost always showed up for work in a sundress, designer jeans and blouse, or some other stylish outfit appropriate to the season.  Today that meant saddle-brown knee-boots, a pink sweater-dress, and a tan, lightweight car coat with her purse slung over one shoulder.  Her long, brown tresses were loose about her shoulders with strands blowing in the breeze as she strolled down the sidewalk.

Did heads turn as Kate passed?  Hell yes heads turned as Kate passed.

Kate's smile faded as she approached the spa's front door.  The security gate was still rolled up only halfway.  It was a good ten minutes 'til the official opening time, but by now the gate was usually up, the entryway lights on, and the tasteful, LED "OPEN" sign glowing.  Somebody was behind the curve.  Kate rolled the gate the rest of the way up, herself, then found the glass double doors were still locked.  She sighed, fumbled for her key ring, and let herself in.

Everything was more-or-less dark.  The only light was indirect, morning light shining through the high windows of the exercise rooms, yoga studios, and massage/meditation spaces on either side down the central hallway.

"Hello!" Kate called... and received no reply.  She decided to lock the doors behind her, drop her coat and purse in her office, then find Leah and the kids and learn the cause of the delay.  There had to be a logical reason they weren't opening on time.

Kate made the turn into the restaurant, which should have been ready for coffee, chai, smoothie, or power-shake orders from early bird customers.  Instead, all was dark and quiet, like the spa spaces.  It didn't take very long to get the tearoom ready, and it was rare to get any orders before the first class of the day, but somebody should have at least turned on the lights and especially started the big samovar.  It took several minutes to come to the proper temperature.

Kate passed through the small kitchen area, opened her office, removed her purse and coat and hung them from the hooks on the backside of the door, then sighed, stretched, straightened her dress, and turned to find the others.  She assumed they were somewhere in the back, and—"Mrrrpfh!"

Someone had grabbed Kate from behind and had a hand clamped over her mouth and her elbows pinned together behind her back!  She screamed again—"Mrrrf!"—then yelped as a female figure in black stabbed a needle into her right bicep and gave her an injection!  She continued squirming and fighting... but her escape efforts grew weaker and weaker... "mrrrr" did her attempts to scream for help.  And then... she found she could barely move!  Kate's
eyes remained open and she found she could blink, but was otherwise more-or-less paralyzed!  The first attacker released the hand-gag, both attackers lifted her by the arms and legs, then carried her into the main restaurant and deposited her on a pair of square cafe tables that had been pulled together.

Her long, brown hair falling off the end of one table and her boot heels nearly projecting off the end of the other, Kate lay on her back and stared up at the dark ceiling.  Her mouth twitched, her eyes rolled, and her fingers twitched, but that was all she could manage by way of voluntary motion.

The attackers loomed over her.  Both were female and dressed totally in black, including sinister hoods that covered their faces and heads.  Both had blue eyes, and one was taller than the other.

"Look at that ginormous schnauze," the shorter attacker chuckled.

"Schnauze?" the taller attacker drawled.

"Schnauze, honker, proboscis...  Whatever you call it, it's big."

"Oh," the other said, "you mean her Noble Roman Nose?  So what?  She's beautiful."

"Like Cher, Lake Bell, and Adele Dazeem," the short attacker said.  "They all got 'em: ginormous schnauzes.  And I never said she ain't beautiful."

"Well... one more target remains," the tall attacker purred, "and this one will be paralyzed for at least 90 more minutes.  I'll be out front."

"I'll join you soon," the short attacker replied. The tall attacker nodded, then turned and left Kate's rather limited field of vision.

The short attacker had also stepped away, and now Kate found she couldn't even wiggle her fingers.  She was completely paralyzed.
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 2
The first formally scheduled yoga class of the day at Harper-Ricci wasn't until mid morning, but it was Opal Hanover's habit to come in early and either conduct an informal class for her coworkers or participate in one of their informal staff aerobics classes.  Today she was wearing sneakers and anklets, dark gray yoga-pants over a pair of black stretch-briefs, a blue and white sports bra, and a heather-gray fleece zip-jacket.  Her purse was over her right shoulder and her long, straight, flaxen hair pulled back in a tight ponytail that swayed as she strode down the sidewalk.Sara-Jean!

Opal glanced at her watch as she approached the building, noting that the day spa and tearoom wasn't open for business.  The "OPEN" sign was dark, and a copy of today's class schedule hadn't yet been printed out and posted in the little transparent plastic frame mounted on the inside glass of the left door.  She took hold of the handles and rattled the doors.  Locked.  Huh.  She produced her keys, unlocked the doors, then crossed the threshold and the doors swung closed behind her.

"Hello?" Opal called as she passed the front desk.  "Why aren't we open?  Hello?"

Suddenly, a hooded female figure in black lunged from behind the counter, grabbed Opal from behind, clamped a chloroform-soaked cloth over her nose and mouth, and pinned her arms behind her back.  Opal squirmed and struggled, but her attacker was strong.  "Mrrrrrf!"  She blinked in wide-eyed alarm as a second female figure in black casually strolled towards them down the dark hallway.  She continued struggling... then slumped into unconsciousness.  The second attacker was still yards away.

"Glad you could join us," Dr. B purred as she eased Opal's limp body to the floor.

"Don't blame me," Suki chuckled, gesturing at the unconscious yoga instructor.  "She's the one with the bad timing."

"Well... deal with her," Dr. B ordered, "while I handle the front door."

Suki knelt at Opal's side, pulled the unconscious blonde's purse off her shoulder, peeled the fleece jacket from her arms and torso, then plasticuffed her wrists behind her back, cable-tied her ankles together, and vripped a tight, absorbent-towel-cable-tie-cleave-gag in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Dr. B had locked the front doors.  Next, she slid a sheet of white paper into the schedule holder on the back of the left door. Hand-printed with a broad-tip magic marker and easily read from the street was the message: "CLOSED FOR EMERGENCY PLUMBING REPAIRS."

Dr. B returned to the scene of their final capture, lifted Opal's bound, gagged, and unconscious body onto her shoulder, and headed for the locker room.  Suki followed with Opal's purse and jacket.

"I'm doing all the heavy lifting," Beebe complained as they entered the locker room.

"That's because you're the statuesque amazon," Suki chuckled.  She added Opal's jacket and purse to the covered laundry cart, then opened the locker next to the rattling, mewling lockers incarcerating Scout, Erin, and Daphne.  Dr. B eased Opal to her feet, positioned her inside the locker, and Suki closed and padlocked the door.

"Let the fun begin!" Suki laughed.

"It hasn't been fun 'til now?" Br. B inquired.

"Okay," Suki giggled, "let the real fun begin!"

Hand in hand, the kidnappers strolled from the locker room.

The first three lockers continued rattling and mewling.




A minute passed, then a fourth, well-muffled voice joined the chorus.

"Mrrrk?  MRRRK!"
Fit 2B Tied 
 Chapter 2
Dr. B and Suki returned to the tearoom to find Kate Ricci still flat on her back atop a pair of square cafe tables and still suffering the effects of Beebe's paralytic drug.  That is, she was lying perfectly still as if in a deep sleep... or a coma.

"I'll get what we need and you can get started," Dr. B said.

"So kind," Suki giggled, then stepped forward and smiled down at Kate's relaxed face.  Kate gazed up through drooping, half-open eyelids.  "Hello in there," Suki purred.  "Let's make you more comfortable, shall we?"

Not surprisingly, Kate didn't respond.

Suki unzipped Kate's right boot... then pulled it from her right leg and foot.  The left boot followed.  Next she unbuttoned Kate's sweater dress, starting at the top between her breasts, and working her way down to the bottom hem.  She then opened the dress, exposing Kate's white bra, nude pantyhose, and a pair of white, underlying bikini-briefs.

"Oh, nice!" Suki sighed as she tugged the dress' sleeves down Kate's arms, then pulled the pink garment from under her limp torso and rump.  "Just look at that body."

"She is in excellent shape," Dr. B agreed.  "Skin tone... healthy tan... muscle definition... percent body fat...  Excellent."

Suki stepped to the foot of the table supporting Kate's lower body, pulled a compact pair of bandage scissors from her utility belt, then pinched the reinforced toe of Kate's right pantyhose, stretched it away from her real toes, then used the scissors to snip the nylon fabric.  She continued snipping, slicing an ever-growing cut up Kate's right foot... then along the outside of her right leg.  The blunt tip slid against Kate's skin all the way up to and through the waistband over her right hip.  Suki returned to base of the table and did the same to the left foot and leg.  Finally, she pulled the ruined pantyhose away and tossed them atop the rumpled dress.

Beebe watched, smiling behind the hood covering her lips and face, as Suki sliced open and removed first Kate's panties... and then her bra.  The restaurateur was now completely nude, lying flat on her back with her arms at her sides, feet together, and her hair cascading off the head of the table under her upper body.

"She'll do," Suki sighed.

"Her glorious Roman nose is growing on you?" Dr. B chuckled.

Suki reached for her own hood-covered nose with her gloved hands.  "Heaven forbid!" she gasped, then removed her black gloves and tucked them into her belt.  She then pulled up her sleeves, exposing her forearms, hands, and fingers, and donned a pair of latex gloves.

Beebe watched as her minion (and soon to be junior partner) opened a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from the tearoom kitchen, poured a dollop onto her left glove, rubbed her latex-clad hands together, then began massaging Kate's breasts.  "Just out of curiosity," Beebe purred as Suki's oil massage continued, "the rest of the cuties get the rope treatment, but this one is somehow... special?"

Suki's oil-drenched, latex-clad fingers and hands slid over Kate's tan, smooth skin.  "I've always wanted to try a 'Full Dexter' on a beautiful damsel."  She expanded the scope of her massage to include Kate's neck, shoulders, arms, and torso.  "As for why this one?"  She oiled and massaged Kate's hips, flat tummy, thighs, and began working her way down the drug-paralyzed beauty's legs.  "Why not?"  She oiled Kate's feet, and now, from the neck down, Kate's nude, tan body glistened and gleamed.

"Will you need to use any of what we brought with us?" Dr. B inquired, gesturing to the black nylon duffel bag on a nearby table.

Suki nodded to the rolls of transparent shrink-wrap on another table.  "Only the tape.  I found plenty of Dexter-wrap in the pantry."

"Dexter-wrap," Dr. B chuckled.  "Imagine the packaging and marketing campaign."

"Indeed," Suki agreed, gazing down at Kate's nude, glistening form.  She shifted her hooded gaze to her boss.  "The board?"

"I'll be right back," Beebe replied, turned, and left the tearoom.

Suki returned to gazing at Kate... all of Kate.  "This is gonna be a lot of fun," she purred.
yoga board
In less than a minute Dr. B returned with a "Yoga Board."  It was a long, narrow, plywood plank, 69 inches by 16 inches by one-inch, with rounded ends and four shallow hardwood rockers solidly screwed to the underside.  It was designed to be ridden something like a surfboard, to make standing asanas (yoga poses) even more challenging.  Suki intended putting it to a different use.

Dr. B placed the board next to Kate's form, then, with Suki's help, lifted her onto the board.  As Kate was 5' 2" in her stocking feet (or nude and glistening with oil), her entire body was a good fit.

Suki selected a roll of shrink-wrap and set to work, bringing her "Full Dexter" brainstorm to fruition.

She started by wrapping Kate's right hand and fingers, then continued up her arm to her armpit.  Kate's left hand and arm received identical treatment, then Suki wrapped each of Kate's legs from ankle to upper-thigh.  Next, with Dr. B lifting the lower half of the board, she stretched and wrapped layer after layer of transparent wrap, binding Kate's oiled and already wrapped gams together and to the board.  She included Kate's flipper-like, wrapped hands, binding them against her thighs.

The next step was wrapping and binding of Kate's upper body to the board.  This part of the process was slightly complicated by Suki placing shallow, two-inch cups of translucent plastic, the kind used to hold condiments, over Kate's nipples and bellybutton before she stretched and applied the layers of wrap.  It was tricky holding the cups in place while the first layer compressed and adhered to Kate's oiled breasts, and thereby held the cups in place, but with Dr. B's help she persevered.  The same was true for the navel cup, but they managed.

Taut, stretched sheet followed taut, stretched sheet, until Kate was cocooned to the board from shoulders to hips and from thighs to ankles by twenty or more layers of tight, clinging layers of clear wrap.  Kate's head and feet were exposed, as was her crotch, but the rest of her body was shrouded in plastic.

"I got to do the pantyhosectomy," Suki said to Dr. B, "so you wanna do the cupectomies?"

"I am the surgeon in the room," Dr. B purred.  "You can assist."  She gripped the cup shielding Kate's left nipple with her left hand, lifted the cup, slightly stretching the plastic over Kate's left breast, then held out her right hand.  "Scissors."  Playing the role of surgical nurse, Suki slapped the bandage scissors into Dr. B's right palm.  With careful, deft precision, Dr. B snipped the plastic away from the full circumference of the cup... then tossed the cup away.  The plastic wrap layers snapped back in place. leaving Kate's left nipple and areola exposed to the air, once again.  A right "cupectomy" followed... and then the "cupectomy' that exposed Kate's bellybutton.

"Wanting to have the nipples available is obvious," Suki explained, using her right index finger to trace the perfect circles of plastic around the nipples in question.  "And as for the bellybutton..."  She traced the circumference of the circle framing Kate's navel as well.  "Aesthetics.  She has a cute 'innie'."

"And once again we hear from Captain Obvious," Dr. B chuckled.
          Gorilla Tape!
Suki returned to the duffel and produced a roll of clear tape.  "The right tool for the next phase of the job," she purred as she removed the mainly orange cardboard packaging, freed the end of the roll, and set to work.  Dr. B helped as before, but this time it was easier for her to lift Kate and the board as they were now one plastic-wrapped unit.

Soon, multiple redundant bands of the clear, heavy-duty tape reinforced Kate's shrink-wrap bondage above her breasts but below her bare shoulders—below her breasts, across her elbows, and above her exposed bellybutton—across her thighs and plastic-wrapped fingers—above and below her knees—and across her ankles.  Suki was careful that each of the six to eight layers of each band was stretched taut as it was applied, and made sure the super-strong adhesive only touched first plastic and then the earlier layers of tape, but never skin.  She expended one full roll of tape and most of a second.

Once again Suki returned to the duffel and this time returned with a elliptical vibrator of white plastic the size of a small chicken egg.  It had a long, thin USB cable attached.  She anointed the egg with a little olive oil... then proceeded to insert it into Kate's pussy.

"Don't you think it would have been a lot easier if you'd done that first?" Dr. B inquired.

"Easier, "Suki giggled, "but it's more fun this way.  And the oil already on her thighs and pussy-lips helps a lot."

"Whatever," Dr. B chuckled, then lifted the board so Suki could add a few more layers of wrap and tape over Kate's hips and upper thighs, sealing in the vibrator... not that there was any way the prisoner-of-the-board could have expelled the device if the additional layers weren't there, of course.

Kate was now cocooned from shoulders to ankles (with exposed nipples and navel), but her captors weren't yet finished.

Dr. B lifted Kate's head so Suki could slide a folded tea towel underneath to act as a pillow.  Suki then retrieved Kate's ruined panties, gave them a delicate sniff through her hood, then wrapped them around a two-inch ball of pink foam she'd retrieved from the duffel and stuffed the panties and ball into Kate's mouth.

"Her panties?" Dr. B drawled as Suki used a wide strip of translucent, hypoallergenic medical tape to tape Kate's lips together and seal the panties and ball inside.

"Oh, please," Suki giggled as she carefully tore a strip of shrink-wrap from a roll and stretched it across Kate's lower face from just under her nose to the tip of her chin.  "You'd deduct style points if I didn't include her panties.  Anyway, I really don't know why I bothered.  She hasn't been wearing them very long.  A pity there isn't a hamper with a day-old, post-exercise gobstopper in the back where she keeps her yoga outfits."

"You bothered 'cause you're incapable of restraining yourself," Dr. B chuckled.

"Hey!" Suki objected. "I'm good at self-bondage.  You know that."

Dr. B didn't answer.  Instead, she continued holding Kate's head steady as Suki used the clear, heavy-duty tape to pin Kate's head in place with six tight, taut passes around the board and over her stuffed, taped, and plastic-wrapped mouth.  Finally, Suki used another narrow strip of plastic-wrap to shield Kate's forehead, then used the rest of the roll to tape the prisoner-of-the-board's upper cranium in place.

"And... we're done," Suki said as she tidied up, returning the tape's empty cardboard tube to the duffel.  She zipped the bag closed, then returned to Dr. B's side to smile down at their helplessly cocooned plaything.

Dr. B shook her head.  "That's not a Full Dexter," the senior kidnapper stated.

Suki turned her hooded head towards her hooded boss.  "It's not?"

"That's a Super Dexter," Dr. B clarified.

"Awww..." Suki sighed and leaned the side of her hooded head against Dr. B's shoulder.  "You're so nice."

Dr. B glanced at her watch.  "Fifteen to thirty minutes," she purred.

"Til she can move?" Suki inquired.

"So to speak," Br. B drawled.

Seconds passed... and became a minute.

"Ain't she beautiful all bundled up like that?" Suki said quietly.

"She is," Dr. B agreed, took Suki's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.  "They're always beautiful once we 'accessorize' them."

"Especially since we've pre-selected good looking candidates," Suki giggled.

Dr. B rolled her eyes.  "Way to ruin the moment," she sighed, then spun on her heel and walked away.

"I try," Suki giggled, then hurried to follow.

Kate remained behind, paralyzed for the next several minutes and knowing she would remain totally helpless even after the drug released her body.  The shrink-wrap and tape would see to that.

Fit 2B Tied 
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