by Van ©2014

Chapter 11

Dramatis Personæ

Paralyzed by the insidious drug Dr. B had injected into her naked body and with her eyes closed, the main thing Charlie had going for her was her sense of touch, and that included a well-developed proprioceptive awareness.  That is, as a trained dancer, she knew exactly where every part of her body was relative to the rest of her anatomy and her center of gravity, including the vector of her center of gravity when she was in motion.  Charlie knew exactly what was being done to her body, and couldn't stop any of it from happening.

Charlie was rolled over onto her stomach and her hands gathered behind her back and placed palm-to-palm.  Then, rope tightened around her wrists.  Dr. B took several doubled turns before cinching the ropes between her forearms, and Charlie was sure the hands expertly applying her bondage belonged to her senior kidnapper.  Suki, ever the helpful assistant, was lifting and manipulating Charlie's body and limbs as required.

A knot was tied somewhere between Charlie's forearms, then she heard the ominous sound of a length of the same bandage-tape Dr. B had used to mummify Adele being stripped from a roll.  Next, Suki interlaced her fingers—meaning Charlie's fingers—and Dr. B began wrapping her hands.  The process continued until Charlie's wrist ropes were completely and tightly covered.

Bandages?  Are they going to mummify me, like Adele?  Speech was as impossible as resistance, of course, so all Charlie could do was worry.  However, what came next wasn't more bandages, but more rope.

For the next several minutes, going on half an hour, Suki turned and lifted Charlie's body and Dr. B tied an elaborate web of diamond hitches from Charlie's shoulders to her hips and thighs.  The ropes were always doubled, and sometimes more so.  Soon, horizontal and diagonal bands encircling her upper body, and additional loops of rope tightened around her already bound and bandage-wrapped wrists and hands.  The final result firmly pinned Charlie's arms to her sides, with everything cinched and hitched between her arms and torso.  The final knots were tied high on her back, somewhere between her shoulder blades.

Next, Charlie was rolled onto her back and bound arms, her legs were spread, and a lubricated anal-plug inserted!  Three squeezes of the attached bulb followed, the end of the plug inflated, and the hose and bulb were unscrewed and removed.  The sensation was... disturbing.

"You're too nice," Suki teased.  Obviously, she was talking to her boss.

"Three pumps is quite sufficient," Dr. B purred.  "The intent is to seal the orifice, not cause pain."

"Like I said, too nice."

"I'll remember that the next time it's your turn to meet Mr. Butt-plug."

"Never mind," Suki giggled.  "Three is sufficient."

Charlie agreed.  Three pumps were, indeed, sufficient.  She wasn't in pain, but she felt... full, full and blocked. 

Fingers parted her labia, and the tip of what was almost certainly a catheter slid through her urethra and into her bladder.  This was followed by the sensation of being ready to go.  Again, it was disturbing.

With all the rolling and turning of her body, Charlie's eyes were now slightly open, but only a slit.  She couldn't see anything, however, as a portion of her tousled hair had fallen across her face.

A lubricated pill-vibrator was next.  It slid into her vagina, then Charlie felt a rope harness of some kind being tied to keep it in place.  Rope cleaved her pussy and butt-crack, and additional strands pinched her labia closed against the central ropes.  Whatever Dr. B was doing, it was elaborate, a cat's cradle looped through her other bonds with the final knot tied between her navel and pubic bush.

Except for the rope and the lack of bandage wrappings, Charlie realized she was being outfitted the same as Adele.  Did her kidnappers also intend to box and torment her?

Charlie's worst fears were reinforced when she felt a clamp pinch her right nipple.  It wasn't particularly painful, but she could feel tiny bristles of some sort pressing against the sides of the slightly stretched nipple on all sides.  Her left nipple received the same treatment, then she felt the plastic petals of the attached flower being adhered to her skin.  It was, indeed, a pair of the same flower-buzzers the kidnappers had applied to Adele's tits.  Next, Charlie felt thin cord of some sort being woven through the ropes already framing her breasts and tightening in a web across the breasts themselves.

"So that's why you had me hot-glue the little eyelet-brackets to the petals of Twinkle-toes' tit-flowers," Suki said.

"You figured that out just now?" Dr. B purred.

"Not really," Suki giggled, "I just didn't realize how pretty it would look with the cords biting into her titty-flesh."

"Please, darling," Dr. B chuckled, "dimpling, not biting."

"Whatever," Suki responded.  "It's pretty."

"It is," Dr. B agreed.  "Very pretty."

Charlie could only guess what the web of cords crisscrossing her breasts and doubly anchoring the flowers might look like, but she could definitely confirm the "dimpling" aspect.

Next, Charlie was rolled onto her stomach and her flower-decorated breasts.  Thankfully, this was only a mild increase in her level of discomfort.  Rope began tightening around her ankles and thighs.  She was bound ankle-to-ankle and each ankle bound to its respective upper thigh, and once again, a web of horizontal and diagonal strands tightened.  In addition, rope was linked through the back of her upper body bonds and her ankle bonds, and all slack removed until she was pulled into a stringent, back-arching hogtie.  Adding overkill to total helplessness, Dr. B used more of the cord to lash her big toes together and bind them to the upper body ropes, placing her feet permanently on point.

It's sort of what she did to Gail, Charlie thought, not rope-for-rope, but it's tight, like with Gail.

"I'll get the babe-balloon and collar," Suki announced, and Dr. B chuckled.

'Babe-balloon?' Charlie wondered.  What the hell is a 'babe-balloon?'

The balloon characterization turned out to be more or less accurate, and Charlie, of course, was the babe.  Suki and Dr. B lifted her as needed and slowly, carefully stretched a latex or rubber membrane of some sort up and over her bound body.

"Please stand by," Suki said at one point, sliding her hands down Charlie's bound body and further stretching the membrane.  "There will be a brief pause while we hook up your entertainment and sanitary connections."

"Silly girl," Dr. B chuckled.  "Suki's threading the catheter line and vibrator leads through a reinforced gasket in the bottom of the membrane," she explained, apparently for Charlie's benefit.

The stretching and tugging on the "balloon" continued until they reached Charlie's shoulders.  Then, a wide collar of some sort was fitted around the top of the balloon and Charlie's neck.  She suspected it was a medical appliance of some sort, comfortably padded and designed to restrict the movement of the wearer's neck.  It was probably made of heavy-duty plastic and felt quite solid.  It closed with a pair of authoritative clicks, then the remaining balloon material was stretched down the collar, and Charlie surmised the result being something like a bizarre latex turtleneck.

If Charlie could squirm—which she could not, thanks to the drug—she was sure the balloon would move with her.  During its application, it had felt both strong and pliant.  In any case, Charlie felt like she was trapped in a giant condom.

"And now for the fun part," Dr. B said.  "Go get the barrel."

"Right away, Your Magnificence," Suki giggled, then left, or so Charlie assumed.

"She can be a cheeky little thing," Dr. B purred, "but she's always a lot of fun.  I hardly ever have to torture her to remind her who's boss."

Charlie wasn't interested in the interpersonal dynamic between her kidnappers.  She just wanted to be free.  Barrel?  What barrel?  She promised!  She promised she'd let us go!

The sound of the loading cart's squeaky wheels sounded in the distance... then grew louder... and stopped.  There was a hollow bang, followed by a scraping sound, then Dr. B and Suki lifted Charlie off the table.

Charlie still couldn't see anything other than a little light filtering through her hair, but she could feel Dr. B and Suki holding her close, both of them, and lowering her into something, bent knees first.

"Hold on a sec," Suki said, and Dr. B took most of Charlie's weight.  Charlie heard a series of snaps, then Suki continued.  "There, connections made."

Charlie was lowered further, adjustments were made involving her collar, accompanied by a series of metallic clicks, then Suki started gathering Charlie's hair atop her head.

Charlie could now see, a little, but she still couldn't move.  What she could see was quite distressing.  Dr. B was filling another syringe from a small vial!  She then stepped to the side, there was a pause, and Charlie felt herself getting another injection, this time just above the edge of her collar.

Next, Dr. B used a dental retractor to ratchet Charlie's jaws apart, then insert another of the double-mouthpiece black rubber plugs into her mouth.  Suki stretched a wide strip of Elastoplast tape with a hole in the center over the breathing tube and smoothed it against Charlie's lips and lower face, then a panel-gag of chamois-thin black leather was buckled tight at the nape of Charlie's neck, just above the rigid collar.

Dr. B took a step back, leaned against the table, and smiled.

Suki began messing with Charlie's hair, using a brush and comb to part her long tresses down the middle.  She gave her a pair of tight braids, one on either side, then coiled each braid into a disk, using hairpins to anchor the braids in place and tucking the ends out of sight.

"There," Suki said finally, stepping back to lean against the table next to her boss.  "Princess Leia bagel-buns."  Then, the little Goth placed the back of her right hand against her forehead and dramatically declaimed, "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi!  You're my only hope!"

Dr. B chuckled, then focused on Charlie.  "In honor of your current project, Tatooine Nights," she explained.  "Now, while the antagonist clears the paralytic from your system, we're going to enjoy a cup of coffee."  She then left Charlie's rather limited field of view.

"What she said," Suki giggled, then followed her boss.  The kidnappers' footfalls faded into the distance... and Charlie was alone.

Seconds passed... and turned into a minute... and Charlie found she could finally blink her eyes and squirm her bound and balloon-encased body, at least a little.  More time passed, and Charlie could squirm some more—not that it did her any good.

She found she could turn her head a few degrees in either direction, inside the collar, and lower her chin, just a little.  She looked down, as best she could, and found she was suspended, head up and knees down, in a net of some sort, perhaps made of bungee cord, and was inside a blue plastic barrel about the size of an oil drum.  Apparently, a bracket of some sort was clamped to her collar and the top of the barrel, and together with the bungee-net, was fixing her in place in the center of the barrel with her head just above the rim.  Charlie wiggled in her bonds and found the ropes to be unmoving, but there was at least some give in the latex or rubber membrane of the "babe-balloon."  The net was supporting her weight, with the collar simply keeping her centered and restricting her ability to move her head.

Charlie wasn't going anywhere.

Chapter 11

Enough time passed for Charlie to regain full control of her body—not counting her elaborate and inescapable bondage, of course.  She squirmed and struggled, but to no avail.  Finally, Charlie heard approaching footsteps in the corridor, the sound of her kidnappers returning.

Dr. B entered her field of view, followed by Suki.  The Goth was holding an open cardboard box, which she placed on the steel table.  Without a word to their prisoner, they began lifting gallon-size plastic jugs from the box, together with a stack of large plastic cups and a handful of wooden paint-sticks.  They each opened a jug and poured about two cups of fluid in the same cup.  Then, Suki picked up the cup, began stirring it with a paint-stick, and smiled at Charlie.

"Polyurethane foam," Dr. B explained, also smiling at Charlie, "isocyanate and polyol resin components that come together and expand."

Charlie and Dr. B watched as Suki slowly poured the contents of the cup into the barrel.  Charlie's perspective was severely limited, of course, but she thought Suki seemed to be aiming for gaps in the bungee cord net.

"This particular formula is nontoxic, once it cures," Dr. B lectured while Suki refilled her cup.  "Not that I recommend drinking either component, of course."

"Of course," Suki agreed as she carefully poured the second cup of mixed fluids after the first.

Charlie's eyes popped wide.  Something was nudging her knees—no, engulfing her knees!  "Mrrrpfh!"

"Direct skin contact with the foam can cause mild irritation," Dr. B continued.

"Hence the 'babe-balloon,'" Suki giggled as she refilled the cup a third time and stirred its contents.

Suki poured the fluid into Charlie's barrel and the foam continued expanding, slowly crawling up Charlie's legs.  She fought her bonds with all her strength, without any appreciable result.  She could feel the latex of the balloon compressing against her bound body.  "Nrrrrrf!"

"That's the upside of not using shock-collars," Suki said as she mixed more resin.

"Gag-talk?" Dr. B asked.

"Gag-talk," Suki confirmed, smiling at the still struggling and mewling Charlie, "or gag-singing, in this case."

Suki added cup after cup of resin, and the foam slowly swallowed Charlie's suspended form.  She could feel it pressing against more and more of her bound and latex-encased body, and soon found she could look down and actually see its foamy, ever-rising advance!  "Mrrfh!"

"You should already feel it beginning to firm up," Dr. B said, "and in a couple of hours, it'll be as solid as concrete, but not nearly as dense."  She turned to Suki as her assistant prepared yet another cup.  "I'll get the lid," she said, and left the chamber.

Suki smiled at Charlie as she poured the contents of the cup atop the slowly expanding foam.  "You'll find you won't be able to move at all," she said, "not even a little."  She leaned close and whispered into Charlie's right ear.  "You will be able to breathe, however.  I'm living proof.  Once, Dr. B sealed me in a foam like this one for two days and two nights.  You'll be able to breathe."

Charlie was crying, again.  She couldn't help herself.  The foam continued rising, almost to the top of the barrel, and it continued squeezing her bound and utterly helpless body.

Chapter 11

Dr. B returned with what was obviously the barrel's lid.  It was the same blue plastic, and in two semicircular halves, each with a semicircular cutout in the center.  There were flanges and fittings around the inner and outer circumferences and along the straight edges of each half, as well as a pair of two-inch screw-caps, one on each half.

Both kidnappers peered into Charlie's barrel.  There was a gap of about three inches between the surface of the foam and the top edge.

"About two-thirds of a cup, total?" Dr. B suggested.

"That looks about right," Suki agreed, then took one of the lid halves and slid it into place across the top of the barrel.

Charlie felt a series of clicks against her collar as the lid's inner half mated with what were apparently matching fittings in the collar.  At the same time, the outer edge of the lid seemed to mate with the flared edge of the barrel.  Dr. B slid the second half in place and more clicks sounded.  Suki walked away and returned with an electric drill while Dr. B removed the two screw-caps in the lid.  Then, smiling her usual Evil Pixie smile, Suki began screwing a series of screws or bolts into the edge of the lid, one after the other, then did the same around the entire circumference of the collar.  The drill caused the collar to vibrate, but Charlie could sense no increase in the tightness against her neck.  Suki secured a series of fittings down the flange in the straight edge bisecting the lid and Charlie's collared head, then placed the drill on the steel autopsy table.

Dr. B poured a dollop of each of the foam components into a cup, stirred the contents, then carefully poured half into each of the uncapped openings in the lid.  "And that just about does it," she purred, smiling at Charlie.

Charlie found that squirming was now impossible, and the pressure of the still ever-so-slightly expanding foam was closing in on her ability to wiggle and quiver.  "Mrrrpfh."  It was a piteous, whining moan, not the sort of brave, angry complaint Charlie was sure would have come from Adele.  She couldn't help it.

"Awww..." Suki cooed.  Her manner was mocking, rather than sympathetic.

"Now, now," Dr. B chuckled.  "You weren't exactly enthusiastic when I tested this on you."

"No, I wasn't," Suki conceded.  She leaned close and smiled into Charlie's gagged, wet-eyed face.  "And I knew that eventually you were gonna let me out of the barrel."

Meanwhile, foam had started bubbling from the two open screw-fittings in the lid.

"We'll let things set up and cure a little before finishing the encasement," Dr. B said, then turned and left the chamber.

Suki was still smiling at Charlie.  "If you need anything, just scream," she said, then followed her boss.

Charlie heard the door close, the bolt slide, and the lock turn... then silence.

She remembered a family vacation to Florida when she was a teenager.  She'd let her idiot little brother bury her in the sand at the beach.  This was worse.  Kidnapping and bondage aspects aside, the wet sand had been unforgiving, but it didn't squeeze her entire body the way the foam did.  Charlie could barely breathe, but found that she could breathe, as Suki had promised.

What did she mean by 'finish the encasement?' Charlie worried.

Foam stopped extruding from the screw-cap openings in the lid in only a couple of minutes.  Charlie could just barely turn her head enough to see the snake-like globs of yellow-tan foam to either side.

Charlie was feeling very sorry for herself, to say the least.  She was also feeling betrayed.  Dr. B promised!  She promised she'd let us go, unharmed!  Encased in the foam-filled barrel, her head immobilized and a rubber gag filling her mouth to capacity, Charlie had herself a good cry.

Minutes passed... then Suki and Dr. B returned to the chamber.

It was Suki who first entered Charlie's field of view.  "Oh, she's still crying," the grinning Goth cooed.  "The poor thing."  She leaned close and kissed Charlie's forehead, then strolled away into the shadows.

Dr. B stepped into Charlie's view.  The head kidnapper was still wearing her lab-coat, and tucked under her right arm was what appeared to be a plastic bucket of the same blue color as the barrel and lid.  "We have to get things moving," she said, smiling at Charlie.  "Poor Adele is sitting on the loading dock all by herself.  We don't want her to get lonely."

Suki returned to the barrel with a small knife with a serrated blade in her hand.  She used the knife to slice off the excess foam from the opening to the right of Charlie's head... did the same on her left... then screwed the plastic caps over the openings.

Dr. B held up the "bucket" for Charlie's inspection.  It was thick-walled, like the barrel and lid, with a rounded bottom and a series of fittings around the top circumference.  There were also several round openings near the top, each was about an inch in diameter and covered with wire mesh.  Finally, a rectangular strip, about six inches by one inch, was molded into the thing's side, roughly halfway between the top and bottom.

"Well, Miss Simms," Dr. B purred, "all good things must come to an end."

"All bad things, too," Suki added.

And with that, Dr. B inverted the bucket and placed it over Charlie's head!

"Mrrrrrf!"  The fittings snapped into matching fittings in the barrel's lid, then Charlie heard the drill at work, driving more screws or bolts, all the way around her now encased head.  "Nrrr!"  Charlie was in total darkness and panting through her nostrils, or trying to pant.  Panting is difficult when you can barely expand your chest enough to breathe.  That said, Charlie found she could breathe, so obviously the mesh-covered holes in the bucket/helmet were airports, somehow blocking the light but admitting air.  "Mmpfh!"

Charlie heard a snap, and simultaneously the rectangle in the side of the head encasement slid upwards, revealing Dr. B's smiling face through a thick layer of clear plastic.  The strip was a viewport, with an opaque cover.  Suki leaned close and Charlie could now see both of her kidnappers faces.

"How ya doin' in there, Twinkle-toes?" Suki giggled.

"M'mmpfh!" Charlie "replied."  Her gagged voice was loud in the close space.

"Enough taunting the cargo," Dr. B chuckled.  "We have to get moving."

With that, the cover snapped shut, once again plunging Charlie into darkness.  There was a brief pause... then she felt her barrel-prison being lifted and placed onto something, probably the loading cart.  This was followed by a steady, low-level vibration.  She surmised it was the cart in motion, not the start of the "entertainment" her kidnappers had said would be provided by the vibrating pill in her vagina.

Where are they taking me? Charlie wondered, fighting a growing wave of panic.  Then, she remembered Adele, mummified, crated, and supposedly waiting on the "loading dock."  Where are they taking us?


Chapter 11

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