Oddities indeed!

by Van ©2015

Chapter 2



The next morning, after her customary morning shower, Kennedy bounded down the Castle stairs and found Vivienne and Lena in the kitchen.

"There you are, sleepyhead," Vivienne teased.

"What?" Kennedy responded with a defensive smile.  "It's the crack of dawn."

"We rise early," Lena explained as she continued cooking what looked to be a delicious breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and bacon.

Vivienne poured a cup of coffee for her friend as Kennedy sat down.  "We usually don't eat this heavy," she explained with a grin, "but Lena likes to show off."

"You'll work it off before lunch," Lena purred, favoring Vivienne with a significant look.

Vivienne winked at Kennedy and nodded towards Lena.  "Personal trainer, remember?  She can be a real bitch."

"What do you do?" Kennedy asked, "run?"

"Yeah, weather permitting," Vivienne nodded.  "We also swim and—"  She paused to sip her own coffee.  "Oh, that's right.  I haven't yet shown you the gym."

"You have a gym?"  Kennedy wondered what other amenities might be lurking in the luxurious but eccentric labyrinth that was Stately Vidler Manor.

"I'll give you a real tour after breakfast," Vivienne said, "then get you settled into the library.  That's where most of the records are stored and there's a worktable where you can lay things out and plug in your laptop."

"And you're invited to join Miss Vivienne in the gym for her morning workout at ten o'clock," Lena added as she carried a platter of pancakes, bacon, and sausages to the table.

"I'm afraid I didn't think to bring any workout clothes," Kennedy confessed.

"No problem," Vivienne smiled.  "You're a tiny runt, but I have stuff you can borrow."

Kennedy grinned and rolled her eyes.  This wasn't the first time Viv had teased her with the "tiny runt" remark, and Viv did have a couple of inches on Kennedy's 5' 2"; however, they'd often shared clothes in college and it was abundantly clear they still could.

"I have a swim scheduled for the afternoon workout," Lena announced, then indicated the food with an gesture.  "Dig in."

"We swim as much as we can this time of year," Vivienne explained as she used her fork to lift a pair of pancakes and transfer them to Kennedy's plate.  "The lake freezes over most of the winter, so we make the most of it while we can."

"I didn't bring a swimsuit, either," Kennedy said.

"Even less of a problem," Vivienne giggled.  "We skinny dip.  House rules.  And there's plenty of sunscreen.  You can borrow that too."

"The water's cold," Lena said, "but crystal clear and clean enough to drink.  It's exhilarating."

Kennedy nodded as she transferred her share of the bacon and sausage to her plate.  "Uh... okay."  Skinny dip?  Kennedy anointed her pancakes with maple syrup.  Well, it's just us girls, she thought as she sliced off a bite of pancakes, forked it into her mouth, and began to chew.  Far be it from me to break the house rules, and it's not like I didn't see Viv naked or nearly naked a million times at school.

The Curious Case...
Chapter 2

The far less hectic and far more detailed after-breakfast tour started at the top of the Castle.

It turned out the crenelations ringing the tops of the towers and the outer margins of the area between were affectations, like the window bars.  In fact, the summits of the towers weren't designed for human use, and were accessible only via trapdoors and ladders from below.  They certainly weren't suitable as guard posts from which Lady Vidler's men-at-arms could keep watch for invading armies.  The towers played host to the Castle's chimneys, plumbing vents, and satellite dishes, but only the area in between was habitable.  In fact, it was quite pleasant, with a flagstone deck, an elegant set of teak table and chairs, and a spectacular view of the surrounding forest and the lake.

The various rooms of the Castle were well-appointed, as Kennedy remembered from the day before.  The top floor was divided between a large master suite, reserved for "Aunt Renee" when she visited, and a second, equally large VIP guest suite.  The next floor down included Vivienne's bedroom, Lena's bedroom, and a third chamber of similar size.  Oddly, it was devoid of all furnishings.  Kennedy's bedroom was one floor below, along with two more essentially identical guestrooms.  Next came what had been the ground floor of the Castle before the earth-sheltered expansion that was Down Below.  It held the former kitchen, which had been renovated into a large office for Lena's use.  Next to it was the library, with all four walls lined with bookshelves from ceiling to floor.

Every door in the Castle was of heavy timber, reinforced with decorative iron bands, and all had hefty locks.  There were some doors that Vivienne couldn't open.  She explained that they were closets and former servants' quarters that neither Vivienne nor Lena had ever felt the need to enter.  Kennedy noted that all the Castle door hardware sets were nineteenth century reproductions of Medieval hinges and latch mechanisms, but the actual locks in the housings were modern.  Vivienne agreed that at some point Lena would have to find the appropriate keys so Kennedy could complete her mandate.

Down Below—the "new," earth-sheltered additions that dated from the 1960's and 70's—Kennedy had already seen the great room, dining room, kitchen, garage, and the indoor-outdoor lounge overlooking the lake.  The gym was down a side passage between the great room and the lounge and was surprisingly spacious.  It had a modest window-wall facing the lake, similar to the lounge, but several light tunnels provided additional natural lighting.  As with the rest of the Castle and Down Below, hefty bars protected the gym's windows and light tunnels from any marauding wildlife. 

As for the athletic amenities, there was a modern treadmill for running and power-walking, a universal weight and exercise station, a stationary bike, a rowing machine, and a central open area with a large mat that Vivienne said was for stretching exercises and yoga.

Through a door beyond the gym was a small dressing room with wooden lockers, a cabinet full of neatly folded towels, a large, tiled shower stall, and an alcove with a stainless steel therapeutic jacuzzi tub.  There was also the entrance to a dry sauna.  It had the usual cedar paneling, floorboards, and benches, and a stainless steel heater with lava rocks.  Light came from fixtures with wooden shades and a single light tunnel.

Kennedy was impressed.  The exercise machines were top of the line, worthy of any commercial gym or professional sports team.

She'd already noticed that her friend was in good shape.  Viv had always taken care of herself when they were in school, but she'd taken things to a new level under Lena's tutelage.  The pixie brunette wasn't musclebound, far from it, and she was still somewhat girlish in appearance, but her skin was smooth, her muscles lithe and pleasingly well-defined, and she radiated energy and health.

And as for Lena, she was a Viking shieldmaiden, a veritable warrior princess.  At 5' 6"—Kennedy's best guess of the blonde's height—Lena wasn't all that tall, but she was taller than Kennedy or Viv, and her physique was at once athletic and shapely.

Anyway, Kennedy resolved to take advantage of this opportunity and exercise regularly—not that she was in any way out of shape.  Kennedy ran regularly and watched her diet.  Her flexibility, muscle tone, endurance, and cardiac health were good, but there was always room for improvement.

The tour continued to the chambers under Down Below—that is, to the actual basement.  A stairway near the kitchen led down to a large utility space, and from there, three separate hallways led to various storerooms.  They opened doors as they came to them, although some were locked, and as up in the Castle, Vivienne didn't have the required keys.  The doors that were unlocked revealed a small workshop of some kind, a pantry with large quantities of packaged and canned foods, and storeroom after storeroom full of furniture shrouded by dust cloths.

Kennedy didn't bother lifting any of the covers to examine the individual pieces.  All that could wait until she sorted out the estate records and developed a plan.  Tentatively, she thought she'd start at the top of the Castle and work her way down.  With any luck, the stored furniture in the "dungeons," as Viv jokingly called the basement rooms, had been inventoried before being stacked and covered and all Kennedy had to do was verify the records.  After that, she'd begin her independent appraisals.

Obviously, Kennedy was going to be Vivienne's and Lena's guest for a very long time, at the very least several weeks, and probably several months.  She was glad she'd taken advantage of Renee's kind offer to have her salary deposited directly into her bank account and for Vidler International employees to handle her rent and other routine payments and forward her mail.  She wouldn't have to worry about her life back in Chicago until the job was done.

Next, they moved Kennedy's laptop into the library, as planned.  The estate records—those not in Lena's office, anyway—were in filing cabinets in a closet off the main library.

And then it was time for Vivienne's morning exercise period, which was now also Kennedy's morning exercise period.

The Curious Case...
Chapter 2

Vivienne led Kennedy up to her bedroom, rummaged through a chest of drawers, and tossed a couple of items of clothing in Kennedy's direction.  "I'll look for some more stuff for you later, but those should do for now.  Hurry up and change.  Lena doesn't like it when I'm late for one of her exercise sessions."

Kennedy gazed at the pair of shorts and sports bra in her hands, then smiled at Vivienne.  "What does she do, get grumpy?"

"Just change!" Vivienne ordered with a smile.  "Okay?"

"Okay," Kennedy chuckled.  "What about shoes?"

"We exercise barefoot," Vivienne responded.  She'd already pulled off her tank-top, sandals, and jeans and tossed them on the bed.  Wearing only her panties, she paused to make a shooing motion.  "Go!  Go!"

"All right, already," Kennedy laughed, retreated from Vivienne's room, and bounced down the stairs to her own bedroom.  She removed her sandals, jeans, blouse, and bra, then pulled the borrowed shorts on over her panties.

The shorts were black cotton, short and baggy, and were something between a pair of conventional gym shorts and a miniskirt.  Back in Chicago, Kennedy's own running togs were either skintight, thigh-length spandex, or were full-length but equally skintight running tights.  Anyway, Vivienne's shorts fit, and beggars can't be choosers.

The borrowed sports bra was slightly more problematic.  It was royal blue, with a clasp in the back and regular shoulder straps, but it was too small.  That is, the cups were too small.  Kennedy wasn't exactly buxom, but her breasts had more volume than Vivienne's pert pair.  She managed to don the thing, but it squashed her boobs, a little.  It wasn't uncomfortable, just a little restrictive.

There was a quick knock, the bedroom door opened, and Vivienne appeared.  She was wearing fuchsia shorts similar to Kennedy's borrowed pair and a black sports bra that was more of a cropped halter than a bra.  Her breasts stretched the satiny fabric and stood out in complete, albeit modest, three-dimensional detail.  Not for the first time, Kennedy was impressed with her pixie-haired friend's dancer's physique.  She really rocked the whole waif-like dancer/acrobat/fairy princess look.  Anyway...

"C'mon, c'mon!" Vivienne urged, and the friends padded down the stairs, through the kitchen and lounge, and into the gym.

Lena was waiting and she didn't look happy; but that wasn't the first thing Kennedy noticed about Vivienne's personal trainer.

Lena was wearing a one-piece, sleeveless leotard that was something between a skimpy swimsuit and a collection of strings and bandages.  It hugged her torso, covered just enough of her boobs and naughty parts to be legal, and was a shade of medium-brown that complemented her tawny hair and smooth, tan skin.  And Kennedy's initial assessment that Lena was in very good shape was confirmed, in spades.  In fact, Lena was in incredible shape.  Kennedy mused that any hungry bear that somehow made it past the estate's steel bars and armored doors would probably take one look at Lena, then turn and run for the forest as quickly as its bouncing gait would take it.

"Two minutes late," Lena growled, her angry gaze on Vivienne.

Geesh, she wasn't kidding, Kennedy thought, then defended her friend.  "My fault," she explained.  "Viv had to find me something to wear."

"No excuses, Mistress," Vivienne giggled, bowing towards Lena with her arms extended.  "Please forgive us, Mistress."

Lena rolled her eyes, but the ghost of a smile curled her lips.  "Well... I forgive you this time, but next time I'm awarding demerits to both of you."

"Oh, thank you, Mistress," Vivienne gushed, continuing to bow.

Kennedy chuckled and shook her head, then shifted her amused gaze from Vivienne to Lena—and Kennedy found the blond amazon looking her up and down with a critical eye.

"I can work with that," Lena muttered under her breath, but loud enough for Kennedy and Vivienne to hear.  She took a step back and clapped her hands.  "Warmups!" she barked.

Vivienne scampered forward, Kennedy hurried to follow, and Lena led them through a series of stretching exercises.  After several minutes, Kennedy's muscles and joints felt loose and warm and she knew she was ready.

Lena pointed to Vivienne.  "The machine," she ordered, and Vivienne raced to the exercise machine and settled herself on its padded seat, pressed a conveniently placed touch screen, then threaded her limbs through the various levers and joints of the machine and placed her wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles against the various pads, leaving her in a sort of loose, sitting spread-eagle.

"How often and how far do you run?" Lena asked Kennedy.

Kennedy had been watching Vivienne begin a series of alternating leg-lifts and bicep curls.  There was something odd about the machine's wrist and ankle padding—but Lena had asked her a question and she turned to face the smiling blonde.  "Uh, three times a week, when I can.  And if I get busy during the week I make up for it on the weekend."

Lena nodded.  "And the distance?"

"Oh, I don't know... three miles?"

Lena smiled.  "You're asking me?

Kennedy smiled back.  "Three miles.  Sometimes less.  Sometimes more.  I don't push the pace, but I stay in the zone for the whole time, not counting warmup and cool-down."

Lena nodded, again.  "Adequate, but I'll soon get you whipped into shape."  She pointed to the running treadmill.  "We'll start with an evaluation routine."  She led Kennedy to the machine and the redhead stepped onto the rubber track.

"Uh, I'm not used to running in my bare feet," Kennedy said as Lena tapped the machine's touch screen and navigated through various menus.

"The program will take that into account," Lena said, her eyes on the screen.  "You'll find that running barefoot is healthier, once your muscles and tendons get used to it."  She tapped the screen one last time, the machine hummed to life, the track began to roll, and Kennedy started walking.  "Just follow the instructions on the screen," Lena said, then turned and strolled back to the center of the gym.

Kennedy continued walking.  The graphics on the touchscreen suggested the walking pace was a warmup and would soon transition into a level jog.  She was sure there was more vigorous running in her immediate future, but at this time that was all the scrolling graph revealed.

Meanwhile, Vivienne continued her reps on her machine and Lena was doing pushups.  First the blond amazon did several of the bent-knee variety—then balanced on her toes and hands with her body rigid from feet to shoulders—then clapping pushups—and finally slow, deep, one-handed pushups!

Wow! Kennedy thought, Lena really is in world class shape.

Soon the treadmill did pick up the pace, and after a few minutes Kennedy started to sweat.  Vivienne and Lena were also sweating.

Pushups over, Lena had begun a series of crunches and situps.  She was impressive.

The Curious Case...
Chapter 2

After lunch, Kennedy started tackling the inventory records.  Her first order of business was finding and reconciling the various lists, many of which had been compiled years or even decades apart.  After organizing the existing records, Kennedy set up a spreadsheet on her laptop.  Her plan was to use her tablet to conduct a physical inventory, room-by-room, starting at the top of the Castle and updating the spreadsheet as she went.  Then, she'd reconcile her findings.  She could already tell there would be discrepancies, and the oldest records would probably be the least consistent.  It was a good guess that furniture had been shuffled around and/or replaced over the years without the records being updated.  Kennedy had her work cut out for her.

And then it was time for the afternoon swim.

Vivienne came and collected Kennedy and they hurried down to the lake.  A switchback trail descended from a door off the kitchen and down the grassy slope to the stone pier.  They reached the shore and Kennedy beheld the entrance to an underground "Canoe House" built into the hill.  Its existence was hidden from above, and beyond its double doors were racks cradling two canoes, one large and one small, and a pair of single-man kayaks.  There was also a row of lockers and a towel cabinet, similar to the dressing room in the gym up above.

Kennedy and Vivienne opened lockers and started removing and hanging their clothes.  Soon they were both naked.  Kennedy gazed at her friend and smiled—but did not leer .

Vivienne's skin was naturally fair, as in Snow White fair, but when exposed to the sun it took on a very subtle dappling.  They might technically be called freckles, but were nothing like the manifest glory of Kennedy's collection of several million not so subtle freckles.  Anyway, her educated eye discerned that Vivienne was, indeed, getting some sun, and she didn't have even the slightest hint of a tan line.  Vivienne's nipples were pink, as always, and her black pubic thatch was neatly trimmed with clearly defined margins, also as always—but as stated earlier, Kennedy was not leering.

Just then, Lena appeared, jogging down the trail from above.  The descent caused her breasts to bob and oscillate, but Kennedy didn't leer at them, either.  The tall, tan blonde was already naked, except for a curious pair of rubber shoes, the kind with individual toes and no arch support.  Apparently, she took the barefoot-walking-is-healthy thing quite seriously.  Her magnificent, athletic, nude body was smooth, firm, and, like Vivienne, without tan lines.

Lena stared at Kennedy as she removed her shoes.  "Turn around," she ordered.

Kennedy's response was less than profound.  "Huh?"

"She wants to ogle your butt," Vivienne giggled, and Kennedy blushed.

"I want to see which areas need the most protection," Lena explained, then opened the towel cabinet and produced two tubes of sunscreen.

"Oh," Kennedy sighed, and turned in a slow pirouette.

"Lily-white, as always," Vivienne giggled.

Kennedy might not be able to control her blush, but she could and did smile and return fire.  "My butt is lily-white?  Your everything is lily-white."

"Yeah, yeah," Lena chuckled, tossed one tube to Kennedy, then the second to Vivienne.  "Head to toe, both of you," she ordered.

Kennedy and her grinning friend did as directed, slathering themselves with the oily creme.  Kennedy didn't know why she was reacting this way.  Not having a uniform coat of freckles was hardly a cause for embarrassment; nor was nudity for that matter, not to Kennedy.  She noted that Lena was following her own order, but using a third tube of a different product.  Kennedy and Vivienne were both using an SPF 30 sunscreen.  Kennedy assumed Lena was using something more appropriate for her more sun-tolerant complexion.

Once they were all shining with sunscreen, the trio left the Canoe House.  Lena carefully closed the double doors, then turned, sprinted down the pier, and dove off the end into the still water.

"C'mon!" Vivienne laughed and ran after her.

Kennedy hurried after Vivienne with less enthusiasm.  "Couldn't we dip in a toe, first?"

"No!" Vivienne answered, then dove into the lake and started swimming for the float.

"Oh, god," Kennedy muttered to herself.  The water had to be cold, and the float was at least 50 yards away.  I'm going to regret this, she thought, but dove after Vivienne and Lena.

Kennedy managed not to shriek as her head surfaced.  Cold!  Cold!  Cold!  She had no choice but to swim, so she did.  By the time she was halfway to the float, Kennedy decided she was going to survive, but the water was still cold, with aspirations of being brisk.

Lena had already tagged the float and was heading back to the pier, passing Kennedy when she still had several yards to go.

Vivienne reached the float and waited for Kennedy to catch up, one hand on the gray, weathered wood and kicking to keep afloat.  "Don't stop or the lake monster will get you," she said as Kennedy finally arrived.

"What lake monster?" Kennedy demanded with a grin.  "Inexplicably transplanted Nile crocodile?  Very much not extinct plesiosaur?  Gill man?"

"I've never actually seen it," Vivienne said gravely, "but it's been known to sneak up on unsuspecting swimmers from underwater and—"  She lunged forward and started tickling Kennedy's ribs!

Kennedy giggled, squirmed, and kicked, then counterattacked, her fingers dancing along Vivienne's sides as the giggling brunette nymph continued her own nefarious assault on poor, innocent Kennedy's naked body

"Hey!" Lena shouted.  She was treading water midway between the float and pier.  "No playing grab ass, or after laps I'll make you two tread water 'til you turn blue!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Vivienne shouted, then made one final lunge and tapped Kennedy's left nipple.  "Tag!" she giggled, then pushed off and swam for the pier.

Kennedy grinned and swam after her.

The Curious Case...
Chapter 2

After dinner, Vivienne and Kennedy watched TV in the estate's home theater.  Lena was puttering about someplace.  Finally, they decided to retire and started up the Castle stairs.  Vivienne wished her guest goodnight and planted a kiss on her right cheek, was kissed in return, then continued up to her own bedroom.

Vivienne removed her clothing and dropped them in the laundry hamper as she entered the bathroom.  She almost always slept in the nude.  She'd donned the nightie and dressing gown the night before for Kennedy's sake.  Lena had accused her of seduction (and had "punished" her for it), but really, she'd just wanted to welcome her friend to Vidler Castle without scandalizing her by suddenly appearing in the nude.  Granted, her baby-blue, barely-there ensemble was very sexy and might very well have scandalized Kennedy anyway, but she wasn't really trying to seduce her.

Vivienne grinned, and her reflection grinned back.

Okay, she'd totally been trying to seduce Ken-doll, and she'd totally deserved Lena's punishment, but she'd seen the error of her ways and was resolved to follow Mistress' orders.  She would go slow, wait for explicit permission to start messing with her short, freckled, supremely cute college chum, and not scare her away.  Until the inevitable happened she'd bide her time... and entertain herself, perhaps with the vibrator waiting in the bottom drawer of her nightstand.

Vivienne washed her face, brushed her teeth, and completed the rest of her evening toilette.  Finally ready for bed, she turned and left the bathroom, turning off the light as she went.  She entered the main bedroom—"Mrrrpfh!"—and walked right into another hand-gag and arm-pinning embrace from Lena!

"I've decided you can't be trusted to let Kennedy get her beauty sleep in peace," Lena whispered in Vivienne's right ear, "so..."  She spun her squirming, helpless prisoner around and dragged her towards the bed.  This time, the Mistress of Vidler Castle was fully clothed, wearing the same jeans and blouse she'd worn for most of the day.

Vivienne continued struggling, then she saw what was waiting atop the neatly made bed, froze in Lena's grip and her blue eyes popped wide.

It was a Darlex sleep-sack—Vivienne's personal Darlex sleep-sack.  In essence, it was a close-fitting sheath, more or less the shape of a mummy-style sleeping bag.  It zipped up the front and incorporated several nylon straps with plastic snap-buckles. The body of the sleep-sack was dark bronze and its straps, buckles, and zipper panels were black, and it had been custom manufactured to Vivienne's exact measurements and featured a small zipper over each breast, internal sleeves that trapped her arms at her sides and rendered her fingers and hands utterly useless, a pocket between her thighs that would secure a wand-style vibrator against her crotch, and several strategically placed D-rings around the periphery that could be used as lashing points.


"Don't whimper, naughty girl," Lena chuckled, then released both her hand-gag and the grip she'd been using to pin Vivienne's arms behind her back.  "Climb on the bed so I can tuck you in."

Vivienne sighed, her eyes on the waiting sleep-sack.  "Please, Mistress," she begged.

"Do you really think I wouldn't notice the way you've been leering at our guest?" Lena purred, "studying her freckled face, milky white breasts, firm heinie, ginger bush, cute little dimpled knees, and dainty feet?  Do you really think I'd let you tickle her ribs and paw her breasts with impunity?"

"I... I was just being friendly," Vivienne objected.

Lena made no reply other than to point to the bed.

Vivienne heaved yet another sigh, then dragged herself to the bed and reclined on the mattress.  She tucked her feet into the bottom of the sleep-sack, then slid her arms into the sleeves, as best she could.  Lena tugged the sack further up the sad little brunette's body and over her shoulders and the somewhat elastic sheath tightened significantly.  It tightened even more when Lena pulled the zipper all the way up to Vivienne's throat, but its full-body hug really kicked into gear when she started snapping the buckles closed, one-by-one, and tightening the straps.  When she was finished, the straps dimpled the sleep-sack around Vivienne's ankles, above and below her knees, her thighs, her wrists and crotch, her elbows and torso below her breasts, and finally, her neck; however, the collar-strap was significantly less tight.

Vivienne moaned in frustration, squirmed her encased body, kicked her legs as best she could, and rolled a little from side to side.  The sleep-sack was as restrictive and inescapable as ever, and her struggles became even less effective as Lena made her way around the bed, reaching under and pulling out bungee cord tethers attached to the bed-frame, and snapping their terminal clips through the sleep-sack's D-rings.  This left Vivienne transfixed in a web of taut elastic cables.  Vivienne could still squirm and roll, a little, but she would not be leaving the bed until she was released by her Mistress.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Vivienne sighed.  "I was leering at Kennedy, but did you see the way she was leering at me?  And you too!"

"Nice try," Lena chuckled as she opened the lowest drawer of the nightstand, "but you still deserve punishment."

Vivienne was hoping Mistress would pull out the wand-vibrator she kept in the nightstand, loosen the sleep-sack's thigh strap and slide the wand into the pocket between her thighs until the business end nudged her pussy, then restore the tightness of the strap.  The horrible (wonderful) device could be set for continuous or random stimulation.  A night of forced orgasms would be a horrible (wonderful) punishment.

Instead, Lena produced the three-inch wide roll of Elastoplast tape and pair of bandage scissors Vivienne kept in the same drawer and snipped a seven-inch strip from the roll.

Vivienne unleashed her most pitiful pout.  It wouldn't work, but she had to try.  "Oh, Mistress," she whined.

Lena said nothing, but leaned close with the strip of tape stretched between her two hands, carefully sealed Vivienne's lips, then smoothed the tape against her mouth and lower face, ensuring the adhesive had a tight, uniform grip.

"Mrrrpfh."  It was another whine, and was just as ineffective.

"A gag isn't necessary, of course," Lena purred.  "Kennedy wouldn't be able to hear your pathetic screams unless she was standing just outside your bedroom door, but a nice tape-gag makes you feel even more helpless, doesn't it, naughty girl?"  She reached back into the nightstand drawer and produced the hoped for vibrator, holding the wand of ivory plastic for Vivienne's inspection.  "Do you know what I'm going to do with this, naughty girl?"

Her eyes on the wand's knob, Vivienne squirmed in her inescapable sheath.

"Nothing," Lena stated, and returned the vibrator to the drawer.


"That's right, " Lena chuckled, "nothing."  She watched as Vivienne wiggled and tested her Darlex cocoon and bungee tethers.  "I know you'd like nothing better than a nice multiple orgasm—or ten or twenty—but naughty girls who leer at their cute little she-leprechaun friends do not get yummy treats.  They get sent to bed without any nookie."

"Mrrrrrpfh!"  Vivienne squirmed and complained as Lena strolled to the bedroom door and turned off the lights.

Standing in the open door and silhouetted against the light from the hallway, Lena paused.  "Maybe after a night of simmering in your juices," she purred, "you'll follow Mistress' instructions with greater due diligence."

Vivienne tried one last pitiful appeal—"M'mpfh!"—but it fell on deaf ears.  The door closed, she heard the lock engage, and she was alone, encased, tethered, and gagged on her bed in total darkness.

Dawn was many hours away.

The Curious Case...
Chapter 2


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